341 Did You Kill Him Too?

    Once Jiang Fei safety was confirmed, Luo Zhan and everyone else could finally exhale in relief. After a little adjustment to their equipment, the squad moved on.

    Currently, there were only a few guards spread around sparsely. Most of all the ninjas were dealt with however, the most important targets, the three Jounins were still hidden in the dark. The reason they had decided to join the squad was to prevent them from being picked out one by one.

    "Luo, I heard that you went after a Jounin. What happened?" Yang Feng asked Luo Zhan.

    "Tsk... I lost him! The route here is very complex and those ninjas were quick when they were running away. After chasing him for a few minutes, I lost track of him!" Luo Zhan replied. He was not good at Qing Gong hence he failed at chasing after the Jounin.

    "Well, that doesn't matter for now. As long as we press on, they will come to us since their mission was to protect this place's secret!" Yang Feng laughed as he said. He knew that Luo Zhan was not too good with Qing Gong. Without proper practice, he could not gain the necessary speed burst to catch up with a Jounin that had speed that was famous for being close to a Level 3!

    "Master, there's a dead body up ahead!"

    In no time at all, the squad reached the deepest part of the underground facility and found the body of Tokugawa Yosuke.

    "Is there someone else here with us?" asked Luo Zhan worriedly. None of the squad had been here and the Japanese could never kill each other. So, when there was a body lying there, Luo Zhan concluded that someone else had crashed the party.

    "I know this guy!" said Yang Feng as he walked closer. Everyone else in the squad moved closer as well.

    "This is Tokugawa youngest Jounin! His name is Tokugawa Yosuke, also known as the Next Star. I met him once during the first Metahuman gathering!" said Yang Feng.

    "This little kid is a Jounin?" cried Jiang Fei with surprise. He was the one who had killed Yosuke. In fact, the little kid was running away when he turned around suddenly and begged for death. Jiang Fei had even thought he was at best a Chunin or a better Genin. How was it possible that he was so weak?

    "That's right. This kid had only just reached the ranks of Jounin not too long ago. He was rather strong," Yang Feng explained.

    "Strong? Him?! I don't feel that way!" said Jiang Fei as he bit his lips. The guy did come back and beg for death.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, how did you know him?" asked Yang Feng since the way Jiang Fei talked was as if Jiang Fei had met him before.

    "I've never really known who he was but I did meet him. That hole on his forehead was my doing..." said Jiang Fei awkwardly.

    "HUH!?" everyone jumped. Just as everyone had just confirmed Tokugawa Yosuke's identity, Jiang Fei had just admitted that he had killed him. It took them a while to find the gunshot wound since the hole was too small. At that moment, everyone turned to look at Jiang Fei's sidearm.

    That gun was the latest weaponry from the Zhang family. No one could get their hands on them and Jiang Fei was perhaps the only one in possession of it outside the Zhang family. Based on the cauterizing effect of the wound, everyone was convinced that it was Jiang Fei's doing.

    "That's odd. There's no marking or sights of a fight here. Did the kid fight at all?" asked Luo Zhan. Even though Jiang Fei had the strength of a Level 4, he still lacked battle experience. How was it possible to kill a Jounin in one shot?

    "He didn't. He begged me to kill him! So I did just that," said Jiang Fei without even trying to deny it. Jiang Fei then proceeded to tell how it all went down.

    "Oh my... Never would I have thought that a natural genius Jounin would succumb to pressure and stress..." said Luo Zhan as he shook his head. Everyone present then was not stupid. With so much battle experience, they could figure out what had happened. The little kid must have figured out Jiang Fei's real identity and tried to run away from him. After failing to outrun death, the little kid finally gave in and allowed himself to be killed.

    "All you lot need to double your training!" said Luo Zhan and all the younger fighters behind him started to cringe.

    Luo Zhan took Yosuke as an example even though he was the enemy. It was a wake-up call for him. For China to be strong, they themselves had to be strong! Especially the younger generations that had never been through baptism by fire and blood. Their mental capacity would be just the same as the dead Yosuke when placed in a situation where one's mental ability was tested. Luo Zhan had decided to train them harder in order to prepare for the day when his squad would survive such a test.

    "Master! There's another body!" cried one of the squad members as he found the burnt corpse of Tokugawa Nara not far from where Yosuke's dead body was.

    "Brother Fei, did you kill him as well?" asked Luo Zhan as every other member glared at him.

    "Yes! I did! I did it!" said Jiang Fei as he lifted both hands up. Since he was able to kill a young Yosuke, killing an older man would not be that ridiculous.

    "Yang, could you I.D. this guy?" said Luo Zhan. Most of the time, Luo Zhan was training in the mountains and out of the social circle. Hence, any kind of social gathering was missed out, resulting in him not knowing almost anyone.

    "Yes, I do. His name was Burned. Burned To Crisp!" said Yang Feng with a straight face.

    "Was he even from China?" asked Luo Zhan with a straight face as well, not knowing that Yang Feng was joking.

    "Dude, did you not hear the words I just said? This person is burned to the point of being charcoal! How could anyone I.D. this corpse?!" asked Yang Feng as he rolled his eyes. The corpse belonged to Tokugawa Nara and he was defeated by Jiang Fei and was even burned to the point that not even his gender could be identified.

    "If you can't identify it, then just be frank about it! Tsk!" Luo Zhan clicked his tongue and turned to Jiang Fei.

    "Brother Fei, do you know this person?"

    "No clue, but this guy kept calling that younger kid his apprentice!"

    "That means this person is Tokugawa Nara!" cried Yang Feng.

    "TOKUGAWA NARA?!" Luo Zhan gasped aloud.

    "It's the duo! Oh my god, how did you managed to kill the two of them..." asked Luo Zhen as he squatted to examine the burned corpse. He began to wonder whether or not Jiang Fei was really just a beginner in fighting. He had effectively killed not only one but two Jounins.

    Nara was unlike Yosuke. The old man had been famous for a long time. Even though Luo Zhan was at the same power level as Nara, he did not have the confidence to fight him and get away without any fatal injuries. Jiang Fei had not only burned the man until he was basically a piece of charcoal, he had even gotten away without a single scratch on him!
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