339 Energy at Hand

    "This... this is impossible! Impossible!" Tokugawa Nara could not accept the fact that Jiang Fei was totally unscathed!

    "Old Japanese! Goodbye!" Jiang Fei had watched movies since young. He knew that if he taunted the enemy and delayed the enemy's death, the enemy would catch him off guard and kill him instead. So, he did not waste any time talking nonsense with Tokugawa Nara. He directly lifted his laser gun and fired several shots at Tokugawa Nara!

    "Mmm!" Tokugawa Nara clenched his teeth. He was trying to channel his Chakra so that he could use Ninjutsu to escape. However, his injuries were too serious. His Chakra scattered throughout his body the moment he coughed blood out. Jiang Fei's laser beams arrived before Tokugawa Nara could correct his mistake!

    In the end, Jiang Fei's laser beams burnt a powerful Jounin into a pile of ashes!

    Phew... After he was sure that Tokugawa Nara was dead, Jiang Fei heaved a sigh of relief. Although it looked like he won the battle easily, it had actually been extremely risky!

    He was lucky that Tokugawa Nara hit his shoulder. What if it had been his neck? Also, Tokugawa Nara had been scared by Jiang Fei's "Level 4" prowess. As a result, he decided to take the risk. Otherwise, he could have put his superior agility and speed to good use and slowly play around with Jiang Fei. Then, he could take advantage of Jiang Fei's flaws and slowly torture Jiang Fei to death!

    However, Tokugawa Nara who did not understand Jiang Fei in detail chose to bet it all on one attack. He wanted to rely on his unique poison to kill Jiang Fei. He was even willing to take an attack from Jiang Fei in return!

    Tokugawa Nara did not expect that Jiang Fei had a godly Potion like Ant Milk with him which could remove all abnormal conditions. This made Tokugawa Nara's carefully planned attack fall into ruin!

    After he killed Tokugawa Nara, Jiang Fei continued to walk deeper into the nuclear test site. As he had seen the structural map of the test site before and had asked 0541 copy it, he clearly knew how to get to the warehouse where the nuclear fuels were stored.

    "According to the map, this should be where the weapon-grade nuclear fuels are stored!" 0541 directed Jiang Fei toward the door of a warehouse. There was no one guarding it, but it was extremely well-protected. There were thick concrete walls everywhere. They were not guarding against thieves, but a nuclear disaster!

    "Can you unlock the warehouse?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "The password system is very basic. Captain, you just have to connect my main body externally to the central control computer here," 0541 said.

    "Okay." Jiang Fei nodded. It was very easy to carry out the external connection that 0541 mentioned. All Jiang Fei had to do was make sure that the mysterious ring touched the interface of the electronic devices!

    Creak... click!

    The password lock did not take up too much time, it was easy like 0541 had mentioned. Soon, the heavy lead door slowly opened!

    "Warning! Warning! Allowed radiation limit has been seriously exceeded. All staff, please evacuate immediately!"

    After the door opened, the alarm in the control room rang immediately. Although nuclear radiation was also very harmful toward Jiang Fei, he believed that the mysterious ring could protect him!

    "Captain, let's go in! There's a lot of nuclear fuels stored here!" 0541 sounded a little excited.

    Jiang Fei walked into the warehouse. It was different from an ordinary one. After entering, there was a long ramp that spiraled inward. The purpose of such a design was to reduce the risk of leakage of the weapon-grade nuclear fuels in the warehouse.

    The mysterious ring lit up with faint brilliance. All the radioactive energy that could harm Jiang Fei had been absorbed by the ring. So, Jiang Fei would not hurt himself even if he was in close contact with a large amount of radioactive material.

    As he continued to move forward, Jiang Fei soon arrived at the center of the warehouse.

    "B*stards!" Jiang Fei did not know much about nuclear fuels and he did not know how much of it was considered a huge amount. However, looking at the shocking size of this warehouse, Jiang Fei knew that the Japanese were definitely not up to any good!

    "High concentration of radioactive energy detected!" 0541 quickly determined the location of these nuclear fuels!

    "How much of it?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "According to the current nuclear fission utilization rate on Earth, if all the raw materials that are stored here are made into weapons, it would be enough to destroy the entire Asia continent!" 0541 replied.

    "Holy sh*t! What are the Japanese trying to do?" Jiang Fei instantly broke out in a cold sweat.

    With such a huge amount of raw materials, it was obvious that the Japanese were not just trying to own nuclear weapons or trying to break the nuclear deterrence. Instead, they were planning to mass produce nuclear weapons and deter others!

    When he thought about the Japanese and their consistent crazy behavior, Jiang Fei shuddered! If they had nuclear weapons, would they really use it purely for deterrence?

    "This is a huge problem!" At this time, Jiang Fei was a little hesitant. If 0541 took all these nuclear materials, Jiang Fei's strength could indeed be increased. However, it would be equivalent to him helping the Japanese destroy evidence. This way, how was everyone else going to believe the conspiracy involving the Japanese? Without evidence, even the officials of the China Martial Arts Alliance would just think that the Japanese were merely trying to develop nuclear weapons in vain, instead of actually planning to use batches of these weapons as weapons of mass destruction!

    "Captain, don't worry! If I swallow all these nuclear fuels and the non-weapon-grade radioactive energy outside of here, most of my main body can be repaired. At that time, you will be able to activate the search function and we will be able to find the weapon R&D Lab! If that happens, then nuclear bombs and such will no longer be a threat!" 0541 said.

    "What do you mean?" Jiang Fei asked. After all, even though they had ruined the plan of the Japanese people this time, as long the Japanese people wanted to, they could easily build another nuclear test site like this one. They could continue to research and produce these weapons! Only if what 0541 said was true and if they were really able to fundamentally remove the threat that nuclear bombs pose would it be a relief!

    "Of course, because at planet Namek, nuclear bombs have long been eliminated. Although nuclear bombs are extremely destructive, as long as there is a small Fission Suppressor within a thousand miles, the nuclear bombs will not be able to explode. So, after Fission Suppressors were created, nuclear bombs quickly became outdated and useless," 0541 said, laughing.

    "Are you sure that the database of the weapon R&D Lab contains the Fission Suppressor's data?" Jiang Fei frowned and asked. After all, the civilian R&D Lab that they acquired previously had lost its entire database.

    "It doesn't matter if the data is there or not. I have a backup copy of the data. As long as the weapon R&D Lab has a production workshop, I will be able to produce it immediately," 0541 replied.

    "Alright! If that's the case, then take it!" Since 0541 had explained everything with such detail, Jiang Fei naturally had nothing else to say!

    Hehe! Japanese, you guys can continue producing as much of these nuclear bombs as you like. It's best if you make nuclear bombs until you go broke! The moment you guys hoard enough of these bombs and become confident enough to threaten others, I'll use all my money to mass produce these Fission Suppressors. These nuclear bombs won't be able to explode anywhere else other than in your own homes! Jiang Fei sneered as he thought to himself.
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