342 I’ll Drag You Down With Me!

    Once everyone had accepted the fact that Jiang Fei was responsible for both Tokugawa Nara and Tokugawa Yosuke, both Yang Feng and Luo Zhan, as well as the rest of the team had a shift of perspective.

    Before everything, they knew Jiang Fei was a Level 4 fighter, however, his lack of battle experience made him vulnerable and his battle prowess was only that of a Level 3 martial artist. They only viewed him the same as those mutants that were lucky.

    Mutants were Metahumans that had gained their abilities through sheer luck. There was the possibility that a four-year-old could gain the power of a Level 4 Metahuman. Luo Zhan and Yang Feng had always thought that he was the same as them. Even though he was a China nationalist martial artist, he was only lucky to have a Level 5 master. They thought that Jiang Fei was not as strong as they thought he was. He was only lucky to have met that Level 5 master and to have been trained by him. If they had the same luck as him, to find the same kind of godly master to train them, they would have been stronger than Jiang Fei.

    However, everything changed when they understood that Jiang Fei had killed Tokugawa Nara and Tokugawa Yosuke without sustaining any scratch. At that point, Luo Zhan and Yang Feng had figured that Jiang Fei had always been faking it. They might believe that Jiang Fei was not good at socializing with the other Metahuman but as for him lacking in battle experience, nothing could be more fake than that.

    The more they believed that was the truth, the more they thought that a Level 5 martial artist was just the same as gods. If their apprentice was already so strong, how strong would the master be? If that was the case, how could the apprentice be lacking in experience? It must be fake!

    "Brother Fei, keep up that facade!" said Yang Feng as he patted Jiang Fei shoulder and gave him a thumbs up.

    "Brother Fei, you have my respect!' said Luo Zhan as he nodded and bowed slightly.

    "Hehe..." What should Jiang Fei do at this point? Everyone was already convinced that he was super strong when he had only just... killed two Jounins. Besides just smiling like an idiot, he could not come up with any more smart ideas.

    After the little surprise with the two dead corpses, the assault squad with more than fifty members proceeded forward and had reached where the weaponized nuclear materials were kept.

    "Sive, go to the control panels and see what can you do!" Yang Feng called out to one of his own apprentices. Even though they were learning martial arts, they were not cavemen! Naturally, in this era of globalization, some of them have extensive I.T. knowledge.

    "Master, nothing seems to be out of the norm!" said the guy called Sive after his fingers danced around the buttons on the control panel. Even though he might be tech savvy, how could he be better than an actual Artificial Intelligence 0541? Sive could never find that the footage of the surveillance system had been altered.

    "Copy that, send a transmission to Han Tianyu and have his men to send in a full assault!" said Luo Zhan. The mission was now updated to secure and guard the evidence to allow Han Tianyu and his men to handle the nuclear materials in the storage.

    "NANI MONO DA!? F*cking Chinese! Get the hell out of here!"

    Just as things had settled down for a while, someone screamed some gibberish that sounded far worse than a duck! (1)

    "What the...?" Jiang Fei turned around and saw a ninja standing a few meters from the large door of the storage unit.

    "Hmph! Seems like you have found us!" said Luo Zhan as he moved to the front to show his fearless attitude. It seemed that the ninja was the Jounin that had gotten away from him.

    Just as Luo Zhan got into a fighting stance, Yang Feng pulled his arms and forcefully jerked him backward.

    "Calm yourself. Don't you see what is he holding?" asked Yang Feng as he pointed at a small device in the Jounin's hand.

    "Hmm?" Jiang Fei heard what Yang Feng said and focused on the Jounin's hand. It was a small black box-like object with a red button on it.

    "Get out of here or feel free to die!" said the Jounin whose voice was filled with so much hatred.

    "Matsuda Yoshino. You're not part of the Tokugawa family, why are you willing to die for them?" asked Yang Feng calmly. Jiang Fei was actually surprised that Yang Feng actually knew the identity of that Jounin.

    "I am a ninja! My loyalty is unshaken when it comes to my master!" said Matsuda Yoshino with an eerie smile.

    Even at the face of a squad of Chinese martial artists, the man's loyalty stood unwavered. He faced off with Level 3 martial artist. When he could not even defeat one of the three, there was one Level 4 who had killed Tokugawa Nara. If he wanted to walk away, he would have to walk the path where he either walked away or no one did.

    It was this kind of thinking that made all the Japanese so crazy! It was as if they were all hardcore fanatic to their own nation. As a result, their mindset was different than the rest of the world They behaved as if, if they betrayed their own belief, their whole world would crash and burn. That was why, even though in the face of death, Matsuda Yoshino could still stand in front of Jiang Fei and the rest without regret.

    "Sigh... Stupid unmovable idiot..." Jiang Fei sighed heavily as he armed the laser gun and pointed it up.

    "STOP! Brother Fei!"

    Alas, after listening to what Matsuda Yoshino had said, everyone else started feeling scared.

    They had thought that this stupid crazy Jap was cornered and wanted to release the protection system and release all the radiation from the nuclear materials. If that happened, not only fifty of them would die, the third army would fall as well!

    "Pfft..." Jiang Fei stifled a laughed since no one else but he knew that there was literally nothing in that storage unit that could harm them.

    "Screw all of you! Get lost! Surrender! Or you will follow me to knock on death's door!" said Yoshino with more bravado when he saw his enemies starting to stagger.

    "You want to die? Alright little ninja! I buy that! Push it then! Don't just flaunt that button like an accessory! Push it! IF YOU DARE!" Jiang Fei walked toward him and started taunting with his gun pointed at Yoshino.

    "Get away! I'll push it! You'll die with me!" cried Yoshino as he started to sweat. The man that was pacing fearlessly toward him was the same man who had killed the infamous Tokugawa Nara. Naturally, when the devil himself had turned to him, he would be scared.

    "Brother Fei! Don't!" cried Luo Zhan. The Japanese had the genes of the crazies and if Jiang Fei cornered him even more, he might really kill them all.

    "PUSH IT! COME ON! DON'T BE A PUSSY!" Jiang Fei taunted louder before he turned to Luo Zhan and winked.

    Translator Note:

    China sure does hate Japan...
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