333 Sudden Attack on the Nuclear Plan

    As the clock struck twelve, Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu met up at the rooftop balcony. They then boarded the helicopter which brought them to the military airport beyond the city.

    By then, there was already a military cargo aircraft on standby in the airport. It was ready to take off at a moment's notice. Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu were not the only people present. There was a crowd of fifty lined up neatly in rows beneath the cargo aircraft.

    These young people were close to Jiang Fei's age. The oldest among them was only thirty. Jiang Fei even recognized the one who stood at the frontmost position.

    "Mr. Luo, I can't believe you are here too!" Jiang Fei smiled as he nodded at Luo Zhan. Jiang Fei had met Luo Zhan when he was previously kidnapped by Old man Hai at the Hidden Dragon Village. Jiang Fei found out that Luo Zhan was Old Luo's son.

    "My little brother, you have so much up your sleeves. You nearly gave me a fright the last time!" Luo Zhan treated Jiang Fei more warmly than before. After all, Jiang Fei was a Level Four expert in the eyes of everyone. Besides, at such a young age, he could already be considered as a future leader in China Martial Arts Alliance!

    "Hehe..." Jiang Fei laughed. He did not try to continue the conversation. After all, he had over exaggerated his capabilities. Truthfully, he was only a Level Two Metahuman approaching the Level Three stage.

    "Alright, let's board the plane. I will introduce you to each other later," Han Tianyu urged the others.

    "Okay!" Luo Zhang and Jiang Fei responded at the same time. They too knew that the trip was not meant for them to catch up. It was a mission to annihilate the Japanese Tokugawa household.

    Once everyone had boarded the cargo aircraft, its engine started roaring loudly as it took off and headed toward Africa!

    Although the cargo aircraft was one of the newly released supersonic models, it still took them over ten hours to reach Western Africa from Huaxia.

    "Allow me to introduce this man over here. He is my brother, Jiang Fei!" After the aircraft took to the air, Han Tianyu pointed at Jiang Fei while introducing him to everyone. Han Tianyu did not forget to demonstrate how close their relationship was.

    "These are all the cream of the crop in the China Martial Arts Alliance. They are all disciples of either Old Luo or Old Yang. I am sure you have met Luo Zhan over there!" Han Tianyu spoke as he continued to introduce Jiang Fei to the rest.

    Jiang Fei was able to find out from Han Tianyu the estimated capabilities of the Japanese Tokugawa household. The Tokugawa household had three upper-rank ninjas, twenty-five middle-rank ninjas, and over a hundred lower-rank ninjas. All of these ninjas were mostly stationed at the nuclear plant in North Africa and were also the targets of Jiang Fei and the rest for the current mission!

    Although they had a huge number of ninjas, there was nothing spectacular about the number of lower-rank ninjas. Their capabilities were only equivalent to the common Level One Metahuman. Mao Tian, who Jiang Fei had met previously, was at the same level.

    Although Mao Tian was unexpectedly defeated by Jiang Fei, his capability was still a force to be reckoned with.

    The middle-rank ninjas had the equivalent capabilities of a Level Two Metahuman. These fellows were the main targets of Huaxia's young martial artists during the current mission. In simpler terms, the China Martial Arts Alliance treated this mission as an opportunity to train their men. After all, the new generation of martial artists still lacked battle experience. Now that there was an opportunity, Old man Hai and the others naturally brought their disciples out for training!

    As for the three upper-rank ninjas, Han Tianyu's spy was unable to pass on any specific information about them. All they knew was that one of the three ninjas was definitely at the nuclear plant. The other two's whereabouts were still uncertain. However, as a safety precaution, the Chinese Martial Arts Alliance had allocated their manpower with the assumption that the three upper-rank ninjas would all be there. That is why Luo Zhan and two other Level Three martial artists were selected to be part of the mission, and this was not withstanding the fact that the supposedly fresher Level Four expert, Jiang Fei, was also brought along. Therefore, they believed the mission was bound to succeed!

