328 War of the Heavens

    "Should we try and open it?" asked Zhao Feng as he rolled up his sleeves.

    "Do you want to be wiped out of existence?!" screamed Isabella at the top of her lungs.

    "What's wrong?" asked Zhao Feng, awkwardly.

    "Didn't you read the message? It was clearly stated there to not to disturb him! If you open that, be it traps or even the revival of Prince Wugeng, we might not see the light of day!" said Isabella as she pouted angrily.

    "Well, I have had enough today. Let's head back!" said Jiang Fei. He stopped there since he already knew what there was to know about the coffin. Based on the information given to him by the ring, Jiang Fei understood that he was not ready for what was to come.

    The Coffin of Prince Wugeng

    Note: Opening this coffin will trigger the Level 60 Story Quest-War of the Heavens

    Trigger Requirement: God's Ichor

    Although Jiang Fei did not know what the War of the Heavens was, he did know that any Story Quest would be worth accepting. That was because all Story Quests in the game were of the highest tier. This quest would force all players in the game to participate and failure to complete the quest would result in losses that no player could bear.

    All quests that forced players to participate would be difficult. That Story Quest was even at Level 60. If he had triggered the quest right then, it would only be taxing to everyone. Naturally, Jiang Fei did not want anyone to suffer for it.

    "Alright fine! You're the boss!" said Zhao Feng. Jiang Fei had already left the room and if anything happened, he would not be able to handle it alone.

    The Secret Dungeon had ended there. Although the coffin remained unopened, Jiang Fei was greatly satisfied with the loot. Jiang Fei had no worries that itchy hands would open the coffin. Beside Jiang Fei, it would be rare for anyone else to even have God's Ichor.

    When the party was out of the Secret Dungeon, Jiang Fei noticed that he had several more hours before the end of the day. On that day, he had already cleared a dungeon and a Secret Dungeon. With the few remaining hours left, Jiang Fei decided to try and attempt to craft a few equipment sets.

    "Did you manage to find a Tailor for me?" asked Jiang Fei to Rosette Rose.

    "I did," said Rosette Rose with a smile. "Currently, there are a few average level Tailors around and only one Level 4 Tailor. As for those who can handle Leatherworks, we only have one player with a Rare Class, Leatherworks Master. Although that player could not make any Cloth Armor, his Leatherworks have had a success rate of 30% higher than any Tailors we have. His Ascended rate is good too!"

    "That's good enough for me. Please have him sign a binding contract with us. We need to make sure he would not sell us out. Once that is done, send him to me!"

    "What about the other Tailors?"

    "I... No. I don't need them."

    Jiang Fei knew that any normal Profession players-non-Rare Class players, would have a much lower success rate in crafting equipment set. Additionally, what he wanted to craft was a Level 40 Blue-grade recipe. It would only be a waste of materials if any Tom, Dick, or Harry Tailor tried to craft them.

    "Hmm... I know a good Tailor but it would be a little troublesome to get him!" said Rosette Rose.

    "Let's hear it," said Jiang Fei, his interest piqued.

    "I have been always keeping tabs on this particular tailor. He has good luck, might not be as good as you but still good enough to produce equipment. He is the first Tailor in the game to craft a Violet-grade equipment from his class. At that point, he had obtained a Hidden Class. The Couturier. He is currently involved with a middle tier guild. Mind you that I've been pressuring them to give him to us!" said Rosette Rose.

    "Pressure more then!"

    "The main problem is the price! That guild is rather capable as well!"

    "Since when money has ever been a problem? Which guild is that? Who else would be stronger than us?" asked Jiang Fei arrogantly.

    "Who else could even be at the same level as us? I mean, besides the Aristocrats!" said Rosette Rose as she shot Jiang Fei a rhetorical question.

    "Well? What are you waiting for? Fish him to us!"

    "V-Very well! Just wait for the good news!" said Rosette Rose as she ended the conversation there.


    "Guild master? You called for me?" After some time, a middle-aged man, roughly at the age of thirty came to Jiang Fei.

    "Are you that Leatherworks Master?" asked Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei examined him immediately. His name was just 'Awler'. At that moment, Jiang Fei recalled what Rosette Rose had mentioned about him.

    "Yes, the Vice guild master had sent me to you!"

    "Alright. What about the contract? Are you happy with it?" asked Jiang Fei. From what Rosette Rose had informed him, Awler was originally from Arkosios Sanctuary. Their rule of the game was to earn as much money as possible. Hence, most of the players in that guild had to work shifts like in the real world. That was why, there was no such thing as brotherhood in that guild. Everyone followed whoever paid them best.

    "Yes! Very much so! Guild master, I assume you have a good Recipe?" asked Awler. This guy had not been playing games for just one or two years. He naturally knew his way around things. In this game, he knew that his high success rate was his main selling point and he took pride in that. Before Empyreal Dragon came to him, he had been paid more than the other Profession players around. When Rosette Rose came and offered him a place in the guild with a better rate and stricter rules, Awler knew that it should be for his crafting knacks.

    "I like it that you understood things fast. Right. Take this and start working as soon as possible," said Jiang Fei as he passed the Green Dragon's Downfall recipe to him.

    "Holy smokes..." Awler gasped in awe as he read the Recipe.

    "What about it? You think you can manage this?"

    "Hmm... I have a 10% success rate and one-third chance to craft an Ascended... so... yes! I think I can!" said Awler after thinking for a while.

    "300 sets of materials to have one Ascended equipment. Tsk..." Jiang Fei whispered to himself and clicked his tongue. Although he was not satisfied with those rates, Awler was considered as a pro to have such rates.

    "Alright, learn the Recipe!" said Jiang Fei. Even though Awler did not meet Jiang Fei's expectation, Jiang Fei knew not to ask for too much. After all, it was rare to have a Leatherworks crafter to have such a "high" success rate.

    "Thank you very much guild master!" said Awler after he had used the Recipe. By using this chance that Empyreal Dragon had given him, he was surely going to be the number one Leatherwork Crafter!

    "I want you to do nothing else but craft this equipment set. Head over to Big Brother Bear for material requests. Focus on leveling up your Profession class to further increase your success rate."

    At that point of the game, although Jiang Fei had long breached the Level 40 barrier, it would be quite a long time before any other players would do the same. At the same time, to craft the Level 40 equipment set would take just as long. The time taken to produce that equipment set for Jiang Fei's own guild would be long. VERY LONG! Perhaps not even enough for everyone.

    After Awler had taken his leave, Jiang Fei took some materials out from the guild storage and headed towards a Blacksmith Workshop to attempt crafting the White Tiger's Downfall equipment set.

    The guild was too large. Hence, Rosette Rose had created a sub-guild and have had all the Profession players from Arkosios Sanctuary and Magithieves placed there. As a result, the guild was never short of materials. From then on, Jiang Fei would never have to search for players to buy materials from.
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