336 Hunting a Jounin Down

    Jiang Fei, feeling the pressure, decided that it was time to join the battle. He used the laser gun in his hand again and again. Red beams of light were shot one after another, punching holes into the bodies of the Genins that were hit!

    Although hit by the high-temperature and high-speed lasers, these Genins did not feel any pain nor did they bleed. However, the organs in their bodies were already burnt. By the time they realized that they had been hit, they were already dead!

    With his laser gun, Jiang Fei was at an advantage. He was killing a lot faster than Luo Hao and the others who were engaging in unarmed combat. Although these Genins were extremely swift and could easily dodge bullets, it was impossible for them to move faster than the speed of light. The moment Jiang Fei pointed his gun at them, they had already met the Grim Reaper!

    "Baka..." Looking at Jiang Fei's amazing killing speed, the Jounin that was hiding in the dark knew that he could not wait any longer. If he did, all his younger brothers would die!

    He quietly passed through the battlefield. This Jounin was really skillful. Even though he passed by Luo Hao, Luo Hao had no idea that the enemy was so close by. If the Jounin's target was not Jiang Fei, he could have decapitated Luo Hao instantly!

    "Mmm?" Jiang Fei looked around. He suddenly had a bad feeling, as if danger was approaching. However, he was surrounded by his own people. The Japanese ninjas were all being blocked out by the Chinese martial artists. There were no enemies near him at all!

    "Captain, an unknown life form has been discovered at 4 o'clock, seven meters away. It's approaching you while being invisible!" At this time, Jiang Fei suddenly heard 0541 in his heart.

    "Ah?!" Jiang Fei was surprised. He did not bother to ask how 0541 had discovered the enemy at all. Instead, he immediately turned around and faced the direction that 0541 had mentioned. He raised his hand and fired a shot!


    After Jiang Fei fired a shot, he heard some Japanese words. Then, black smoke emerged at the spot he fired at. Shortly after, a figure appeared not far away. Obviously, this Japanese ninja had noticed the danger and had immediately dodged the shot by using Escape Jutsu!

    At this time, Tokugawa Yosuke's heart was beating really fast. He was not very clear about how strong Jiang Fei was, because Jiang Fei had never really shown any skills and had just been attacking with his laser gun. Chinese martial artists were notoriously good at concealing their own strengths, so he was not sure whether Jiang Fei was strong or weak!

    When he approached Jiang Fei while being invisible previously, he was already discovered when he was still seven meters away and Jiang Fei already had his gun pointed toward his brain. It was like his invisibility was totally useless against him!

    Since Jiang Fei could easily determine his position while he was invisible, this meant that Jiang Fei either had special abilities such as a Lycanthrope's amazing sense of smell or that his Level was higher than his!

    However, looking at how old Jiang Fei was, Tokugawa Yosuke felt a little relieved. Chinese martial artists were different from Mutants. All Chinese martial artists could only gain strength through training and practicing. It was impossible for a teenager like Jiang Fei who was only around sixteen or seventeen years old to have Level 4 powers!

    Ehh? Wait! A teenager around sixteen or seventeen years old who is a Level 4 master. Why does this sound so familiar? Tokugawa Yosuke suddenly started to panic!

    Bakayaro... I can't be that unlucky, right? Tokugawa Yosuke suddenly remembered the news that had spread around the Metahuman community not long ago. It was about an extraordinary Chinese teenager who had already advanced into a Level 4 martial artist at the age of sixteen or seventeen!

    "Jiang Fei..." Tokugawa Yosuke said these two Chinese words with inaccurate pronunciation...

    "Ehh? Do you know me?" Jiang Fei was surprised. He had never seen a ninja of this Level before!

    "Okasan..." When he saw Jiang Fei's reaction, Tokugawa Yosuke was about to cry. Why didn't he mind his own business? Why did he have to reveal himself? Now, he was in deep trouble. He was now a Level 4 martial artist's target!

