338 Head-To-Head Battle

    After he realized that it was Jiang Fei, Tokugawa Nara broke out in cold sweat. Even so, Tokugawa Nara was a veteran ninja. He had lived a few decades more than Tokugawa Yosuke. The genius Tokugawa Yosuke who had a smooth sailing life was incomparable to Tokugawa Nara in terms of experience and mental maturity!

    After he guessed Jiang Fei's identity, Tokugawa Nara knew that he was in deep trouble. However, unlike his apprentice, he was not going to do nothing and merely await death!

    I heard that even though this Jiang Fei is strong, he does not have much combat experience. Maybe, this battle with him today will help me advance to Level 4! After Tokugawa Nara calmed down, he was no longer afraid. Instead, he was somewhat excited. He had been stuck at the peak of Level 3 for a long time now and he had never found a chance to break through. To him, this battle with Jiang Fei today was an opportunity for him to advance!


    Jiang Fei had clearly broken Tokugawa Nara's Tachi with a punch. However, as a ninja, Tokugawa Nara had a lot of ninja tools with him. He pulled out a Sai out of nowhere. It looked like he was planning to fight with Jiang Fei!

    "F*ck! I'm in trouble!" Even though Jiang Fei was inexperienced, he knew that he had met a powerful opponent. Judging from the brief confrontation previously, Jiang Fei could tell that this old Japanese guy was a Jounin!

    To be honest, Jiang Fei was not confident about fighting a Level 3 Jounin head-on. Fortunately, the effects of the Empowering Pill had not disappeared. Moreover, Jiang Fei had secretly taken another Awakening Pill. Although this Pill could enhance his response speed and observation skills, the effect was too short. It only lasted for five minutes!

    Jiang Fei knew that he could not wait any longer as time was running out. It was definitely not a good idea to be patient with a ninja.

    When he lifted his hand, he pointed the laser gun directly at Tokugawa Nara. Then, Jiang Fei repeatedly pulled the trigger. Countless death rays were being fired at Tokugawa Nara, like a rainstorm!

    "#¥%...&*" The old Japanese ninja cursed in his language. Then, he turned into white smoke. After the white smoke disappeared, only bits and pieces of a destroyed block of wood were left at the ninja's original position!

    "Warning! An unknown life form is approaching you from the northeast direction at high speed!" Jiang Fei heard 0541's anxious voice!

    Pew pew pew pew...

    Jiang Fei quickly turned around fired with his laser gun continuously, shooting a bunch of laser beams!


    White smoke emerged. The old Japanese guy had used Escape Jutsu to dodge the lasers once again. Although he was Level 3, Tokugawa Nara was not willing to use Chakra to counteract the laser beams emitted by the laser gun, because it would not be worth it!

    "F*ck! He's really fast!" Jiang Fei could not determine Tokugawa Nara's position at all. His attacks were completely based on the results of 0541's scanning!

    Baka... he's too strong. I can't get close to him at all. He can figure out where I am from very far away! Tokugawa Nara was also very anxious. Although it was more worthwhile if he avoided the laser beams using Ninjutsu than with Chakra, it still consumed his body's energy. In contrast, Jiang Fei was fighting back with a gun!

    F*ck it! After testing it out several times, Tokugawa Nara decided that he was going to take the risk in hopes that he would succeed in advancing to the next Level!

    Thump! Jiang Fei immediately turned around as smoke had emerged on his left. Then, he fired a few shots with his laser gun!

    "Warning! Warning! An unknown life form is approaching you from the southeast direction at high speed!" 0541 warned loudly. Obviously, Jiang Fei had fallen for the ninja's trick!

    "F*ck!" Jiang Fei was shocked. He knew that he could not use Force Punch again this time. There was not enough time for him to charge!

    "Bring it on!" Jiang Fei quickly made a decision and totally ignored the ninja's attack. He directly threw a punch!


