350 Push Forward

    Even though Billy Boy suggestion was reckless, it was the only way left for them to finish the mission. They were already at the center of the enemy's base, going back now would be too late.

    "Push forward then!" said Shana.

    "This is the last spur!" Primal Pepper chimed in as well.

    Hazy Memory kept quiet. He was an Assassin with the ability to hide in the shadows. Besides Jiang Fei, he was the next person who could escape.

    "Ready... GO!" cried Billy Boy as the entire party got out of hiding, into the streets, and straight towards the storage unit with Jiang Fei's guidance.


    "Are you blind? Watch where you're going!"

    "Where's the fire mate?"

    One by one Billy Boy stumbled into players of Iron-Blood Alliances and quickly ran away from them. At first, no one suspected anything since they were in the center of the guild's territory. There were at least tens of thousands of members and surely no one would know every single one of the members. It was only common to not recognize a player.

    "Something's wrong! Those players were not wearing the guild's emblem!" someone yelled.

    "Stop right there! Chase them!"


    Soon, someone managed to find out something was wrong. In a large guild, having an emblem was like having a uniform. Only guild members would be given the emblem that would appear on their armors. Without that emblem, it was easy to distinguish non-members.

    "Make haste! Guild master, it's probably time for you to come down and blow up that storage unit!" said Billy Boy without stopping.

    "FASTER!" said Shana to himself as he activated Haste, a skill that would increase movement speed. In that instant, during the skill active duration, the party was able to outrun the chasing mob.


    "What did you say? There are three players coming into the base?" said Iron Bloodhardt, the guild master of Iron-Blood Alliance. He was stunned since Iron-Blood Alliance was currently the strongest guild after the two guilds that had been decimated. No one should dare to pick a fight with him.

    "Who are they? What do they want?"

    "We have no idea. We tried to ask but they just kept running!" said one of the members.

    "Did they kill anyone?" Iron Bloodhardt asked.

    "No! We have even attacked them but they chose to run instead!"

    "This is odd..." Iron Bloodhardt frowned. What could the infiltrators want if they did not attack?

    "Ding! The Spies of Dawnlight City had infiltrated Twilight City! Their target is to destroy the storage unit of the Iron-Blood Alliance!"

    At that moment, the truth was revealed by the system. The entire city of Twilight immediately came alive.

    Normal players began to discuss amongst themselves about what was happening as they made their way slowly toward the Iron-Blood Alliance's territory.

    "Get everyone to the storage and guard the place! Defend it at all cost!" cried Iron Bloodhardt as he used his guild master privilege to broadcast the message to every single member.

    Shush! Shush! Shush!

    Beams of white pillar made of light appear in the city because members of Iron-Blood Alliance had used their teleportation scroll to return to their base.

    "Oh no!" Burning-Eyed Shana cursed as they had only just reached the entrance of the storage unit.

    "It's fine. We can still make it!" said Billy Boy. The announcement was only just made and players had only just reached Twilight City. It would take them at most two minutes to get to Billy Boy and the party.

    "Guild master! It is your time to shine!" said Billy Boy. "Everyone else, use the bombs now!"

    "Bella, stop them from getting close to us!" Jiang Fei gave the command as he joined Billy Boy to install the bomb.

    The bomb given by the system required one minute and thirty seconds to be installed. By then, most of the enemies would have arrived. Those who were chasing after the party had only just arrived. Those players would not allow the party to do whatever they were doing. Hence, all they had to do was to attack them. Isabella then charged to stop those players.

    Flame Burst!





    Pillars of flame came bursting from the ground and killed many players who were in the front line. Those players had severely underestimated Isabella's prowess and had charged too close to her.

    Black Dragon Breath!




    Isabella held nothing back when Jiang Fei had given the order to defend him.

    "Ding! You have killed player XXX. Obtained 35 Honor Points!

    "Ding! You have killed player XXX. Obtained 35 Honor Points!


    Since they were fighting an enemy in other cities, Jiang Fei did not suffer from any penalty, instead, he had even gained a good number of Honor Points!

    "STOP THEM!"

    At that point, Jiang Fei knew that the players were getting nervous. Even though Isabella was single target, she had single-handedly killed more than six players in a few hits! The problem was that those players showed no signs of fear as they stepped over the dead bodies and rushed to the front.

    Rain of Fire!

    Isabella did not hold back and used one of her stronger skills.

    The sky cracked and meteor in the size of a football came raining down. It was a powerful AoE skill that dealt powerful damage as well as DoT effect. In seconds, a player would receive a total of 20,000 damage. Even though they had healers among their members, it would not be enough to out-heal the damage dealt! At best, they had over fifty players and only three healers. It was impossible to heal everyone at the same time.

    "Time is of essence here! Isabella would not be able to last long without transforming!" said Jiang Fei. Even though Isabella was strong, she was just a girl in the face of a sea of players. At most, she had the advantage of having a greater attack range. However, if a swarm of players rushed in like a tsunami, she would not be able to handle it. 80,000 health points were not enough.

    "Ding! You have killed player XXX. Obtained 37 Honor Points!"


    The system chime kept ringing in Jiang Fei's ears. After a few moments, he had already accumulated more than a few hundred Honor Points. At the same time, the enemies were already close enough to attack Isabella.





    At this point, Isabella was taking damage from all the range attackers. Lucky for her, Isabella's defense was so strong that the players were not able to deal even 10% of their original attack. However, like Jiang Fei had done before, the power of the swarm was strong. After only the first wave of attack, Isabella had suffered more than 5,000 damage.

    "Mother of... Tsk! Should I get Isabella to transform now?!" Jiang Fei began to worry.
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