331 Taking Advantage

    "Had enough? Please accept the trade!" said Jiang Fei with a smile.


    Seven Star Warrior rapidly nodded and accepted the trade. After putting on the White Tiger's Downfall, Seven Star Warrior had gained an immense upgrade. He was so strong that Jiang Fei could be the only person who was stronger than him.

    On top of the super charged strength, Seven Star Warrior had also gained seven additional skills, granting him even more battle capabilities. When standing close to Jiang Fei, the Lightbringer's Armament would grant Seven Star Warrior with additional 3,000 health points as well as 20% increase in attack power.

    "Oh my God... If I have an army of players with the Four Mythological Beast Equipment Set equipped, with me standing at the center, could we be invincible!?" Jiang Fei muttered.

    It was possible but naturally, it would take a long time. Jiang Fei would not have that much time to craft that many equipment sets. Not to mention the Cloth Armor type and the Leather armor type could not be crafted by him. Given the limits the other Profession players had, they would have to start counting by months if not weeks if Jiang Fei wanted to supply an army.

    Just as he was almost done thinking and enjoying Seven Star Warrior's happiness of obtaining such an explosive power upgrade, the clock struck six in the morning and everyone was forcefully logged out of the game.

    After breakfast with his mother, Jiang Fei went to class but could not really focus in class until it was time to go home.

    At the same alley crossroad...

    "Oh man... Is it me? Or it is destiny for this place to be so iconic for me?!" said Jiang Fei as he cracked a smile. There was someone waiting for him! AGAIN!

    "Either you come out or I'll drag you out myself," said Jiang Fei tauntingly towards a small garden pond at the side. Jiang Fei was able to detect the presence of the person. Hence, he deduced that it was not Old Hai.

    "Hmph! Eat dirt!"

    What came next was cries of a girl then suddenly, a young girl with her hair tied up in a ponytail jumped over the pond with her fist thrust at Jiang Fei.

    "Huh?" Jiang Fei staggered. It was the same girl who had lost to him twice. Who would have thought that she would actually dare to attack him again.

    After dodging the punches for a few times, Jiang Fei noticed that the girl's attack had improved. They were faster and more precise than before. Before this, she was throwing punches like common street thugs with no skills or proper training. Today, the girls seemed extra proficient in that. In fact, it seemed a little too obvious that she had been trained.

    Still... she was no match for the almighty Jiang Fei. Even if she had improved, Jiang Fei had improved more. The nameless fist style that the Old Hai had taught him was trained until almost perfection. Relying only on pure martial art and not the power of the equipment, Jiang Fei was prepared to face off a Level 1 Metahuman. Fighting this little lady was simply a walk in the park.

    After trading two to three hits, Jiang Fei thrust his hands at supersonic speed and grabbed one of her wrists. With a quick twist, Jiang Fei spun around hard, forcing the girl to spin before catching her other wrist and locking her down.

    "Tsk! Let me go! What are you doing!?" screamed the little lady.


    With ease, Jiang Fei lifted the girl up and cracked an evil smile before walking toward the pond.

    "Y-You bastard!"

    She knew what coming. It was not the first time she was spanked on the butt.


    The loud sound of Jiang Fei's palm meeting the girl's behind echoed throughout the alley.

    Blood rushed to the girl's cheek. She thought that after picking up some martial art skills, she could have her revenge. She had never thought that she would be defeated so easily. It was so shameful to be defeated not once, not twice, but three times! The more she thought about it, the harder she gritted her teeth.

    "Right, this time. I'll spank twenty times! Next time I see you, it'll be forty. My advice? Don't try it. Your butt would be so swollen that all supermodels in the world would be envious of it."

    After he was done delivering the "punishment" Jiang Fei felt a little guilty since every time his hand landed on the girl's butt, he felt the supple flesh in his palm. He could not deny that it made him a little excited.

    "I'll fight you till I die!" cried the girl when Jiang Fei let her go. She immediately jumped to her feet and tackled him.

    Jiang Fei was not ready. Without any stance, he was pushed into the pond along with the girl. The girl managed to pin him down under the water and threw two punches that landed on his face. Naturally, he did not feel a thing. In response, he grabbed the girl's wrist easily.

    "URGH! I'LL BITE YOU!" cried the girl relentlessly. The thought of her being spanked again was so agonizing that she would not stop even if her hands were caught. She would use any means necessary to defeat Jiang Fei.

    Since she had already resorted to biting, she jerked Jiang Fei up from the water and saw him actually smiling back at her. Fuming, she aimed for his nose.


    Jiang Fei saw the incoming bite like a huge airplane coming from miles away and dodged it easily. When she turned around to bite him again, Jiang Fei turned at the same time, coincidentally, the two touched lips.

    At that moment, the girl immediately lost the will to fight. She was stunned.

    Jiang Fei was having the same blank moment. He had never experienced such a moment before. The closest he had ever been with a girl was with Isabella. And that was just a game. This was him kissing a girl in real life.

    There was a saying; if you can't do it, try. If you find the chance to try, give it your best shot! Now that the chance was just lying there, Jiang Fei went for it and reached his tongue out into hers.

    Now, because the girl had wanted to bite him, she had her mouth slightly opened when the two locked lips. When she felt Jiang Fei's tongue meeting hers, she regained her senses and wanted to bite down. But alas! Jiang Fei was fast enough to retract his tongue.

    "Y-Y-Y-Y-YOU B-B-B-B-B-BASTARD! PE-PE-PE-PERVERT!" The poor girl stuttered so much that even a drill hammer would have vibrated slower than her.

    Realizing that her first kiss was stolen by her enemy, she pushed him away.

    Jiang Fei on the other hand just snickered like an idiot.

    "I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET! JUST YOU WAIT!" yelled the girl at the top of her lungs. She then turned away as fast as humanly possible and ran, fearing that the man had not had enough and decided to have more.

    "Hee hee..." Jiang Fei snickered away as he stood there watching the poor girl running away into the alley. Now that he had already taken advantage of the girl, Jiang Fei felt a little guilty since he had no clue what her name was.

    "I should ask Han Tianyu for help to investigate her identity."

    Having her attacking him three times now, it was best for Jiang Fei to do a little research on the girl whose butt he had always been smacking.

    Back in Manda Square, Jiang Fei headed straight for the 108th floor and went to Han Tianyu's office. When his secretary saw Jiang Fei coming in, she simply nodded with a smile and returned to her job. Jiang Fei nodded back and just entered his room without knocking.

    "THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! We need to teach them a lesson or they would keep breaking the rules!"

    When Jiang Fei entered the room, the first thing he heard was Han Tianyu's roaring voice blasting out like a gigantic trumpet. There was even a broken cup and spilled coffee on the carpeted floor.
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