335 Targeted!

    "Yes, uncle!" Luo Hao nodded. Then, he charged toward the ninja. In just a couple of strides, he was already near the ninja!

    "#¥%...&" The ninja was still saying something. As everyone here looked Asian, the ninja had obviously thought that Jiang Fei and the others were workers in the nuclear power plant. He was trying to ask all of them to get back to work!

    "F*ck you! Stop talking in your stupid language!" At this time, Luo Hao was already in front of the ninja!

    "Baka!" When the ninja heard that Luo Hao was speaking in Mandarin, he realized what was happening. He pulled out a Tachi and began to fight with Luo Hao!

    "Will he be okay?" Jiang Fei turned his head and asked Luo Zhan.

    "Hoho, although Xiao Hao has no actual combat experience, a mere Genin won't be a problem for him!" While Luo Zhan was still speaking, Luo Hao had already struck the ninja's heart with his fist. The ninja immediately fell to the ground and began spitting blood out!

    The difference in strength between the two of them was too great. A Genin was only equivalent to a Level 1 Metahuman. However, these people that Luo Zhan brought here were all at least Level 2 martial artists. Moreover, some of these Level 2 martial artists were exceptionally strong, which included Luo Hao. When an exceptional Level 2 martial artist like him was against a Level 1 Genin, he had a huge advantage.

    So, as soon as the battle began, it was already clear who was going to win. The Japanese Genin did not even have a chance to hit Luo Hao back.

    "Mmm!" Jiang Fei nodded to himself after he observed Luo Hao's skills. Purely in terms of martial arts skills, Jiang Fei was no match for him. After all, Luo Hao had learned martial arts since he was young while he had only learned it for two or three months. It was a no brainer that he could not beat Luo Hao.

    Even so, Jiang Fei had his own advantages. With the help of his equipment, Jiang Fei's offensive and defensive attributes were way better than Luo Hao's. In a friendly duel, Jiang Fei would definitely lose to Luo Hao. However, if they fought for real, Jiang Fei would not be afraid of Luo Hao. Generally speaking, currently, Jiang Fei was just as strong as Luo Hao.


    As this was Luo Hao's first time carrying out a task, he was still very inexperienced. After he defeated the ninja, he paused for a moment, not killing him immediately. As a result, the ninja took a whistling arrow out from his waist. Almost immediately, everyone heard a sharp whistling sound down the passage!

    "Xiao Hao, kill him! Everyone, get ready to fight!" Luo Zhan immediately ordered. Although Luo Hao had made a big mistake, there was no time to teach him a lesson now. The ninja had shot a whistling arrow, which meant that reinforcement would soon arrive!

    "Alright!" Luo Hao also knew that he had made a mistake. He immediately broke the ninja's neck and returned to the squad.

    "Brother Ah Fei, take care of these children for me!" Luo Zhan was frowning because he could feel some energy in the atmosphere. This meant that there were other Level 3 Metahumans around. The other two teams would not come here as their respective routes were different and did not lead to this place. Thus, it was obvious that those who were coming were enemies!

    As he already knew that there was a Jounin around, Luo Zhan understood that he could not take care of the others anymore. In the upcoming battle, they could only rely on themselves. The only person that could help him was Jiang Fei, who frankly was also not that reliable. Although Jiang Fei was strong, he was just as inexperienced as the others. So, even though he had entrusted the younger ones to Jiang Fei, Luo Zhan still felt uneasy.

    "I'll try my best..." Jiang Fei's answer did not put Luo Zhan at ease. Jiang Fei was feeling pretty scared himself.

    "Sneaky b*stard! Show yourself!" Luo Zhan shouted after he managed to determine the enemy Jounin's position. His legs suddenly powered up with Pure Qi. Like a projectile, Luo Zhan charged straight toward a corner on the left!


    While he charged forward, Luo Zhan moved his hand over his waist and a whip sword appeared in his hand. As he focused all his Pure Qi onto the sword, the razor-thin whip sword became perfectly straight, making the tip look awfully sharp. The whip sword which was more than three inches long looked so terrifying that it sent chills down everyone's spines!

    "Damn! Is this the legendary ability to extend Qi?" Jiang Fei was shocked. This ability to extend Qi was not the same as the Qi Body Protection. It did not indicate that one was about to reach Level 4. Even so, average Level 3 martial artists were incapable of comprehending it. From this, it could be seen that Luo Zhan was definitely one of the best among the Level 3 martial artists!


    Luo Zhan slashed his sword. The one-centimeter thick steel fence in front of him tore down like paper, revealing a figure!

    The figure cursed in a low voice in response. It seemed like he did not dare to fight with Luo Zhan. He threw something on the ground and there was black smoke all of a sudden. Using the black smoke as cover, he instantly disappeared!

    "Mmm..." Luo Zhan's eyes narrowed. He paid attention to the fluctuations in the energy around him as he tried to determine the Jounin's position.

    "Trying to run?" In just a short moment, Luo Zhan had once again determined the Jounin's position. Then, he started to chase after the Jounin with the sword in his hand!

    As Luo Zhan had left the place, it meant that Jiang Fei and the others were now trapped in a fierce battle. There were not even twenty of them, but they were now surrounded by almost fifty ninjas!

    Most of these ninjas were weak Genins, but they had a huge advantage in terms of numbers. There were also more than ten Chunins around. So, it was not that easy for these young Chinese martial artists to kill those weak Genins!

    All of a sudden, these young martial artists around Jiang Fei were now part of a tough battle!

    Jiang Fei stood in the middle of the group. He had not attacked anyone yet. Jiang Fei had been observing these ninjas. He noticed that Genins mostly just threw darts around or fought directly with their Tachis. They rarely used Ninjutsu. Only when their lives were in danger did they use Escape Jutsu to save themselves!

    It seems like these Genins only know some Elemental Jutsu, but these Chunins are more difficult to deal with! Jiang Fei thought to himself.

    Although Jiang Fei had not attacked anyone yet, he had already been targeted. Moreover, the one that targeted him was a Level 3 Jounin!

    It was inevitable. Jiang Fei was standing in the middle, surrounded by a group of Chinese martial artists. In such circumstances, it was normal for the Jounin to misunderstand. The Jounin had obviously thought that he was the commander!

    Commanders were not necessarily great at combat, but they were amazing at observing and coming up with quick and accurate decisions on the battlefield. If they got rid of the commander, it would skew the battle in their favor!

    Precisely because of this, Jiang Fei had become the target of the Tokugawa family's Jounin!


    Green smoke emerged in front of the Jounin. Shortly after, his figure quickly faded away. It was as if he had completely vanished into thin air!

    At the same time, Jiang Fei started to panic. His ability to sense danger could not be explained through scientific theory. He only developed this ability through practice, where Han Tianyu had beaten him up for more than half a month. Therefore, Jiang Fei had extreme trust in his intuition!

    "Everyone, be careful!" Jiang Fei warned the young martial artists that were currently fighting with the enemy Chunins. At the same time, he quickly swallowed an Awakening Pill and slipped the Bloody Wargod's Force Fist onto his hands!
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