347 PvP Ques

    Jiang Fei finished crafting one equipment set with seven extra skills, which he had personally handpicked. In the end, even though the crafted equipment set was only a Green grade, the true potential of the equipment was considered to be the same as a Blue grade equipment set.

    "This is really cheating... Can I start making personalized equipment set?"

    Jiang Fei was delighted. Perhaps, if there was a bad in every good, it would be the extra time taken for Jiang Fei to handpick the skill sets. Even so, it was time well spent for he was able to create an equipment set with skills that perfectly match the user's need.

    With the first equipment crafted, Jiang Fei was on fervor as he continued to craft the equipment. How could he not? It was extremely addicting to be able to craft equipment that was so strong. From then on, all the equipment set he crafted had skills that perfectly match the equipment stats. If he were to sell them in the market, they could fetch a few thousand gold coins at least. Other guilds would not hesitate to pour their pot of gold to Jiang Fei just to own one of them.

    In two hours' time, Jiang Fei had crafted a total of twenty equipment sets. Some of the best ones were still Blue grade. Even so, all twenty of the equipment sets were strong. While all of them were for tanks, he had some of them fitted for the main tank with large damage reduction and some were fitted for a secondary tank who had Crowd Control skills! In conclusion, all of the equipment sets were tailored specially for the players.

    "Right, it's probably enough for now!" Even though he had just obtained a new skill, Jiang Fei did not want to spend his entire day crafting. After depositing the equipment sets in the guild storage, he took Isabella off and began to search for monster spawn points.

    Before Rosette Rose even asked Jiang Fei about Level 40 maps, Jiang Fei had already sent Smart Tomato to search for Level 40 dungeons. Even if other guilds had found them first, they were not able to easily dominate an entire dungeon just for themselves. Hence, Jiang Fei had chosen not to waste his time to find a dungeon. Instead, he would focus more on finding monster spawn points. With the advantage of his Juvenile Skygliding Dragon, he had the speed to fly around maps in no time at all.

    Even so, after flying around in Dawnlight City for more than an hour, he could not find a place that was fit for grinding. Most of the monsters here were so weak that Kiang Fei could kill them with one hit. The drops were also very... at best, crap. To be fair, the great Jiang Fei had spent too long in dungeons and Secret Dungeons that ordinary loots were considered crap. He could never understand the suffering of the plebeians.

    "Guild master, do you have some time to spare?" asked Billy Boy in a message.


    "I need your help with a quest!"

    "You?! Quest?" asked Jiang Fei, stunned. Other might be oblivious but Jiang Fei knew that Billy Boy was not an average player. He was only playing the game for the sake of PvP. That was the reason why Jiang Fei was shocked to hear Billy Boy saying things about quests.

    "It's a PvP quest," said Billy Boy as if he knew what Jiang Fei was thinking about him.

    "Alright, explain the quest to me first."

    Jiang Fei was interested since after he had obtained a new equipment set, he had never been in a fight.

    "Well, technically it is a guild quest. A small squad is needed to infiltrate the other city. After that we will destroy another city guild's territory!"

    "What?" Jiang Fei was surprised. To summarize, all they needed to do was to rush to another city and make a mess.

    Even though the situation in Twilight City was not ideal since the top two guilds were removed from their places, it was still a whole city versus a small squad. Even if it was just the guild that one had targeted, it was five against a guild.

    "There's no need for worry about an attack. The quest will grant every one of us a charm to hide our personal information. During the entire duration of the quest, we will act as spies. Not even players with Inspect skills could detect our information. As long as we don't open our mouth and tell anyone, no one would know!"

    "Interesting!" said Jiang Fei. It should be that way. With the charm given by the system, no one could find out who they were. Without it, once a player enters a city that was not their own, the system will add a tag beside your name to tell the world where you came from!"

    This was one of the reasons why Cosmic Dragon had not entered Dawnlight City. It was to hide his personal information about his origin. If he had, so what if he could fight Jiang Fei with his hand tied to his back? He would still have to fight the entire of Dawnlight City.

    "What is the quest reward?" asked Jiang Fei. Since the quest was so dangerous, the reward given must be on par with the difficulty and risk. No one would risk themselves for some mediocre quest.

    "The reward would be a one level increase in guild level, as well as claims to all the other guild's materials."

    "Well, that settles it! Let's do this!"

    Jiang Fei was sold. It was about time for him to do something that a guild master would do for his guild.

    Happy Drunk was already afraid that Jiang Fei would solely dominate Dawnlight City and cut the supplies for Jiang Fei's territory construction without Han Tianyu's knowledge. Currently, he was depending on materials that his own members gathered through quests and purchases from pug players.

    On the other hand, the reward was a one level increase in the guild's level, now that was the big fish that Jiang Fei wanted. Nothing had to be said much about level besides the higher the level, the better the benefits.

    "The five players? I assume you're one of them, what about the others?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "With you, I just need to find three more. Since this is considered a stealth mission, I need someone who can run or escape when trouble comes. Healers are not necessary since we will be fighting a swarm of players. Right now, I'm thinking of one Thief and one Hunter."

    "Well, I can't run nor I can escape. What do you want me for?"

    "Hmm. The reason you're in the team is to fight! The girl that is always by your side, I assume her dragon form skill is ready by now."

    Billy Boy had finally revealed the main reason why he wanted Jiang Fei to be part of the stealth team.

    Back during the war with two guilds from Twilight City, he had witnessed the prowess of Isabella's dragon form. Hence, Isabella would be their trump card. If they were somehow discovered, Isabella would then unleash hell upon them.

    "Sigh... when everything is ready, add me into the party," said Jiang Fei.

    In no time at all, Jiang Fei received the invite and the few of them headed toward the Teleportation Circle.
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