    "Ah Fei, don't stray too far away from me during the battle later. I am the weakest person here. Please don't let me die!"

    After the brief introductions, everyone remained silent to preserve their energy for the battle ahead. Right then, Han Tianyu suddenly tugged at Jiang Fei's sleeve and spoke to him in a soft voice.

    Although there were a few people who were younger than Han Tianyu, they all focused exclusively on their training in martial arts. Han Tianyu, on the other hand, still had to manage the affairs of the Manda Group. Therefore, he was the weakest martial artist in the group and only just passed as a borderline Level Two Metahuman. As such, if he were to fight against a middle-rank ninja, there was a huge chance he might not make the cut!

    "Alright..." Jiang Fei responded as a frown appeared on his face. Jiang Fei could easily handle a Level Two ninja on his own. Although he did not mind looking after Han Tianyu for a while, he was concerned that he would not be able to steal the nuclear fuel if Han Tianyu stayed close by.

    Although the entire journey took more than ten hours, it did not feel as long as they had imagined. When Jiang Fei next opened his eyes after taking a nap, the aircraft had already arrived within the vicinity of Africa!

    "We will alight from the aircraft at the third military group's temporary airport. Everyone should make use of the limited time to eat and rest. We will depart at exactly noon!" Han Tianyu said.

    "Noon? Aren't we supposed to attack them at night sneakily?" Jiang Fei asked confusedly.

    "That would depend on who our opponents are. If we fought against a group of nimble ninjas skilled at hiding in the dead of night, wouldn't that be asking for trouble?" Luo Zhan said.

    "Hehe... that's true!" Jiang Fei shook his head. He realized he had asked a dumb question.

    Very soon, the aircraft descended. Jiang Fei and the fifty other people had all landed on Africa's soil!

    After having some food, the group rested for a short while. Although they had flown out from Huaxia at midnight and travelled for over ten hours, there was still some time to kill due to the difference in time zones.

    While resting, Han Tianyu ran through the nuclear plant's blueprint so that everyone could familiarize themselves with the structure of the nuclear plant. Han Tianyu's spy did a fantastic job at detailing the nuclear plant's external and internal structure. The spy even provided a detailed blueprint of the Japanese's secret experimental underground chamber.

    "Get ready, everyone. We will depart soon!"

    Once everyone had become familiar with the structure of the nuclear plant, Han Tianyu started rallying the entire group.

    "How are we going in?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "It's too bright in the day for a sneak attack. Therefore, we will directly ambush them! The third military group will cover us," Han Tianyu said as he pointed at a few military cars around him.

    "I will leave that to you. Once you send us into the nuclear plant, we can take care of the rest," Luo Zhan said and laughed.

    "That's sorted then!" Han Tianyu nodded.

    "Brother Yu, I think it's better if you stay with the third military group outside the nuclear plant. Don't go in..." After everyone had boarded the vehicles, Jiang Fei pulled Han Tianyu aside and spoke to him personally. Jiang Fei had thought it through and decided that he would not be able to accomplish his personal agenda if he brought Han Tianyu along.

    "Hmm... Alright!" Han Tianyu decided to give up on entering the nuclear plant after considering Jiang Fei's suggestion. Han Tianyu believed that Jiang Fei was genuinely concerned for Han Tianyu's own safety. Although Jiang Fei had strong capabilities, he had far too little battle experience. He might be able to protect himself but not Han Tianyu. A single mistake from Jiang Fei could lead to Han Tianyu's death!

    Tycoons generally feared death. Han Tianyu was no different in that regard. Part of the reason why he had been improving so slowly was due to his fear of death. For one who was unable to see past the fears in life or death, progressing in the martial arts would be a very difficult task.

    "Alright! Let's go!"

    Seeing that Han Tianyu had listened to his advice, Jiang Fei felt more relaxed. Without the burden of looking after Han Tianyu, Jiang Fei could freely do what he wanted. Based on the current circumstances, the Tokugawa household was bound to lose their nuclear plant. Jiang Fei would make sure he nabbed all the nuclear fuel left in the nuclear plant!
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