344 Pretending to be Oblivious

    Once Matsuda Yoshino had finally passed out from the pain, Yang Feng restrained him using various chakra suppressing needles pinned on him and good old cuffs. After that, he approached Jiang Fei and scolded him.

    "That was very rash of you!"

    "Hoho! You do know that this guy is just crying wolf? He wouldn't dare to kill us all!" said Jiang Fei nonchalantly. In truth, he already knew that it was all going to be alright even if Yoshino had pushed the button.

    While Jiang Fei knew this, no one else did. Hence, from the perspective of others, Jiang Fei was seen as being unreasonable, reckless, as well as rash in making critical decisions. He was, after all, just a young boy under seventeen years old.

    Even so, Yang Feng and Luo Zhan gave him a quick scolding.

    All of the ninja in the underground facility had been dealt with and Luo Zhan gave Han Tianyu the green signal to send the third army for a full-scale assault. With Manda Group's newest tech and weaponry, the full-scale assault went extremely well as all the Japanese mercenaries had been pushed back severely.

    Jiang Fei could already hear the cannons firing as well as the cries and angry calls of the losing mercenaries.

    "These freaks sure are fearless!" said Han Tianyu who was fighting from outside the nuclear power station.

    "That's expected of them. I hate fighting against these retards. Even when they knew that they stood no chance, they would fight until every last one of them falls! What a waste of time! Look! There's no sign of them even retreating!" said a commanding officer nicknamed Crazy.

    "Do be careful where you're a firing commander. This is the nuclear power station after all. One misfire and we're all gonna die!" said Han Tianyu.

    "Relax boss. The kids know that! No one wants to die in this fight. If we could fire as we please, those retards would have died sooner before you can say Christmas!" said Crazy.

    "Fair enough. This is your forte, not mine. I have no business here. Just get this over with as soon as possible!" said Han Tianyu before walking away.

    After two hours of carefully aimed barrage, the mercenaries finally gave in and retreated to the nuclear power station. At this point, the Tokugawa family was done for.

    All of the high ranking ninjas were killed and most importantly, the secret of the nuclear weapons development had been exposed. Based on how Japan dealt with things, should the Tokugawa family admit their doing, they would take full responsibility and claim everything for their own benefits to avoid bringing any shame to the Japanese emperor.

    In a sense, their entire family would suffer from complete annihilation.

    The reason why the mercenaries retreated was only because they had received orders from the Tokugawa family. As for why the Tokugawas surrendered was because they had lost contact with Tokugawa Nara as well as the other ninjas. It was obvious that China was involved in this, using powerful martial artists to foil their plans and kill the ninjas.

    Now that the Tokugawa's fall was certain, they would not want to continue the fight and have all the mercenaries die for naught.

    Once the mercenaries started to retreat, the third army moved in and established their base in the nuclear power station. After that, Han Tianyu as well as his own engineers moved into the nuclear power station. They were in charge of handling and disposing of the dangerous nuclear materials.

    "Boss, have a look at this!"

    Fifteen minutes into cracking the defensive system, they had taken control of the entire station. When they started to look through the station, they had found that there was no one in the station as everything had ceased to operate. The records and date on every single nuclear material, whether it was in the reactor core or the storage, was gone without a trace.

    "Follow me!" said Han Tianyu as he paced quickly towards the underground facilities.

    "What's going on?" asked Luo Zhan.

    "I'm hoping that I'm wrong before I answer your question!" said Han Tianyu as he frowned.

    Hastily, everyone followed Han Tianyu to the storage unit where all the nuclear fuel should be kept.

    "Open the storage facility!"

    "Boss, without proper protection, the radiation will kill us all!" said one of the engineers.

    "Right. Let's suit up! Someone be ready to open the door!" cried Han Tianyu. Even though he had to quickly make sure that the nuclear materials were still in the storage unit, there was no need to throw away his life.

    After a few minutes, everyone got dressed in protective gear and the door was opened.

    "Something's not right," said an engineer as he held a small device in his hand that was not making any sound.

    "What is it?"

    "The Geiger counter is not picking up any radiation!"

    "Check again! The counter must be broken!" said Han Tianyu worriedly.

    "What's going on!" said Yang Feng.

    "Inside! Now!" said Han Tianyu as he ran into the storage unit with his own Geiger counter in his hand. He kept on running around the storage unit whilst paying attention to the needle to jump at any sign of radiation.


    Alas, there was nothing. Not a single tick on the Geiger counter. There was nothing in the facility that was giving off radiation.

    "HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!" Han Tianyu roared as he threw the Geiger counter to the ground and destroyed it.


    "We have been here the whole time when the mercenaries had retreated. There was no way anyone could have moved anything!"

    One of the engineers came up and said, "There were no signs of any radioactive materials ever being in this building."

    "What do you mean? Are you saying that they disappeared?" said Han Tianyu with eyes flaring with rage.

    "No! I meant that they have never been in here at all! Once radioactive materials have been kept in a facility, there will be contamination on the walls or ground. These kinds of radiation will never go away for a very long time. Even if there was a single reactor core stored here, even a small one, the Geiger counter would have picked up the micro radiations. The thing is, there isn't a single reading! There are only two possibilities. One, no radioactive materials have been stored here. Two, they have moved it away a long time ago and had thoroughly decontaminated the place."

    "Either way, they must have known that we were coming! How else would they decontaminate this place?" said Luo Zhan.

    "F*CK! There's a traitor!" Han Tianyu roared.

    Under normal circumstances, what Han Tianyu said could be one of the highest possible scenarios. Only the Tokugawa clan knew that China was coming to attack and had thoroughly cleansed the place before anyone had arrived.

    "Not possible. If they knew we were coming, they would not have sent their ninjas to die for nothing!" said Yang Feng.

    "That's true. Could there be another party involved?" said Han Tianyu as he calmed down immediately.

    Luo Zhan shook his head angrily and yelled, "Does this mean, all of the evidences are gone?!"

    "That's right," said Yang Feng disgruntledly.

    "And for all that we had fought for... was for nothing?" Luo Zhan grumbled.

    "Technically, not for nothing. They have discarded over a hundred ninjas here and three of them were Jounins! If that's not something, I don't know what is!" said Jiang Fei. He tried to calm things down and pretend that he too did not know what had happened to the nuclear materials. Even though he had achieved the feat flawlessly without a trace, he still had to pretend to be oblivious.
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