340 Mission Accomplished

    With Jiang Fei's confirmation, the almighty ring began to hum with a weird mechanical sound and changed its small tiny form into a cube that fitted comfortably in Jiang Fei's palm. After a few clicks and beeps, the cubes started to glow from the inside. Faint radiant escaped the tiny gaps in between the mechanical cube. What followed next was so out-of-this-world that Jiang Fei's jaw dropped.

    Atoms that could never be seen with the naked eye started to accelerate toward the cube. Radioactive waves and particles were not supposed to be seen but when they accelerate at high speed, the particles would heat up and glow. As such, when they collided with other particles in the air, a glow could be seen. That was what Jiang Fei was seeing then. A sea of glowing waves that were coming toward the cube.

    In that instance, the entire storage warehouse was filled with colors that were almost too vibrant. If he was not in a nuclear facility, Jiang Fei might have even confused this place for a fairy tale land.

    The truth was that the light was extremely fatal. Each glowing particle that was in that storage could kill. Release it to the world, the fatality could reach millions. However, Jiang Fei was able to stand in the middle of light because the ring was absorbing all the radiation.

    After twenty minutes, the colorful light show started to dim down as 0541 was almost done absorbing all the nuclear energy that was in that storage. Once the ring was done, it twisted and folded back into the small ring.

    "All done?"

    "Yes sir. No beings in the vicinity would have to worry about the fatal radiation!" 0541 replied happily. If someone were to have a Geiger counter, the reading would be zero.

    "Well then, it's time to leave!" Jiang Fei was at the center of the underground experimental ground. Lou Zhan and his guys would head in Jiang Fei's direction after they were done dealing with the ninjas. If they did, they would encounter Jiang Fei at the center of the underground experimental grounds. Jiang Fei should leave the place as fast as possible to prevent anyone from being trapped in this place.

    After leaving the storage, Jiang Fei got 0541 to lock the place down and got the surveillance rebooted. After eliminating his traces, Jiang Fei followed 0541's directions and headed toward the nuclear generator fuel storages.

    Even though non-weaponized nuclear fuel was abundant, their power potency was not as strong as the weaponized nuclear power. Still, power is power and Jiang Fei used every little bit as he could find. Based on what 0541 had informed him, the energy that he had just received was enough to restore a few functions including the Search mode. After that, if Jiang Fei wanted to produce potions or equipment, he would need energy. Before he could find the main engine of Braveheart, he must find and absorb every single energy source that he could find.

    When Jiang Fei came out from the underground, he started seeing many dead bodies of the ninjas. It seemed that there was a fight here earlier and based on the death rate and the condition of their bodies, it was a one-sided massacre. There were about twenty of them and all of them were Level 1 Genins (1). It was inevitable since their opponents were all Level 2 China Martial Artists that were in an assault group.

    On the surface, Jiang Fei reached the nuclear power station and found that the security was somewhat inattentive.


    When Jiang Fei moved toward the reactor, he heard someone talking gibberish. He quickly turned back and saw a ground of guards that were not even ninjas. They were well equipped with armor and rifles. They were most probably hired guns of the Tokugawa family.

    Jiang Fei did not see that as much of a threat and ended the confrontation with a few shots from his gun. When he had killed every single guard there, he heard gunfire coming from all over the place. He could not hear it when he was still underground but when he had reached the surface, he could hear guns firing. It seemed that Han Tianyu's third army group was in the middle of a shoot out with the Japanese mercenary. As a result, the defense in the nuclear power station was very weak. In total, he had killed four more Japanese guard before reaching the reactor control center.

    Concurrently, most of the Japanese mercenaries were exchanging fires with Han Tianyu's army. The ninjas were all concentrated at the underground experimental facilities hence there were not many guards on the surface. With ease, Jiang Fei killed a few more Japanese personnel inside the nuclear power station and gained control of the control center. There, Jiang Fei placed his palm near the control panel and touched the port with the ring. In no time at all, the entire power station was under Jiang Fei's control.

    The first thing Jiang Fei did was to shut down the security system and open the doors to the reactor room as well as the storage room. When Jiang Fei entered the storage unit and the reactor room, 0541 worked so fast that in less than ten minutes, all of the radioactive materials that were supposed to fuel the reactor were absorbed.

    Rinse, repeat. Jiang Fei cleared all his traces, closed the doors, restored the security systems and left without a trace. His mission was accomplished then. After that, Jiang Fei proceeded to meet up with Luo Zhan at the underground facility.

    "Captain, I must now enter emergency restoration mode. For approximately twelve hours, I am unable to provide any assistance!" said 0541.

    "Understood," Jiang Fei replied. Having 0541 restored as soon as possible would be extremely beneficial for him.

    As 0541 went radio silent, Jiang Fei lost the guidance. However, with his supernatural memory, Jiang Fei did not need to refer to 0541 to make his way in the maze-like underground facility.

    "Yo! Brother Fei!" cried a voice when Jiang Fei was roaming around aimlessly.

    He turned around and saw Luo Zhan and another Level 3 Martial Artist. His name was Yang Feng. If he remembered correctly, he should be Old Yang's nephew. He remembered him as a man with talents since young. He had actually reached Level 3 status at only thirty years old.

    "Hoho! I've found you! Here I thought that I could not find my way out!" said Jiang Fei as he gave an excuse that he had already thought of. All he had to do was to avoid telling what he did with the nuclear power and he would not be suspected of anything.

    "Brother Fei! You scared me!" said Yang Feng as he came to Jiang Fei with his team and checked Jiang Fei for possible injuries.

    A while back, they had obtained intelligences stating that Tokugawa had sent all their high ranking ninjas. Even the Level 3 Tokugawa Nara was coming to the place. That meant that there were up to three strong Jounins (2) underground. When they heard that Jiang Fei had gone M.I.A after facing a ninja, everyone panicked.

    They had personally affirmed that Jiang Fei's "Level 4" capabilities were true yet his battle experience was just as good as a greenhorn. If he had gotten himself killed or badly injured, they dared not face the wrath of a Level 5 master.

    After confirming the safety of Jiang Fei, Yang Feng radioed in the news to his two other squads. Little did Jiang Fei know, at that moment, all three squads' missions had changed abruptly from 'search and destroy ninja' to 'search and rescue Jiang Fei'!

    Translator note:

    Genins: Lower rank ninja

    Jounins: Higher rank ninja
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