327 God Chaser, Di Xin

    "Legendary?!" cried Gale Eversummer when she finally mustered the courage to walk to Jiang Fei since he had taken too long.

    Zhao Feng immediately pushed Jiang Fei and said, "Time to change into it!"


    Jiang Fei was still awe-struck by the properties of the equipment set. It took a while for Jiang Fei to come to his senses. He then picked up the equipment set and put it on.

    It was not blinding but the radiance that the equipment set emitted was dazzling to everyone. This golden shining armor was a Plate Armor and had a fierce looking beast's head that stuck out from his chest. It was so large, it protected Jiang Fei's lower neck. The helm of the armor was special as it was not the usual traditional metal helmet. Instead, it was a crown with seven gemstones of seven colors grafted into it.

    The equipment was stylish. Nothing on the armor spoke of peasantry. The craftsmanship was precise as well as detailed. Since the entire armor was made of gold, Jiang Fei's aura changed to that of royalty. Not even nobles could be compared to him.

    "Guild master looks way cooler than the Cosmic Dragon dude from before!" said Seven Star Warrior.

    "Now that you mentioned it, I do wish we get to fight again!" said Jiang Fei with a sinister smile. His Lightbringer's Armament was so much stronger compared to the rucksack that he had worn during the fight before with Cosmic Dragon.

    The armor gave Jiang Fei a total of 355 Strength, in addition to the additional 20% increase in attack power, that made Jiang Fei an extremely powerful smite. His total attack power was 2,900. Just as much as Seven Star Warrior. That was only before Ruthless Barrage. With that skill stacked, Jiang Fei's attack would reach as much as 9,000. When that happened, come rain and high water, hell would even freeze over at the sight of Jiang Fei.

    Even though the skill Ruthless Barrage was unreliable buff since it could be easily stopped during a fight, Jiang Fei could always rely on his Blood Chains to make sure the enemy could never escape his attack range.

    Even though the equipment tended to side the attack instead of defense, Jiang Fei's total health pool did not drop one bit. Instead, it was increased from 40,000 to 46,000.

    In fact, it was unfair to say that the equipment was attack-based since Jiang Fei's Defense had increased to 5,800 physically and 3,300 magically. Compared to his previous armor, this one gave him almost double the defensive power. Now, Jiang Fei might stand a chance fighting against magic-based attacks.

    Now that all of the benefits of the armor was taken into account, the only downside of this god-like armor was the Plate Armor properties. Being extremely bulky, Jiang Fei's movement speed was reduced by 15%. It might be a nuisance chasing after enemies with quick feet but with Blood Chain, Jiang Fei could always reduce the distance between him and the enemy when in a fight.

    After changing into the new equipment, Jiang Fei noticed a large change in his U.I. Many of his equipment skills were replaced with the new equipment set skills.

    Although the number of skills differed by a little, the potency of each of the new skills was so strong that if Jiang Fei wanted a tank dead, he would be dead.

    "Right, let's press on!" said Jiang Fei with so much confidence for he could not wait to test out the new skills.

    After the boss chamber, Jiang Fei and his party entered a small room at the end. Inside, there was nothing but a stone coffin.

    "No... monsters?" asked Jiang Fei disappointedly.

    "There's a message crafted on the coffin!" said Zhao Feng after he was done inspecting the room.

    To the brave ones,

    If you are reading this, you must have passed the Life Reserving Five Mythical Beast Test. Your strength has been tested and I hope that my own armor and a few recipes would satiate your desires. I have only but one wish.


    Prince Wugeng

    "Huh? Did he say he left the armor and recipe for us?" said Zhao Feng, confused.

    "Who the hell is this Prince Wugeng? Was he someone important?" said Seven Star Warrior.

    "I do not know..." Jiang Fei answered. He then turned to Isabella. Perhaps this ancient Nephilim Princess would know something.

    "Prince Wugeng..." Isabella muttered to herself when she heard the name. It seemed that Isabella did know the person.

    "Bella? You know this person?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "Hoho... I know more than that!" said Isabella as her facial expression changed from curiosity to admiration.

    "7,000 years ago, there was a human empire that had dominated and ruled everything there was to rule."

    "However, his greed... his ambition was so huge that he did not stop at ruling the earth! Once he knew that the gods exist, he targeted them too!" said Isabella, her eyes glittering with admiration.

    "Gods? You mean the Celestials?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "NO! Celestials... Nephilim... These are but names that we gave ourselves. During that time, we were all but under his ruling!" said Isabella. Despite saying that, her tone and expression was not that of shame or anger, but of admiration.

    "Who is he?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "The man who ruled heaven and earth. The God Chaser, Di Xin!"

    "God Chaser?"

    "That's right. The man who dared to chase after the gods! After he had accomplished his goal in this realm, he did not feel satisfied. He then planned to even have the gods bend their knee to him. That was when he decided to pierce through heaven!"

    "Pierce through heaven?" Little Rain got curious.

    "Yes! A mortal declaring war to the gods!"

    "Huh? In that case, where is he now? Sleeping?" said Zhao Feng.

    "No! He won the war!" said Isabella as she grew increasingly excited.

    "HE WON?! Now that's a real man!"

    "When he was winning the war, he even slew several prominent gods!"

    "What happened next?" asked Jiang Fei. When Isabella said "when he was winning", that could only mean something bad had happened to Di Xin. If he had truly won the war, there would not be so many temples and shrines that praised other gods.

    "When the gods were cornered, they decided to use a sly tactic. They sent down a beautiful goddess to court Di Xin and have her assassinate him!" said Isabella. At that point, her tone and expression turned somber.

    "Please continue," prompted Jiang Fei.

    "After Di Xin's death, his son, Prince Wugeng, the Heaven's Son, inherited the throne and killed the goddess who killed his father. He did not stop there. His vengeance went all the way up to the heavens. Although he was incredibly strong, he was not his father. In the end, he succumbed to death."

    "That means, the person sleeping in that coffin would be..."

    "It has to be Prince Wugeng! There is no one else that I could think of who could enslave the Five Mythological Beast to guard his tomb!"
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