334 Ninja Assaul

    Jiang Fei and the rest sat in the military vehicle which was headed toward the Tokugawa household's nuclear plant. In the meantime, Jiang Fei retrieved a laser handgun from his backpack and started toying with it.

    Zhang Yangxu had gifted Jiang Fei with a rifle and a handgun. As the rifle was too big to carry, Jiang Fei did not bring it with him. Besides, Jiang Fei had already fed the rifle's nuclear bullets to 0541.

    "Woah. Laser handgun?. Did the Zhang family give it to you?" Han Tianyu immediately recognized the toy in Jiang Fei's hands.

    "Yeah. This is a very good defensive tool." Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Hehe, the Zhang family have really invested a lot. They have not even fully developed the technique and are unable to mass-produce these guns. I always thought that only the top management in the family would be given one of these guns," Han Tianyu said enviously. Although the Han family and the Zhang family cooperated in terms of creating medical potions, they did not have very good relations overall, and therefore, Han Tianyu was never able to get the laser gun from the Zhang family.

    "I will request one for you when we get back." Jiang Fei knew that Han Tianyu had his eyes on the handgun. However, Jiang Fei still needed to use it and thus, could not give it to Han Tianyu. After all, Jiang Fei wanted to avoid attacking his enemies physically to prevent others from discovering the truth that he was not a Level 4 Metahuman.

    The third military group's base was not too far away from the nuclear plant. After approximately three hours of driving, Jiang Fei and the rest had arrived somewhere near the nuclear plant. When they reached, they could see that the place appeared heavily guarded. Ever since the third military group had made its way here, the Japanese had upped their defenses and relocated a lot of their people in Africa to this location.

    As the Tokugawa household was unaware that Han Tianyu had found out about their secret nuclear experiments, they merely assumed that this was another one of Manda Group's showy encounter. After all, ever since the last meeting, Han Tianyu had used various excuses to attack Tokugawa household's forces in Africa.

    Therefore, although they relocated a lot of their military defenses here, they only aimed to hold the third military group off. They did not consider the possibility that Han Tianyu was actually planning a complete takeover. If the Tokugawa household had known that their secret nuclear experiments were exposed, they would have destroyed the experimental lab and given up on the nuclear plant to avoid bigger troubles.


    Gunfire could be heard from afar. Jiang Fei knew that the third military group had already started engaging the Tokugawa household's soldiers.

    "Boss, we can't proceed any further. If we continue to move forward, we will be within the enemy's firing range!" Right then, the soldier driving turned around and shouted to Han Tianyu.

    "Activate the magnetic shield. Get our men to suppress the opponent's gunfire. We will charge right in," Han Tianyu said with a serious face.

    "Yes, boss!" The soldier driving used a wireless communicator to contact the group leader further behind them. Thereafter, he started pressing on the control switches rapidly with both hands.


    The military vehicle let out a series of mechanical sounds. Jiang Fei felt his surroundings go dark as the windows on both sides of the vehicle were covered with a magnetic shield. From the outside, it appeared as if the entire military vehicle was covered by a special protective shield with brightly glowing fireworks around it.

    The special shield was a new technology obtained by Manda Group from the extra-terrestrial remnants. Such a shield could effectively defend against gunfire from normal weapons. However, it cost a lot of energy to keep the shield activated. The military vehicle would not be able to sustain it for long or else it may use up all its fuel.



    As their target was a nuclear plant, the third military group did not dare to use large-scale weapons. They were worried they might cause a nuclear leakage. However, their guided missiles for single targets were enough to suppress the opponents in a short amount of time.

    "Everyone! Sit tight. It's going to be a bumpy ride." The soldier driving showed a creepy smile on his face. One could not be sure if he was excited or if he had gone insane.


    As the soldier stepped on the gas pedal, the military vehicle leaped forward like a rabbit. Thereafter, it charged toward the main entrance whilst being fired at with bullets and even rockets.




    The explosive sounds continuously rang next to Jiang Fei's ears. Jiang Fei could smell the smoke that seeped into the interior of the vehicle. Right then, Jiang Fei was not the only person who looked nervous. All the young men who came with Luo Zhan looked equally unnerved. As they have always stayed within Huaxia's borders, they had never experienced a battle up close.


    The military vehicle came to a screeching halt as the driver made an emergency brake.

    "We have arrived. Good luck, everyone!" The driver turned around and gave everyone a thumb's up as a demonstration that he had completed his task.

    "Everyone! I can only accompany you thus far. Show the Japanese what we have got," Han Tianyu said to Jiang Fei and the rest.

    "Follow me, young fellows." Luo Zhan did not waste another second as he led the group and jumped out of the car.

    "Ah Fei, take care of yourself!" Han Tianyu ordered.

    "Don't worry." Jiang Fei nodded. He had consumed an Empowering Pill before he alighted from the vehicle.


    A weak golden light began to form around Jiang Fei's body. His Defense instantly increased significantly.

    After Jiang Fei and the rest alighted from the vehicle, Han Tianyu closed the door as the vehicle started speeding away.

    "We will do as planned." Luo Zhan turned toward the two other Level 3 martial artists as he nodded. Each of them already had assigned tasks. The three of them would each lead a group of men to hunt down Tokugawa household's ninjas in the nuclear plant.

    "Yeah. Let's see who can kill the most." The other two nodded in agreement as they started leading their respective groups into the nuclear plant.

    "Ah Fei, follow my group," Luo Zhan said to Jiang Fei. Before Luo Zhan came on the mission, Old man Hai had specifically reminded him to take care of Jiang Fei. Although Jiang Fei had much stronger capabilities than him, Jiang Fei was still too fresh. If anything were to happen to him, Old man Hai and the others could not afford to bear the wrath of Jiang Fei's Level 5 master.

    "Alright." Although Jiang Fei's objective was to get the nuclear fuel, he did not want to roam around aimlessly. Besides, he was also wary of bumping into the upper-rank ninjas. Therefore, he was more than happy to oblige with Luo Zhan's invitation.

    Jiang Fei tagged along with Luo Zhan's group as they headed toward the underground nuclear experimental base according to the map Han Tianyu had provided. Based on their analysis, the Tokugawa household's upper-rank ninja should be right there.

    Luo Zhan and the other martial artists had a very simple goal which was to kill all of the ninjas. As for the nuclear setups, they would leave it to the third military group to sort things out.


    Just as Jiang Fei and the rest were moving forward, they suddenly heard someone shouting at them in a foreign language. It was a Japanese dressed like a ninja. The ninja seemed to be questioning who Jiang Fei and the rest were and where they had come from.

    "Hmph. He's a mere low-rank ninja. Get rid of him, Luo Hao. Don't be careless though." Luo Zhan snorted coolly as a person close to Jiang Fei's age made a move on the ninja before them.
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