345 Just Right There!

    "What a shame!" Han Tianyu sighed heavily.

    Han Tianyu saw things very much differently than other muscle heads. Before he was a fighter, he was a businessman with ties to politicians. The way Han Tianyu saw things was much further than an ordinary fighter. The purpose of this attack was to find evidence of nuclear weapons development by the Japanese. If they had solid evidence, Han Tianyu, and China, the nation itself could strike against Japan. With evidence int hand, not even the Americans could help them.

    Now that there was not a single shred of evidence, they could do nothing but let the Japanese walk away scot-free. Everything had come to an end even though there were many things that were not solved. With a heavy heart, Han Tianyu ordered his troops to retreat and send the martial artist back to China.

    "Brother Fei, we will head back now. Thanks to you, we have killed two high ranking Jounins as well as captured Matsuda Yoshino. We will inform the Martial Arts Alliance about your deeds. I'm sure you'll rack up a good number of contributions," said Luo Zhan as he cupped his fist and saluted Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei did the same and bowed to him, saying, "I am but not worthy of your praise. I'm glad to be of us!"

    To be truthful, Jiang Fei was excited about the contribution points. He had originally planned to trade those points with his miracle potion.

    After everyone went their own way, Jiang Fei was sent home. His mother did ask about his absence and Jiang Fei just brushed it off saying that the social event had just ended. When his mother tried to ask more, Jiang Fei dragged his feet across the hall and said he was tired.

    "0541," said Jiang Fei quietly as he summoned 0541.

    The ten or more hours' journey back to China was long and brutal. However, it was just in time for the ring to finish its repairing status. However, as he was in the middle of the sea with the rest of the lads, he could not be seen talking to himself. Even though he had his own room on the ship, Jiang Fei decided to only talk to 0541 when he was back at home.

    "Captain, 0541 is ready for your orders!" 0541's voice rang inside Jiang Fei's mind.

    "How are the repairs?"

    "Due to sufficient energy, the restoration to the main body has reached 20%."

    "Only twenty?!" Jiang Fei was unsatisfied. After all, he had stormed across the ocean to fight ninjas but he was only rewarded with a 20% restoration progress?

    "Sir, the energy absorption was complete and sufficient for main body restoration. However, the main body still requires physical materials as well as digital information!"

    "Don't tell me this. What do you need? For real!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. Even though the ring was given a voice, it was still playing the guessing game with Jiang Fei.

    "Currently, the priority would be a larger amount of digital information. Based on your current situation, the best route is by using the in-game equipment!"


    Jiang Fei nodded. Sacrificing in-game equipment was nothing but a small demand.

    "Oh right, did you said something would happen after restoration? What use could you be to me?" asked Jiang Fei. He had spent so much time and effort on the ring and naturally, he wanted something in return.

    "Sir," said 0541 straightforwardly. "I am now able to turn on search mode and had detected the signal for Braveheart's fragment within 3,000 kilometers."

    "Do tell, what did you find?"

    "Sir, I have found more than one fragment within my search radius," said 0541.

    "Hmm?" Jiang Fei interest piqued almost instantly as he stood up from his bed.

    "Which one is the closest?" said Jiang Fei.

    "It's just right there sir. Under your feet! To be specific, 170 meters under your feet!"

    "Below Manda Square?! That should be Han Tianyu's secret laboratory!" Jiang Fei immediately rolled his eyes. What was Han Tianyu doing with an alien ship fragment?

    "Sir, I have detected numerous human activity from around the ship fragment."

    "Could you identify which part of the ship that Han Tianyu has in possession?"

    "Sir, it is the Combat Entertainment System."

    "What is that?"

    "It is similar to what humans would call a gaming center. Its purpose is to provide entertainment to the ship crew as well as providing training simulations to combat crew. The game itself has many kinds of weapons data and blueprint!" 0541 explained.

    "I see now," Jiang Fei said. No wonder Manda Group was so successful back then. They were able to extract information from the ship's databank and use them. Although they still lack the technology and means of production, they had still managed to use something from it. It was only but the tip of the iceberg. There were still much information hidden not decoded and was unable to be used.

    "What of the other fragments? Where's the next one?" asked Jiang Fei. Even though the ship fragment was supposed to be taken in, Jiang Fei did not mind having Han Tianyu hold it for a little longer. Sooner or later, he would eventually get it back. One way or another.

    Currently, Jiang Fei had no intention to create an army nor did he have the capability to turn any of the information in hand into the real thing. He would still need the production segment of the ship. At the meantime, Jiang Fei would allow Manda Group to continue extracting information out of that ship fragment. In a way, Jiang Fei was helping Manda Group as well as China to grow stronger.

    "According to the scan results, the Zhang Family is holding part of the ship that is the soldier's armory in their own weapon's storage."

    "I see that," Jiang Fei said. Unlike Han Tianyu's, the Zhang Family had obtained physical items instead of information. Based on Earth's current technology, Han Tianyu had managed to recreate a simplified version of battleships and aircraft carrier. The Zhang Family had it harder since they could not reverse engineer a weapon as easily as merely extracting information. To put in perspective, Han Tianyu had obtained the Recipe for a cake, whilst the Zhang Family had only a piece of the cake itself. To reverse engineer a finished product would not be easy as having the blueprint itself. Jiang Fei felt like congratulating the Zhang Family for being able to recreate the laser gun from their research.

    After the Zhang Family, 0541 continued to report its finding and the location of the other ship fragments. The problem was that none of them was the R&D Laboratory. Concurrently, the largest ship fragment was with Han Tianyu while the smallest fragment was merely a small toy machine, which the original captain had bought for his child.

    "There are so many that you have found, but how is it that none of them is useful?" said Jiang Fei as he furrowed his eyebrows.

    According to 0541's diagnosis, Jiang Fei was required to find the main engine compartment, the weapons R&D laboratory, as well as other manufacturing segments. In layman terms, Jiang Fei needed to find the power source first, the databank laboratory second, and the manufacturing factory third and last.

    There was something about the ship's main cannons but that did not interest Jiang Fei at the moment. That could be collected some other days.

    "Tsk, when I have the time, I would have to visit the Pacific Ocean!"

    Braveheart's ship fragments were all over the world. Smaller fragments could be ignored since most of them were possessed by the family of the same name. With Jiang Fei's current strength, Jiang Fei could not even approach the family to reclaim the ship fragment. Hence, his current target should be the larger fragments that were scattered all over the Pacific Ocean.
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