    For a moment, Tokugawa Yosuke and Jiang Fei were caught in a deadlock. Jiang Fei did not know what this Japanese guy meant. After the ninja said his name, he called for his mother. Then, he looked bitterly at him without saying anything else.

    Currently, Tokugawa Yosuke was so scared that he did not know what to do. Chinese martial artists were notoriously strong. Even if he were against a Chinese martial artist of the same level, he would probably think of running away. He would not dare to fight a Chinese martial artist of the same level, let alone this martial artist in front of him that was a level higher!

    There was a well-established rule in the Metahuman community. If you did not know how to fly or Teleport, then it would be best if you did not race against a Chinese martial artist.

    Unfortunately, Tokugawa Yosuke did not know how to fly or Teleport. Although he could Teleport a little by using Elemental Jutsu, the distance was too short. It could only be used to escape from immediate danger, not to run away from the enemy!

    Therefore, Tokugawa Yosuke was having a hard time deciding whether he should run away or fight for his life. He did not even have to think about surrendering. It was not an option. China and Japan had been enemies with each other for a long time. Both sides had never had the habit of being kind to each other's prisoners. Basically, prisoners would be killed immediately after interrogation.

    In Tokugawa Yosuke's eyes, Jiang Fei was a Level 4 martial artist. If he went against Jiang Fei, his death was certain. Even if he tried to run away, there was an 80% chance of Jiang Fei catching up to him and killing him. He clearly knew that his time was up this time, which explained why he was looking at Jiang Fei bitterly without saying anything.

    "F*ck! I don't have time to have a staring contest with you!" Jiang Fei had no idea that Tokugawa Yosuke was a Jounin. He thought this ninja was just a random Chunin who wanted to launch a surprise attack on himself. So, he raised his laser gun and fired a shot toward him!

    Run! As soon as Jiang Fei lifted his hand, he almost scared Tokugawa Yosuke to death. Tokugawa Yosuke immediately threw a smoke bomb. While the smoke spread into the air, he took the opportunity to use Escape Jutsu in order to run away!

    "Where are you trying to run to?" When Jiang Fei saw the ninja running away, he immediately started to chase the ninja down. In Jiang Fei's eyes, Tokugawa Yosuke was only a Level 2 Chunin. So, he was not afraid at all. Moreover, he had been planning to leave the group so that he could have a chance to steal the nuclear fuels!

    Precisely because Tokugawa Yosuke had overestimated Jiang Fei's strength, he was extremely scared. He kept running and running. On the contrary, Jiang Fei had underestimated Tokugawa Yosuke's strength, so he was chasing Tokugawa Yosuke down with all his might!

    Speed Potion!

    It was impossible for Jiang Fei to catch up with Tokugawa Yosuke just by relying on his own speed. So, he immediately took a bottle of Speed Potion out from the Spatial Ring. He got this Speed Potion from Herb Box. He only had a few bottles, so he was reluctant to use it. Now, however, he had the R&D Lab. As long as he recorded the data, he would be able to produce this Potion. So, Jiang Fei immediately drank the Potion and started to hunt Tokugawa Yosuke down!

    "Baka..." Seeing that Jiang Fei was getting closer and closer, Tokugawa Yosuke was about to cry. The rumor which stressed that you should not race against Chinese martial artists was really true! He was now being chased down by a Level 4 Chinese martial artist. Was he really going to die today?

    Pew! Pew! Pew!

    It was not purely a race for Jiang Fei who was chasing after Tokugawa Yosuke. The laser gun in his hand was merciless. Laser beams constantly brushed against Tokugawa Yosuke's body. The hot laser beams had grazed him several times. Tokugawa Yosuke's heart was almost jumping out of his chest, but he was even more afraid of turning back and fighting with Jiang Fei. So, his only option was to use Escape Jutsu frequently in order to dodge Jiang Fei's attacks, which consumed a lot of the Chakra in his body!
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