326 Lightbringer’s Armaments


    Jiang Fei activated the Demon's Node and tossed it on the ground. With a bright violet light, a light gate of the same color appeared.


    Before the hounds could even come out of the gates, everyone in the boss chamber could hear the vicious snarls of the hounds. Soon, red flaming hounds rushed out of the gates. These hounds had two heads on one body and were covered in burning hot lava that was dripping from their body. Just by standing close to them, Jiang Fei could feel the searing heat coming from the lava on their body.

    "OMG! What is wrong with these dogs! There are so many of them! Bro! You didn't tell me that you have such an army?" cried Zhao Feng.

    "Nothing much to say about that. Let's just start fighting, shall we?"

    With an army of hundred angry vicious looking hounds standing in front of Jiang Fei, the party was now ready to fight the boss that seemed impossible to defeat before.

    "GO, MY HOUNDS!" cried Jiang Fei as he commanded the Demon Lava Hounds to attack.

    Even though the hounds were three meters tall, they were only like ants in the presence of the Qilin. And like ants, they swarmed the boss from all possible angles and attacked the Qilin. Each of them was only able to deal no more than 500 damage. Though, that might seemed weak individually, as a swarm, they could deal a significant amount of damage. One single attack from all hounds was 50,000 damage.

    "OURGH!" the Qilin roared angrily as it was being attacked by small beings. With a powerful stomp, the Qilin attack one of the hounds and caused that particular hound to lose one-third of its health points. One third...

    A few moments passed and the second round of attack was laid. With the power of the swarm, the boss had already lost 10% of its health points in just a few seconds.

    King's Gale!

    The boss activated its skill and gained a powerful attack.



    A loud disgusting sound of a hound being crush into a pile of meat echoed. It was an instant kill.

    "Grrrr!" When the smell of blood of the killed hound spread in the boss' chamber, ninety-nine of the remaining hounds started to attack faster.

    "WOAH! That's awesome!" exclaimed Little Rain as he stopped casting his magic and stared at the scene.

    "Never would I have thought that the hardest boss would be killed by a swarm of dogs!" said Seven Star Warrior in disappointment.

    "Hoho! Well, in the end it's all about the kill. I'm satisfied as long as the boss drops something good!" said Jiang Fei with a smile as he controlled some of the hounds that were trapped behind other hounds.

    Even though the Qilin has activated King's Gale, the boss still could not kill a single hound with one hit. With a certain adjustment to a few hounds, Jiang Fei could extend the survivability of the hounds by moving those that were at the brink of death towards the back and moving those with full health to the front. Not only that, due to the sheer amount of hounds attacking, the boss could not turn around to attack other hounds. Hence, Jiang Fei had only need to circle the hounds around the boss like a clock to further extend the hounds' survivability.

    With precise control, Jiang Fei could reduce the total hounds that would be killed. The outcome of his control was that even though some of the hounds were killed, he had completely reduced their death rate whilst not reducing their total damage output.

    In a little over than ten seconds, the boss was already left with 50% health points.

    "OURGH!" The boss roared again and activated two skills.

    King's Intimidation!

    Qilin's Wrath!

    All the hounds suffered the debuff and their attack power was reduced by half. Additionally, the hounds' defense weakened and would be killed in a single hit.

    "Tsk! The boss had gained more attack!" Jiang Fei cursed disgruntledly. At that moment, Jiang Fei immediately changed his hounds' attack pattern. Since the boss' attack would kill a full health hound in a single hit, he switched all the hounds that were at the brink of death to take the hit.

    After the death of fifteen hounds, the boss Berserk's state expired. The skill Qilin's Wrath had only an active time period of ten seconds. At that point, the boss had only a little over 30% health points while Jiang Fei's army of hounds still had over seventy live hounds.

    "Sss... The boss's death sure is agonizing!" said Gale Eversummer as she sucked in a deep breath. The boss had already used all its skill yet it was not able to deal with the swarm.

    "Bro Fei! I think it's a little waste for you to use the dogs for this boss! You should have found a stronger boss and f*ck 'em with the dogs! You see, the boss was about to be killed and you'd have over fifty of them still alive!" said Zhao Feng acting as if he was a pro-player.

    "You best shut your fat lips. How would I know that the hounds would be that strong?! I'd never used them before! Now that I'd used them to win this dungeon, you still dare to complain? I'll kick you out of the party right now, believe me!" said Jiang Fei as he rolled his eyes.

    "Oh please don't! This fatty bump has learned his lesson!"

    After twenty seconds or so, the boss had reached its limit. Facing a swarm of burning hounds was like an elephant being devourer by billions of ants. Imagine being a powerful boss that had been sealed for having destructive powers that could challenge the gods. Yet, once the seal was broken, it was being defeated by a pack of dogs?!

    When the boss died, Jiang Fei still had over fifty hounds that were still alive but had little heath. At that point, if the boss had a second health bar, these hounds would be killed in a single hit without the use of Qilin's Wrath.

    "Ding! You have killed Bone Chimera-Qilin! Obtained 1,240,000 experience points! Obtained 330 gold coins!

    "Check out the loots! Go Ah Fei~! Go! I choose you!"

    "One more word and I'd seriously kick you out of the party!"


    Jiang Fei then proceeded to the boss's boney corpse. Along the way, the hounds that were panting moved aside to open a pathway for Jiang Fei.

    When Jiang Fei reached out for the loot, a bright golden light shone and Jiang Fei was so stunned he could not move.

    Lightbringer's Armament (Plate Armor Set Equipment 7/7, Legendary)

    Equipment Set Physical Defense +4,075

    Equipment Set Magic Defense +3,059

    Equipment Set Strength: +355

    Equipment Set Vitality: +205

    Equipment Set Movement Speed: -15%

    Equipment Set Skill 1: Increases 20% Attack Power

    Equipment Set Skill 2: Increases attack range by 100%

    Equipment Set Skill 3: Grants Cleaving effect to normal attack, dealing 80% damage to all enemy around the first target.

    Equipment Set Skill 4: Grants the skill, Holy Radiant. Restores 50% health points and inflicts Blind to all nearby enemies. Lasts five seconds. Two-minute cooldown.

    Equipment Set Skill 5: Grants the skill, God's Wrath. Deals damage equivalent to your total attack plus maximum health points to all enemies within twenty meters. Five-minute cooldown.

    Equipment Set Skill 6: Grants the skill, Wild Charge. Charges toward a target, dealing 400% attack power and stuns for two seconds. One minute cooldown time.

    Equipment Set Skill 7: Grants the skill, Qilin's Fist. Attacks a target, dealing 150% attack power. Six seconds cooldown time.

    Level Requirement: 40

    Equipment Set Effect (3/7): Increases 3,000 maximum health points to you and all allies with Mythical Beast Equipment Set equipped. Affects radius of 500 meters.

    Equipment Set Effect (5/7): Increases 20% Attack Power to you and all allies with Mythical Beast Equipment Set equipped. Affects radius of 500 meters.

    Equipment Set Effect (7/7): Summons the spirit of Qilin. Grants Invincibility for ten seconds to you all allies with Mythical Beast Equipment Set equipped. Affects radius of 500 meters. Four-hour cooldown.
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