329 Intermediate Divine Blacksmith

    After Jiang Fei fetched the materials for his attempt to craft the equipment set, Jiang Fei headed out of the city. This attempt would not be in Dawnlight City but would take place in the Guild Territory of Empyreal Dragon.

    Even though the construction duration was not short, with enough materials, the guild construction did not face any delay. At that point, the castle's wall had been built and there were many scout towers as well as archer tower as well.

    The most important aspect of the territory, which are all the facilities to accommodate Profession players, was completed as well. It went without saying that guilds with territory would have huge benefits compared to those without. One of the benefits was the profession facilities.

    Blacksmith Workshop, Jewel House, Tailoring Chamber, as well as other Profession facilities that were built on the guild territory had equipment enhancement perks. Based on the territory level as well as the facility level, the perks only got better.

    Since the guild territory was only just constructed, the bonus success rate as well as Ascension rate was only 1%. It seemed small but it had extremely high importance since higher level equipment would require more materials to craft. Having higher success rate, even by 1% would mean the crafter could save more materials.

    Take Jiang Fei's four Mythological Beast Downfall's Equipment Set Recipe for example. Each equipment set required materials that would fetch as high as ten gold coins. It might not sound expensive but considering the fact that if Awler took thirty sets of materials and only managed to craft one equipment set, the cost price of one equipment set would be 300 gold coins. That was just the material cost. What about workmanship? Level 40 equipment would require two minutes to craft. Awler would take approximately one hour to produce one equipment set. For the entire duration of his gaming time, if he chose to do nothing else but craft, Awler would only produce twenty-four equipment set in one day (in game time). How much would they be paid for doing such a mundane task? All of that was counted in the cost. The cost of the Recipe was not yet included.

    Currently, all four Recipes were farmed. If they were sold in the market, having tens of thousands of gold coins alone would not be enough to purchase such as valuable item. With all factors included, if one Green grade equipment set was not sold more than 2,000 gold coins, the crafter would suffer a huge loss.

    At this point in the game, players had a little extra coin in their pockets. However, no one had the urge to purchase an equipment set for 2,000 gold coins. Not to mention a Green grade one. Everyone in the game knew that Green grade equipment did not have much stats nor do they look good. In the end, there would not be too many Whales that would be willing to spend their money on these, dull looking equipment set.

    "Argh! I shouldn't think so much about it!" said Jiang Fei to himself as he shook his head to clear all the negativity. He could not help but think of all possibilities in losing money for he had been in that line of business since the start of the game. Every time he obtained a new Recipe, he would immediately think about the production cost, as well as how the sales would be.

    For this crafting attempt, Jiang Fei did not plan to sell them. Instead, he would craft a few more and gift them to Han Tianyu. After that, he would craft more for his own guild. Jiang Fei was not the same as before. Since the guild had grown so big, he had to think for his own guild before himself.

    Once the materials were ready, Jiang Fei took an Awakening Pill that Six Fans had made for him. The pill effect would help Jiang Fei to catch the timing of the Radiant light during the final stage of the craft.

    Ding... Ding...

    Once the hammer fell, Jiang Fei started his craft. Isabella quickly came to Jiang Feri to help him with whatever he needed. From time to time, she would automatically approach Jiang Fei to help him wipe off his sweat. Sometimes, she would help Jiang Fei fetch more materials. When there was nothing for her to do, she would just squat next to him and gaze at him.

    Ding... Ding...

    Jiang Fei's focus was absolute whenever he was crafting. This time, he was adamant to achieve better results. With each strike of his hammer, he felt that he had a better understanding of the art of crafting. At this point, he understood why many Profession players had chosen the same type of Profession even after playing many other titles. It was the hidden talent. The kind where you cannot teach someone else just by explaining. It was a feeling. A feeling that Jiang Fei could not explain. However, one thing that he knew was that with each craft, he knew that the next would be better, be it a failure or not!

    "Ding! You have crafted Equipment Set: White Tiger's Downfall! Divine Blacksmith experience points +375!"

    "Ding! You have crafted Equipment Set: White Tiger's Downfall! Divine Blacksmith experience points +375!"

    "Ding! You have failed..."

    "Ding! You have crafted Equipment Set: Refined White Tiger's Downfall! Divine Blacksmith experience points +375!"

    "Haha! I've got it!"

    After one hour later, Jiang Fei cried happily as he had finally crafted the first Ascended equipment set after numerous regular ones.

    "Congratulations! Let me wipe that sweat away first..." Isabella smiled happily as her master joyfully celebrated his first "victory". Both of them had already gotten used to being intimate at that point (1).

    "Thanks! Bella! I have that feeling already! I can do better! Watch me!" said Jiang Fei. After Isabella had cleaned Jiang Fei's face, he quickly immersed himself into crafting.

    It took several more regular crafts for an Ascended one to appear. However, it was still acceptable to have more Green graded ones and fewer Blue graded ones. Another hour passed and Jiang Fei had crafted more than twenty Green grade equipment sets and around six Ascended, Blue grade equipment set.

    Compared to Awler who had only a success rate of 10%, Jiang Fei was able to attempt thirty sets in an hour and have had a success rate of twenty out of thirty tries. It was safe to say that Jiang Fei's success rate was several times more than Awler. Not to mention, Ascension rates. The two was not even in the same realm.

    Moreover, Jiang Fei's craft had an unbelievable perk!

    Translation Note:

    Stupid airhead. Get a clue already!
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