352 Cache Cleaned!

    When even 200,000 players were not enough at stopping the dragon, how could a few tens of thousands of player stand a chance? Iron Bloodhardt had started to feel despair at the sight of the dragon soaring into the sky.

    "Bella, intimidate but don't attack just yet," said Jiang Fei as he noticed that everyone had stopped in their tracks instead of trying to run. At that point, he knew that everyone was not paying attention to him, which gave him the golden opportunity to loot everything he could.

    Lucky for him, the ring had just leveled up in time, granting Jiang Fei extra inventory slots. Almost all of the items stored in the guild storage was maxed out per slot. If he did not have enough, Jiang Fei would have missed out on a lot of materials there.

    To intimidate the crowd, Isabella continued flying over the crowd at high speed and hovered around for some time. It was to draw as much attention as possible while Jiang Fei took his time looting the materials. If Jiang Fei had Isabella started attacking, the players could do nothing to stop her, leaving him as the only target for attack. If he were to be killed, Isabella would disappear as well.

    When everything was looted, Jiang Fei would then leave. There were so many players then and if Isabella did not use the Forbidden Spell, she and Jiang Fei would not be able to kill everyone in time. In fact, if they could, they would not have time to loot all the dropped equipment. When they re-spawned, they would have the time to equip and fight again. Hence, Jiang Fei had decided to just empty their storage.

    The truth was Jiang Fei's sleight of hand was not very good. Many Iron-Blood Alliance guild members had noticed his movements. However, with Isabella right there, Iron Bloodhardt was still scared to do anything at the moment.

    They did not have any more information, aside from Jiang Fei's humanoid pet turning into a dragon and eliminating 200,000 players. Being the guild master, Iron Bloodhardt could not afford to act rashly.

    His loss was the storage unit being destroyed. Whatever materials that Jiang Fei had taken was only a small matter. They were but material that over time, could be regained. On the other hand, player's Level was the one that mattered then. If Isabella had attacked and all of the players were killed and their levels dropped, the loss accumulated would be far worse than having the storage emptied out. Besides that, there was the suffering that Iron Bloodhardt could never explain to his members.

    With that thought in mind, Iron Bloodhardt did not issue the order to attack. From the looks of it, Iron Bloodhardt concluded that Jiang Fei and his party were there to complete some kind of quest. Fine, they were the ones who got the short end of the stick. If they needed to destroy or cause some kind of damage to the guild as a requirement to complete the quest, so be it. At least send that demonic dragon away and spare all of them.

    In the end, Jiang Fei emptied out the guild storage and Billy Boy and the others escaped to a safe zone. Jiang Fei summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and shot into the sky. Before leaving, Jiang Fei cupped his hand and saluted to Iron Bloodhardt and said, "Thank you for your contribution!"

    When Jiang Fei left, Isabella flapped her wings and followed closely behind. Once they were high in the sky, Isabella shrank and flew toward Jiang Fei.

    When the two were finally gone, Iron Bloodhardt sighed in relief.

    "Boss, are we just going to let them run away like that?!"

    "You think that I take pleasure in having a stranger come and destroy my base?" Iron Bloodhardt replied angrily.

    "Why didn't you order us to attack?" asked the same member.

    "The young master said so. I am not to have any enmity towards that Verdure Glider! The young master wishes that and I need to obey him!" said Iron Bloodhardt disgruntledly.


    "Enough with this. Disperse and go back to leveling up!" said Iron Bloodhardt. After that, he had received a call from a player.

    "Young master? Yes. I have completed your request!" said Iron Bloodhardt in a tone that did not fit his character. He sounded extremely happy.

    "It's lucky that I have obtained the news fast. If you have fought him, you might be extremely unlucky. Even so, it's best that you did. If he had been wronged, that would have been extremely troublesome!" said the young man who was on the other end of the call.

    "Young master? That player's name is Verdure Glider. As strong as he could be, is it even possible that he could extend his dominance into Twilight City?"

    "I expect him to! If he could not reach Twilight, how am I going to give him his present? Did you managed to bring my name to him?" asked the young man as he got a little nervous toward the end.

    "I'm sorry young master. His private message and voice chat are password protected!" said Iron Bloodhardt bitterly. Jiang Fei was not the only one. Almost every single player who was slightly famous would have set up their communication system in that way. If one wanted to talk or even send him a Friendship request, one must have the password. If their communication system was set to open, their inbox would be filled with Friendship request as well as 24/7 disturbance from random players wishing to be their "friend".

    "It's fine. There's always a next time!" said the young man understandingly.

    "Young master? Did you know him? I mean, in real life?" asked Iron Bloodhardt. He was quick to understand that there was something hidden.

    "This does not concern you. I don't have to remind you again that if he does strike again, you must never allow him to be wronged! You are only allowed to be attacked!" said the young man before he hung up.

    If Jiang Fei could see the person who was talking to Iron Bloodhardt, he would immediately recognize that man. He was Zhang Yangxu.

    The head of Zhang family, Zhang Sung had given Zhang Yangxu the order to make contact with Jiang Fei. It was not limited to just in the real world but in the game as well. He knew that Han Tianyu had invested a lot of money into the game just for Jiang Fei.

    Even though Zhang family had no Metahumans backing them, many already knew that Jiang Fei was the only person who was supplying Han Tianyu the miracle recovery potion. However, even though the potion was very useful, Han Tianyu would not have gone through all the lengths just to be with Jiang Fei at all times. That only proved that there was something more about Jiang Fei that no one knew.

    That was why when Zhang Yangxu was asked to approach Jiang Fei, Zhang Yangxu had given Jiang Fei their family's weapon prototype as a sign of trust. However, Zhang Yangxu had no other means to remain in contact with Jiang Fei. As for the game, Zhang Yangxu was greatly discouraged when he discovered he was based in a different city from Jiang Fei!

    The Iron-Blood Alliance was Zhang Yangxu's guild. The current guild master was the same as Happy Drunk, a lackey of their young master. On that day, when a report came in about players from Dawnlight City attacking their guild storage, Zhang Yangxu had a sudden thought. He predicted the outcome and the possible perpetrators. When the scouts confirmed that there was a player with a flying dragon mount and a humanoid pet that could transform into a dragon, Zhang Yangxu immediately drew the conclusion that Jiang Fei was the said player.

    As such, he gave an order to Iron Bloodhardt to not attack even when they were all attacked by the dragon! No one was to disturb Jiang Fei in completing his task.
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