354 I’m Holier than Thou!

    "Oh my god."

    At first glance, Jiang Fei thought that the place was huge but he never thought that it would have so many soldiers. After the cannon blasts, the never ending soldiers that came pouring out was truly a sight to behold.

    These soldiers were bandits but they had training. When they came down from the mountains and got into their formation, Jiang Fei was then able to see the number of soldiers as well as their rankings. In total there were ten ranks.

    Rank 1, One sword, huge blade, powerful as its shine.

    Rank 2, Two swords, capable of chaining, men at their prime.

    Rank 3, Man with Trident, thrust as they tear, formidable as the weapon.

    Rank 4, Four daggers, quick as they attack, heads in cauldron.

    Rank 5, Five sharp claws, not a cat but a tiger, wounds abroad.

    Rank 6, Six point spear, bashing as they pierce, red as blood.

    Rank 7, Seven Curved Bow, shots that never miss, arrows that pierce the heavens.

    Rank 8, Hexagon Hammer, stonebreak, heroes be killed even.

    Rank 9, Nine chained chakram, slit and slice, all enemies diced.

    Rank 10, Ten Flags, the proud flag and symbol, only death as the price.

    "What a powerful army. These are not ordinary mountain bandits! Not even the soldiers in the city would take them on!" said Jiang Fei to himself as when saw the soldiers in formation.

    Even though they were intimidating, they were all neutral target. As long as Jiang Fei did not attack, they would not.

    When Jiang Fei walked closer, the army immediately split in two sides, opening a path for a large man who was holding a large flag. The flag was painted in dark green and had golden borders. There was a symbol of the moon at the background with the letter Aurum on the front.

    There was another man standing in front of the flag carrier. He wore a green robe and had a long green jade blade with a dragon design on the hilt. No matter how one look, the man looked exactly like Guan Yu! Shame that he had no long beard or Jiang Fei would have bowed down and start praying.

    "Hmph! Who dares to bring trouble to my mountain?!" the man that looked like Guan Yu shouted until his face was all red.

    "Hohoho. These mountain bandit sure are fiesty!" Jiang Fei laughed as he said. He then proceed to walk in front and stood ten meters away from him. He kept quiet at all times and when he looked up and crossed his arms, the other man started to sweat.

    When the little soldier came to him and started blabbering about a Dragon Knight coming, he got angry and rallied his men and marched to Jiang Fei. In his mind, he thought it was impossible for a Dragon Knight to come to his god-forsaken mountain. That was why when he came down, fuming with rage, he thought that the person must be a fake. He planned to humiliate the impersonator by flaunting his entire army and scaring him away.

    However, when Jiang Fei walked closer, the red face man panicked. He was a Level 60 Lord tier boss which was stronger than the Level 50 normal tier soldiers. When Jiang Fei walked toward him, he could feel a genuine aura of a dragon coming from him. The girl that was walking beside him had even stronger and powerful draconic aura. That only meant that one of them was a dragon that could morph into a human and the other was a human that had spent too long with a dragon that he had gained the powers of a dragon.

    They were genuine Dragon Knights! They had to be at least Level 90 Overlord tier. Destroying this mountain would only be child's play for him. The girl had so much latent power that the red faced man could not even fathom. So what if he had an army? Those two could easily carve a crater at the mountain of they wanted to.

    "Hoho! Not bad little one," said Jiang Fei. He had started his act.

    "My lord! It is my fault! Please forgive this little one!" said the red faced man as soon as Jiang Fei and Isabella stood in front of him. The man quickly knelt down with both his knees touching the ground. The luxurious blade on his back was immediately offered to him.

    "Raise," said Jiang Fei as he patted his head. Jiang Fei had never thought that the man would immediately succumb to him. Even though he had pretended to be strong in the past, he had never tried it on a human NPC. He had always thought that he could only scare intelligent beast type NPC to give up all their treasures. However, once he saw how the red faced man cowered on the ground with fear, he knew that humans had fear death even more than beasts.

    "Thank you! Thank you very much my lord!" said the man as he quickly got up to his feet and smiled from ear to ear. He had to bend the knee. If he had angered the Dragon Knight, the whole mountain would be flattened.

    The man had truly believed that Jiang Fei was a Dragon Knight because Jiang Fei did carried the Black Dragon Scale on him. Even though it was faint, he did give out the aura of a dragon. Isabella, on the other hand, was emitting much stronger dragon aura since she was a real dragon to begin with.

    When the soldiers had informed that Jiang Fei had arrived with a dragon, the red faced man did not believe. At that moment, after he had felt the powerful aura from Jiang Fei, he ate his own words.

    Even though they might be fake, the red faced man dared not to gamble with the lives of all tens of thousands of his men on the mountain.

    "I'm here to discuss something with you. Shall we talk here?" said Jiang Fei as he glared at the army with condescending eyes.

    "My lord, please. Let's get inside!" said the red faced man almost immediately as he led the way up the mountain. The army that was supposed to be a display of power had turned into a welcoming party.


    Jiang Fei scoffed and followed the man up whilst giving the kind of expression that the men were nothing but insects.

    "Go, tell my brothers that an important guest has arrived!" said the red faced man as he sent a soldier to call in the two other leaders of the mountain.

    The red faced man led Jiang Fei and Isabella to a hall that was commonly used to distribute spoils of war. There were three large chairs, all decorated with tiger's skin as well as jewels on the arm rests. At side of the hall, there were two more chairs that were lower and smaller. Those were meant for other people besides the three leaders of the mountain.

    "My lord! Please!" said the red faced man as he led Jiang Fei to sit on the largest chair.

    "Bella, sit with me," said Jiang Fei as he held her hand and sat her down on the chair next to him.

    Even though there was one more empty seat, which was meant for the red faced man, he merely stood at the side.

    Thump... Thump...

    No sooner, heavy footsteps akin to an elephant steps echoed outside the hall. The door was flung open and two men came in. From the looks of it, the three brothers had arrived and they were generals who led the mountain bandits. The red faced man that Jiang Fei had met was funny enough but when the two men came closer, Jiang Fei almost laughed since one had redder face and the other man's face was so red that it was almost violet.

    "Third brother! Why did you call us!? I heard that there's a man who was trying to cause trouble! Did they kill him already?!" asked the man with the reddest face. When he was done talking, he saw Jiang Fei sitting on the seat.

    "S-Shut up! Big brother! Just keep quiet!" said the youngest one of the three as he quickly slapped the man.
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