351 The Second Coming of the Demonic Dragon

    "Come on!" cried Jiang Fei nervously at the bomb when Isabella's health points were dropping faster and faster. However, as much as Jiang Fei wanted the system to go faster, the system would not budge.

    After defending for some time, Isabella's health points had reached 50%. At this point, there were more than half of the prevailing members remaining. Even so, the pressure on Isabella did not decrease. Instead, more and more players began to gather.

    Before the players from outside of the city could return, members of the Iron-Blood Alliance were gathering as fast as ants. Even though the melee attackers could not get close to Isabella, more and more range attackers had joined the fray.

    "If only I could use the Demon Hounds here!" Jiang Fei said to himself. A hundred Level 50 Advance Elite hounds would be able to defend this spot for as long as Jiang Fei needed.

    "Hmph!" Isabella scoffed proudly as she felt she was being overwhelmed. She gave up casting the Rain of Fire skill and used Demon Flame Infusion instead.


    With a kick at the ground, Isabella gave up attacking with spells and dashed into the crowd of players and attacked them at close range.

    "F*ck! Melee fighters! Block her!"



    The scene where Isabella dashed into the crowd of players was akin to a tiger barging into a den of chickens. Magicians and Rangers were easily ripped apart by Isabella. It only took her less than two seconds to kill off a Magician. However, even though she had effectively disabled range attackers, she had opened herself to attacks from melee attackers.

    In no time at all, Isabella was completely surrounded by swords and shields yet none of them could deal significant high damage to her. Some of them could not even deal damage for her Defense was too strong. Sadly, Isabella was fighting, not against monsters that would generate aggro, but players who had their own free will to choose their targets.

    "Ignore the girl! Attack those players!" cried someone from amongst the crowd. In that instant, everyone gave up attacking Isabella and focused more on Jiang Fei and the rest of the party.


    At the sight of players rushing over Isabella and toward him, Jiang Fei heard a chime that indicated the complete installation of the bomb.

    Even so, the bomb required twenty seconds to be triggered and it could not take any single damage.

    Jumping Slash!

    Without hesitation, Jiang Fei leaped toward the closest enemy and started to fight.

    Instant Ice Burst!





    A blast of icy cold breath was released and all players with only a little health points left were killed. Those who survived had little health points left were frozen instantly.

    Jiang Fei had been using that skill for some time now and had gotten extreme efficient at using it to maximize its attack range. At that point, the angle of attack was good and Jiang Fei had eliminated more than thirty players in one go.

    "It's time to turn the tables around guys! Attack!" cried Billy Boy. There was one thing left to do and that was to defend the bomb and survive.

    Burning-Eyed Shana activated his Berserk skill. By sacrificing a tiny bit of his health points per second, his attacking speed and power were increased tremendously. The spear in his hands danced around the battlefield, splattering blood all over the place. Those players who were frozen by Jiang Fei were easily killed with a single stab of his spear.

    At this point, more and more players of Iron-Blood Alliance came. Jiang Fei was the first person to greet them with a swing of his hammer. By alternating Bash and Qilin's Fist, Jiang Fei's Ruthless Barrage had stacked up to the max. In a few seconds, every single hit that Jiang Fei had landed was close to 9,000 damage.

    At this point, the skill Qilin's Fist could deal as high as 13,000 damage. Non-tank players were instantly flattened to the ground if Jiang Fei landed the skill on them. Jiang Fei was a god in that battlefield. His ultra-high defense and attack had rendered him almost untouchable by all the players. Only magic damage could hurt him yet they were only a few hundred damage at best. Even so, Jiang Fei made sure that he had Deconstructed all possible projectile-based magic skills that were coming at him.

    "STOP THEM!"

    "Do not allow them to target our magicians!"


    The moment Jiang Fei started to retaliate, the Iron-Blood Alliance suffered a huge loss. No sooner, all of them started to retreat. Isabella took this chance and attacked the enemy from behind together with Jiang Fei.

    "There's no time left! Get away from here! I'll handle the rest!" said Jiang Fei to the party when he noticed there were only five seconds left before the bomb detonated.

    Even though they currently had the advantage, things would change as time passed. The current players who were defending their base were of lower level players. They were not any important members of the guild and were just there by coincidence. If they waited any longer, the real core members of Iron-Blood Alliance would return from outside the city and their numbers would soar by the thousands. Since Jiang Fei and the rest of the party could not use their Return Scroll, they would be killed.

    "Alright, good luck guild master!" said Billy Boy as he and the rest of the party summoned their mounts and ran away.

    This was not a drama show or some typical shonen manga where the comrades of the protagonist would insist on staying with the protagonist until the end. No one in their right mind would be willing to do that in the real world. Jiang Fei was fine for if he wanted to escape, he would do so by simply summoning the dragon and flying to the sky. The rest of the party could not do that. Hence, there was no reason for them to stay any longer.

    Beep... Beep... BEEP!


    The bomb had detonated and the walls of the storage unit were destroyed. All the materials and items in the store were there to be looted.

    "Ding! Quest updated!"

    Everyone in Jiang Fei's party had received the notification of the completion of the quest.

    After ten seconds or so, Jiang Fei could clearly see that a tsunami of players were coming toward him. Instead of being worried, Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Bella! Time for a show!" said Jiang Fei as he leaped out of the crowd, toward the storage unit.


    Within seconds, Isabella morphed into her dragon form and growled.

    "What the hell is that thing doing here!?" cried someone.

    "T-T-T-That's the dragon! The dragon that killed the army of 200,000!"

    Everyone's swords and wands were lowered as the entire sea of players piped down. Iron Bloodhardt who had just arrived at his base started to sweat like a leaking water hydrant. He had only heard of the devastating power of the dragon that had decimated the previous top two guilds of Twilight City. At that point, there was only one thing that he could think of. Would his guild be the third guild that would be decimated?
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