348 Next Target, Iron-Blood Alliance

    At the Teleportation Circle, Jiang Fei met up with the rest of the squad.

    Archdemon Fighter, Burning-Eyed Shana

    Spellsword, Primal Pepper

    Assassin, Hazy Memory

    Gunslinger, Billy Boy

    After examining all of the members' stats and equipment, Jiang Fei quietly nodded, satisfied. Looked like the merger of the two guilds into Empyreal Dragon had produced a strong guild with powerful assets.

    Besides Hazy Memory, the rest of the members had rare classes. Even though rare classes were not as hard to find and obtain compared to Hidden Class, the class advancement quests for rare classes were hard to complete. Even though Hazy Memory was a normal player with normal class, he must have a certain level of skill to be able to enter this party that Billy Boy had picked himself.

    Now that the team has gathered, all five of them stepped into the magic circle. With a bright flash of light, Jiang Fei and his party were in Twilight City.

    "So this is Twilight City..." said Shana as he started to act like one of those tourists who had never seen the world.

    The structural design of each building was not the same as Dawnlight City. Even so, all of them functioned the same way. When they arrived, no one paid heed to any one of them. The Teleportation Circle that they had just stepped out of functioned like a teleportation point when a player used a Return Scroll. With the protection charm given to them by the system, there were no special tags on their name. Hence, they immediately blended in.

    To be fair, there were a few pairs of eyes that were staring at them. The reason was because of Jiang Fei's flashy equipment.

    No matter where he went, Jiang Fei's golden armor was bound to attract attention. That and the beautiful girl who was near Jiang Fei.

    If the rest of the team had reached Level 40, Jiang Fei would surely have postponed the quest to craft all of them the Mythical Beast Equipment Set. On one hand, they would be attracting unwanted attention. On the other, they would be insanely stronger than before. Even so, those players who were staring at Jiang Fei quickly averted their gaze. They were only interested in his armor and nothing else.

    "Where to?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "We need to go outside the city to find an NPC. He is the spy of Dawnlight City and he will tell us the next step," said Billy Boy.

    "Alright, let's go."

    With Billy Boy leading the party, all six of them proceeded to the main gates. The party walked out of the city instead of using their mounts. Jiang Fei could not afford to summon his dragon mount since the only dragon mount user in the game was him. Due to the dragon mount, Jiang Fei was not able to use other mount. The party was forced to walk instead of using their mounts in order to blend in.

    The first step of the quest was easy since Billy Boy had the coordinates of the NPC.

    "All is well my friends of Dawnlight City! You have arrived!" said an NPC with the nametag "Spy from Dawnlight City".

    "What the hell? That name is too direct! Won't anyone find this NPC and kill him immediately?" said Primal Pepper.

    "Haha. This NPC is just a quest NPC. He would not drop anything. In fact, if you kill him, he will re-spawn again after ten minutes!" said Billy Boy. Seemed like he had done his homework thoroughly.

    "Tsk. The developers of the game must have been lazy! At least give this person a better name!" said Primal Pepper.

    "Bah, it's just a quest. Calm down!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "We are sent here by the governors of Dawnlight City. How can we be of service?" said Billy Boy to the NPC while Primal Pepper had his fit.

    "Thank goodness. Twilight City is getting stronger by the day and if we do nothing to stop them, this city will pose a threat to Dawnlight City!" said the NPC as he was only doing what he was programmed to do. How was Twilight City getting stronger when Jiang Fei just destroyed their strongest guilds? What threat would they pose?

    "What do we need to do?" asked Billy Boy. This NPC has was not programmed like Isabella hence there was no need to waste much time chatting with him. It was best to quickly trigger the quest simply by asking things like "How can I help?" or "How can I help you?"

    "I need you to go and destroy the adventurers' base inside the city to lower their morale!" said the Spy from Dawnlight City.

    "Ding! Quest updated!"

    Quest: Destroy the enemy's base!

    Quest Target: Destroy any guild territory's storage unit in Twilight City!

    Reward: Guild Level +1

    Time Limit: Four hours. Players of Twilight City will be informed about your quest in one hour.

    With the notification, everyone's quest window popped up and was updated.

    "OH F*CK! There's a time limit! Only four hours?!" Shana bellowed angrily.

    "Four hours is fine. The real countdown is one hour. If we are exposed, the guild we target as well as the entire city will be after us! How are we supposed to protect ourselves as well as destroy the guild's storage unit?!" asked Primal Pepper as if he was giving up.

    "No time to lose, let's go now!" said Billy Boy.

    As Primal Pepper had so angrily said, once the one-hour timer was over, everyone in Twilight City would be alerted to Jiang Fei's party presence. By then, Isabella's dragon form would be a waste. There were more than a million players in Twilight City and they were fighting in their own base. They could re-spawn without any difficulties Isabella's dragon form would not be effective. Even if her dragon form could last for hours, she would be running out of breath before any players gave up fighting.

    Jiang Fei and the rest of the party would die in a heartbeat. Once Jiang Fei is killed, Isabella would forcefully be un-summoned! In short, they would have to complete the mission before anyone knew they were even there.

    Since Twilight City was left with only one guild with a territory, Billy Boy had no choice but to target Iron-Blood Alliance. Even though they had no problem with each other, for the quest's sake, Billy Boy had to choose them as their target of destruction.

    Billy Boy quickly informed everyone in the party the details about the guild. He had really done his homework thoroughly and had even informed the team about the approximate location of the guild's territory.

    "It's now up to you, guild master."

    The party arrived at the guild's base in twenty minutes and saw the Iron-Blood Alliance's territory. To investigate further about the territory, Jiang Fei was tasked to use his dragon mount and scout the enemy's territory from the sky. It was extremely efficient since no one would expect anyone to be in the sky.

    After finding a place that had no players, Jiang Fei summoned the dragon and shot to the sky.

    From that high altitude, players from the ground would only see Jiang Fei as a small black dot. Unless someone was searching for him, no one would suspect the black dot in the sky was an enemy!
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