    Tokugawa Nara who had a weapon in his hand naturally hit Jiang Fei first. The Sai was stuck in Jiang Fei's left shoulder. Although Jiang Fei's Defense had been enhanced after he took the Empowering Pill and ordinary bullets could not penetrate his skin, this Level 3 ninja's attack carried with it unique energy. A ninja's Chakra was no joke!

    However, Jiang Fei's Empowering Pill was not totally useless. Although Tokugawa Nara's attack had pierced through his skin, it was not too deep of a stab. It was just a flesh wound which did not hurt his bones.


    The next moment, Jiang Fei's fist landed on Tokugawa Nara's chest. Although Tokugawa Nara had focused the Chakra in his body fully onto defense, Jiang Fei's punch was not an ordinary punch!

    Penetrating Qi Strike! Completely ignores Defense for one attack. Deals pure damage to a target. This effect was the same as projecting Qi into an attack in Chinese martial arts!

    Thump! Jiang Fei's punch sent Tokugawa Nara flying four or five meters away. Tokugawa Nara fell to the ground and started vomiting blood. Although his Chakra had perfectly protected his external body, his internal organs had suffered serious damage!

    "Hahaha... Chinese boy! Even though you're very strong, you're still too inexperienced!" Tokugawa Nara teased Jiang Fei with his inaccurate Chinese as he vomited blood.

    "Japanese! You still dare to talk nonsense when your death is near!" Jiang Fei sneered disdainfully. He only had a little flesh wound. It could be solved with a bottle of HP Potion. On the contrary, this old Japanese guy's combat power had at least halved after he suffered a punch from Jiang Fei!

    "Hahahahaha... Chinese kid, you're about to die and you don't even know!" Tokugawa Nara said while he proudly shook the Sai in his hands around!

    Jiang Fei noticed that the tip of the Sai was stained with his own blood. However, the blood had turned black. It was obviously poisonous!

    "What?!" Jiang Fei looked at his wound. The wound was already swollen. Black poisoned blood was dripping down from the wound. The next moment, Jiang Fei felt the left half of his body go numb and he was starting to lose control of his left arm!

    "Damn!" Jiang Fei cursed to himself. He had too little combat experience. He did not expect these Japanese ninjas to be so evil. They had actually poisoned their weapons!

    "Hahahaha... the most talented martial artist in China's history will die at my hands! Hahahaha! Yosuke! Master has avenged you!" Although he was still vomiting blood, Tokugawa Nara was laughing with joy. Currently, even though he could not stand back up, Jiang Fei would be killed by the poison within a minute. So, victory was still his!

    "Japanese! Don't celebrate too early!" Jiang Fei sneered, then communicated with the Spatial Ring. 0541 had immediately produced a bottle of Potion according to Jiang Fei's will!

    Ant Milk! After use, removes all abnormal conditions and slowly restores your Health Points! This was the gift that the Ant Queen gave in order to protect herself. Although it was limited in quantity, the effects were surprisingly good!

    After he drank the Potion, Jiang Fei immediately felt his body become lighter. The numbness on the left half of his body had instantly disappeared. A large amount of black blood was flowing out of the wound on his left shoulder. In just a short time, the black blood had turned red. It was obvious that the poison had been removed! Moreover, the small amount of Chakra which was destroying Jiang Fei's body internally had also been cleared out!

    Then, Jiang Fei took out two bottles of HP Potions. He drank one bottle and poured one bottle directly onto his wound! Tokugawa Nara could only watch with terror as Jiang Fei's wound healed swiftly before his eyes. In a blink of an eye, the scab fell off and Jiang Fei's shoulder was as good as new!

    "Impossible!" Tokugawa Nara almost fainted. He could not accept what was happening before his eyes. He thought that he had secured his victory. He was just waiting for Jiang Fei to die from the poison. However, in a blink of an eye, Jiang Fei was perfectly back to normal. Tokugawa Nara had already lost his combat powers. What now?
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