353 Bandit’s Lair

    After successfully escaping from the guild's territory, Jiang Fei felt a little weird that he was able to run away without suffering any attack. It could be that they were all too nervous and scared of the dragon or that he was just that good in escaping. Billy Boy and the others ran to a place outside of Twilight City before logging out. Since the Teleportation Circle from Twilight to Dawnlight was incomplete, they could either run back or wait for a few days. If Billy Boy and the rest chose to run now, they would be easily chased after and killed. Hence, they had informed Jiang Fei that the entire party will chose to stay offline for a few days.

    At this point, Jiang Fei was left alone at the outskirts of Twilight City. He did not need to run around or hide since he had the Skygliding Dragon and Isabella.

    Bored and out of any fun ideas, Jiang Fei decided to take things slow for a moment and fly around the empty fields with Isabella. It was nice and quiet, nothing but the sound of the wind accompanied them. Isabella had even wrapped her arms around Jiang Fei's waist and lay on Jiang Fei's back.

    Jiang Fei was definitely enjoying the moment as well. At that moment, Jiang Fei did not care where he was since he was flying without any obstruction. However, the blissful moment was quickly interrupted by the sound of blades crashing loudly against each other.

    When Jiang Fei slowed down a little to find the source, the wind had carried the smell of burning metal to him. Out of the blue, Jiang Fei could see an arrow that flying toward him at high speed.

    "Oh no!"

    When the arrow got closer to Jiang Fei, he realized that the arrow was not fired by an archer. The arrow itself was as thick as steel pipe that was three meters long and had an arrowhead that was two feet long. This arrow was not used to shoot a person. It was to shoot down a dragon!

    Jiang Fei then descended quickly and discovered that he was flying in between two large mountains that were covered in clouds. Obviously, the peaks of the two mountains were occupied by civilization as they were many buildings and well as defensive array. A quick circle around the mountain had revealed that the arrow was fired from the top where a huge mounted giant bow was placed. Jiang Fei continued to observe and found that the mountains were not occupied by a proper nation but bandits. The mountains were their lair!

    Aside from a few main roads made from stones and bricks, the other smaller routes around the lair were only made from wood. All the NPCs that were roaming around the mountains were also not in a proper uniforms. They were all dressed in rags made from leather.

    The buildings were built with wood and as the mountain got higher, so did the quality of the buildings. There were big halls around the lair and at the center of it all was a huge coliseum-like stadium that had a large banner saying, "Unparalleled Loyalty". The earth in the coliseum was flatten smooth. It seemed that that was the place where training took place.

    "Oh my God... I flew into the lair of the bandits!" Jiang Fei muttered to himself. Jiang Fei flew higher and got out of the ballista's range.

    "Hmph! How dare they attack us! If only I could transform again! I'll show them what is an attack!" said Isabella, pouting as she did. For two days, Isabella was trapped in the pet slot since Jiang Fei had not logged into the game. When Jiang Fei came back, Jiang Fei was immediately thrown into a fight instead of his regular crafting session, which she loved. She had been craving for a chance to talk with Jiang Fei.

    Just as she finally had the chance, the two were interrupted by an arrow! That was why she was pouting.

    "Looks like there a special map in each city," said Jiang Fei as he was completely focused on the bandit's lair.

    In Dawnlight City, the main enemy of the city was the Katya Brotherhood. It appeared that the main enemy of Twilight City was these mountain bandits. If one were a player from Twilight City, one would see the bandit's name tag in red. However, Jiang Fei was a Dawnlight City player. From his perspective, he saw them as yellow tagged. A neutral target! Even so, the Scout Tower and the Ballista were considered as red tagged enemies since it was an auto system that would attack any non-bandit entity that approached the lair.

    "Let's get closer!" said Jiang Fei. He descended quickly and un-summoned the dragon at the foot of the mountain. There, he and Isabella climbed up and finally reached a route that led toward the bandit's lair. Jiang Fei was certain that even though these bandit NPC were neutral, the Black Dragon Scale on him would made them fear him. The reason he descended and walked was to avoid the Scout Towers and Ballista since they were considered to be mechanical units that were not affected by fear.

    "Halt! Who goes there?"

    Jiang Fei was nowhere close to the lair yet there was already a team of foot soldiers stopping Jiang Fei from proceeding.

    "Sigh... This is troublesome," said Jiang Fei. Human type NPCs were the worse since they could not sense the draconic power that Jiang Fei was emitting. How else would these Level 50 NPC would block his way!

    "I'm here to pay a little visit!" Jiang Fei bellowed.

    "Who are you people?!" asked the soldier at the front and closest to Jiang Fei. He must the leader of this small squad.

    "Who am I? I'm the person that you'd just shot! How dare you ask my identity?" Jiang Fei bellowed again. This time, he pretended to be holier-than-thou.

    "Y-You're that Dragon Knight?!" cried the soldier as he took a few steps back.

    Dragon Knight were considered to be legends in the game. An existence that surpassed even the strongest fighters! Destroying a mountain was nothing but a small feat for a Dragon Knight.

    The soldiers were confusing Jiang Fei to being a real Dragon Knight because Jiang Fei was riding a dragon. As a matter of fact, that dragon was just a mount...

    However, the Skygliding Dragon was just too similar to a real dragon. Even though the combat power of the Skygliding Dragon was only mediocre, the appearance of it was all that mattered. These NPC soldiers were nothing but programmed to not know things.

    "Enough. It seems that I need to teach you lot for even trying to attack me!" said Jiang Fei as he puffed his chest and crossed his arms. This was not the first time he had intimidated an NPC. This kind of pretense was easy for him.

    "Please wait O great Dragon Knight! Please allow me to inform my king to serve you!" said the same soldiers. The poor fellow looked like he could be pissing any moment then. As he ran up the mountain, he even fell down many times. Isabella who was sulking the entire time, giggled at the sight of him.


    Not long after the soldier disappeared from sight, Jiang Fei could hear and see three cannons blasting into the high heavens. After that, the entire mountain was filled with the cries and cheers of the bandits!
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