330 Enhancer Ability—Deconstruction

    "Ding! Congratulations player Verdure Glider for achieving Intermediate Divine Blacksmith!"

    "Ding! You have gained a new ability from achieving a certain level in Divine Blacksmith, please choose the following enhancing Profession!"

    Jiang Fei was delighted when the two notifications popped out. He had been waiting for the day he could reach higher levels for his Profession. With higher levels, his equipment crafting success rate would be higher as well. At this point, Jiang Fei did not need to worry about Ascension. As long as he had enough Awakening Pills, he would have the confidence to grasp the timing of the Radiant light.

    At that moment, Jiang Fei did not care much about reaching Intermediate tier but the two options that he had to choose.

    Enhancer and Engraver!

    Jiang Fei's Profession was special and strong, that had been established. Besides just being a Blacksmith, he had also gained the ability to pick up a secondary Profession.

    Examples of Primary Professions are Blacksmith, Tailor, and Leatherworks, the types of Profession that turn materials into equipment. Secondary Professions worked on using processed materials. For example, Jewel Meister worked by using gemstones. For them to craft an accessory, they would require materials such as Ingots that had been processed by Blacksmiths. A Jewel Meister would need the gemstones to be further processed and fused them into a metal framework.

    Enhancers worked the same way. An Enhancers would have to deconstruct equipment and use the product of the deconstruction to further enhance equipment. Basically, an Enhancer would use a piece of equipment as fodder to add one extra attribute or skill to another equipment.

    All Secondary Professions were beneficial to players. However, they were not a must-have. Their existences were like a cherry on top of a strawberry cream cheesecake. That little bit of extra service on top of an already completed masterpiece. Without them, players' lives would not be greatly affected. The downside of it was, Secondary Professions were hard to live by. To put things in perspective, a guild that employed one Secondary Profession player would have spent enough money to employ five Primary Profession players. As such, at that point of the game, it would take only all the fingers on one palm to count all the Secondary Profession players in the whole of Dawnlight City. Not even the biggest guild in the game would happily allocate the guild budget for one of them.

    Most guilds were greedy and stingy yet their total expenditure was high as well. One guild war would take up to tens of thousands of players and the result would be equipment lost (dropped upon death). With that thought in mind, the guild master would rather hire more Primary Profession players to craft equipment in bulk than having even one Secondary Profession player to only add one or two extra attributes to their equipment.

    This did not end well even when most of the players in the game had finished the end-game content. At most, ultra-rich guilds would have the luxury to hire one or two Secondary Profession players.

    Currently, Jiang Fei had two options. Compared to the two options that a Jewel Meister had, Jiang Fei had gotten the short end of the stick.

    The concept of Enhancer was simple, as for Engravers, their job was to grant sockets on weapons and equipment. After that, a Jewel Meister could be the one who would help to socket an attribute gem or a skill gem.

    Jiang Fei was a Divine Blacksmith, hence, his Profession did not require him to level each of his Profession differently. If he chose one out of the other, that Profession would immediately be synced with the Divine Blacksmith level, saving him all the time and money to train his Secondary Profession level.

    Even so, Jiang Fei was still thinking hard about it. Both Profession had their pros and cons.

    Enhancers could basically enhance any equipment as long as there was a suitable Recipe in hand. The enhancement that an Enhancer would grant was different than what Jiang Fei had done to his equipment during crafting. Even though Jiang Fei's crafting would grant an extra skill, those skills were granted at random. An Enhancer could choose what kind of attribute or skill to grant the equipment. The only drawback to this godly Profession was the ungodly gluttony for money.

    The reason why an Enhancer would "burn" a lot of money was their means to obtain stronger attributes. To obtain better stats, the materials needed would require one to deconstruct a Blue-grade equipment. Skills enhancement would require materials at least Violet grade and higher. To be able to deconstruct a Gold-grade equipment just for the sake of having an extra skill would be the pathway of Midas.

    Engraver skills had low cost but higher level gemstones were not cheap either. One of the downsides of an Engraver was that they could only further enhance a weapon, Chestpiece, and Helm type equipment. Their ability to further enhance a player's strength was nowhere close to an Enhancer.

    "F*ck it! Both options would also burn a hole in my pocket! Might as well pick the ones that suit me best!" said Jiang Fei to himself as he chose the Secondary Profession with the unending desire for money.

    "Ding! You have obtained Enhancing Ability-Enhance!"

    "Ding! You have obtained a skill-Deconstruction!"

    Deconstruction: When used on a piece of equipment: Deconstructs equipment Fine tier or higher to obtain Materials depending on the equipment level and tier. When used on a magic skill; deconstructs the magic and immediately put the skill on cool down! Thirty seconds cool down time.


    Jiang Fei was surprised to see that he was gifted with a little surprise.

    The skill Deconstruction was the same as Instant Ice Burst and Rose Cutter, a skill obtained from the Profession that had both non-combat and combat skills. This skill could be used on enemies' incoming magic skill. Naturally, it must be a skill that is either a projectile based or a status effect. Jiang Fei would not be able to "grab onto" the skill if the skill was an instant-cast-instant-inflict type.

    Although he had just obtained the Enhancer Profession, he did not feel it right to immediately break down the White Tiger's Downfall that he had just created. Jiang Fei would not even want to destroy the Ares' Armor that he had just swapped.

    "Meh, might as well find some other time and other equipment..."

    Right now, Jiang Fei did not have the Recipe for Enhancement. Even if he deconstructed a few equipment right then, he could not enhance anything yet.

    Jiang Fei kept all the crafted equipment and noticed that the time left on the server was short. He deposited all the White Tiger's Downfall into the guild storage and kept the Epic graded one.

    "Seven, where you at?" asked Jiang Fei in a message to Seven Star Warrior. He planned to give him a good surprise since he was already Level 40; he could equipment the equipment set.

    "I'm babysitting a few members in the Elite difficulty dungeon! Almost done soon though!"

    "Come to the guild territory after that! I've got a surprise for you!"

    "Wow, that was fast of you to make a Superior tier equipment set!"

    "I might. I might not. Just come when you're done!"

    "Alright, I'll be there in twenty minutes or so!"

    True to his words, after twenty minutes, Seven Star Warrior came running to Jiang Fei.

    "Bro Fei! Let's see that equipment!" said Seven Star Warrior with excitement brimming on his face.


    Jiang Fei opened the trading window and placed the equipment set there.

    "I-I-I-IMPOSSIBLE!" cried Seven Star Warrior when he saw the color of the equipment set. He had even forgotten to click the 'accept trade' button.

    From the perspective of players besides the godly Jiang Fei, Profession players were only able to have one tier Ascension during crafting. That meant, the highest graded that Seven Star Warrior had expected to see was a Blue graded White Tiger's Downfall. He did not know that Jiang Fei had that kind of power to further increase the Ascension tier.

    Currently, Jiang Fei still had not mastered the speed and timing of the Radiant light. If he had better mastery, he would have made a Legendary Mythical Beast equipment set and surprised the bejesus out of them!
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