343 Unexpected Way

    "Get away! Come any closer and I'll push it!" cried Yoshino when Jiang Fei had already stopped. Matsuda Yoshino was feeling so much pressure and killing aura from the man even though the demon that had killed the strongest Jounin was fifteen meters away from him.

    Not fearing death and not understanding death were two different concepts. Because of his upbringing, Yoshino was not afraid to die to stop Jiang Fei and the rest. However, when death was coming slowly toward you, fear started to creep in as well.

    Drip... Drip...

    Like he had just had a shower, the man was sweating so much that pools of sweat started to form underneath his feet.

    Even though Yoshino was putting up a good fight, Jiang Fei was doing just the same. The worse fear Yoshino had was the unknown strength of Jiang Fei. Death was nothing to Yoshino but being at the brink of death was a different feeling. That was what he felt right then.

    Luo Zhan and the rest of the squad stared at Jiang Fei, not knowing what he was going to do. They were so scared that Jiang Fei might continue to push Yoshino further and force him to push the button.

    "Relax. Ho ho ho... I just want to ask you a question and I don't want the guys to know about it!" said Jiang Fei with a smile.

    "What...? What is it?" asked Yoshino without budging from his place. Due to his nervousness, the man was not able to move.

    "The thing is..." said Jiang Fei but paused when he noticed Yoshino had somewhat relaxed a little. When Yoshino paid attention to him instead of the trigger button, Jiang Fei instantaneously used Jumping Slash.

    In a blink of an eye, Jiang Fei leaped forward and stood in front of Yoshino.

    "NANI?!" cried Yoshino. In the next second, he moved his thumb on the button and was about to push it.

    Penetrating Qi Strike!

    Jiang Fei did not attack Yoshino, instead, he aimed for the ground beneath him.


    The strike after Jumping Slash would be a sure critical hit. Since Jiang Fei used Penetrating Qi Strike, the attack potency increased exponentially.


    The cement floor that Jiang Fei had struck exploded and formed a two-meter wide crater.

    The result was due to the exploding power of the Penetrating Qi Strike, which made the insides of the cement ground implode, forming a hole.

    Dust and fragments of the ground filled the air as Luo Zhan and his squad retreated further.

    Yoshino, on the other hand, reacted spontaneously. When the ground beneath him sank, he lost his footing and fell downward. Through rigorous training, Yoshino would move involuntarily in danger. He immediately let go of the button, which he was supposed to push, as he needed both of his hands to grab the ledge of the crater and get out of danger.

    However, when he realized what he had done, it was already too late. He had thrown the button away in order to save himself.

    Jiang Fei was not planning to let Yoshida run away hence he quickly reached for his gun.


    At the sight of danger, Yoshino gave up retrieving the button and escaped using his ninjutsu.

    Even though Jiang Fei had used the same gun to kill two Jounins, it was all under the circumstance that the enemy was not resisting. Yosuke was a different case since he completely gave up. Nara on the other hand was struck hard and sustained heavy damage before getting shot by Jiang Fei.

    Matsuda Yoshino did not plan to have him getting shot. Laser might be light speed but the movement of Jiang Fei lifting the gun up and firing was slower.

    "Brothers! Don't just stand there and watch!" cried Jiang Fei since he knew that he could not fight Matsuda Yoshino in a one-on-one match. If he was forced to do it, his secret would be revealed. That strike was his most powerful attack.

    The cement ground was hard and thick and that strike had done its purpose. It was all for show. The ninja that got away would be handled by Luo Zhan and the rest.

    Jiang Fei had purposely acted that way just to show what he could do as a Level 4 Martial artist. It was good enough for him to pretend to be overwhelmingly strong in front of both Yoshino as well as Luo Zhan and Yang Feng. The result, where Yoshino dropped the trigger button and fled was a bonus ending. Hence, sometimes ending things unexpectedly was the only way to get out of a tangled situation.

    "Roger that!"

    "Get that ninja!"

    Alas, only when Jiang Fei bellowed, the rest of the squad started to pursue. Now that the trigger button was dropped, they had no need to fear for their lives. They were all standing behind Jiang Fei because of two reasons. The first was that Yoshino was threatening to kill all of them. The second reason was more serious. Jiang Fei had decided to act and if they chose to act as well, they would be taking his spotlight.

    The first reason alone was enough to send Luo Zhan and Yang Feng into a rage. Now that the threat was gone, there was nothing to hold them back. This mission was to infiltrate and help the Alliance, killing a high ranking enemy would surely be grant a luxurious reward.

    Without the bargaining chip, Yoshino had nothing left keep him alive. At this point, fighting would be useless. Luo Zhan was not able to chase after him because of his inept ability to learn Qing Gong. However, he was not the only Level 3 fighter in the squad.

    Yang Feng only needed half a second to focus his Qin into his legs before bursting forward at supersonic speed. In just a matter of seconds, Yang Feng had caught up with Yoshino and pinned him down to the ground.

    "Try and run now, punk!"

    Yang Feng gathered his Qi into his index and middle finger and powerfully struck the Yoshida at his lower waist.

    When Yang Feng's Qi entered Matsuda Yoshino's body, all his chakra points were sealed. What Yoshino had felt then was a simple tap. The next second, he felt an intense pain as the chakra flow in his body began to flow amok.


    Without being able to control his chakra flow, Matsuda Yoshino could only lay on the ground as pain assaulted him. Without being able to use chakra, a ninja would be no more useful than an ordinary soldier.

    "Should I cut out his tongue? I didn't like the way he talked to us a few minutes ago!" said Yang Feng when Luo Zhan had finally caught up to him.

    "ONNORE! KUSOYARO!" cried Yoshino as he struggled to endure the pain in his body.

    "Tsk... Quite the noisy one you are! Allow me to correct that!"

    With quick hands, Yang Feng fingers went in his mouth and in the next minute, Yoshino had no teeth.

    "Woah. You seem pretty used to do that!" said Jiang Fei. He had seen Old Hai do the same thing before and felt a little disgusted. However, when he had mingled with the Metahumans, especially since he had killed someone, Jiang Fei was able to stomach the scene. No sooner, he immediately understood why Yang Feng had done so. It was to prevent Yoshino from committing suicide.
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