355 Money For Life

    "Third Brother! Why did you- Who is that little brat?" asked the man with the darkest face, pointing at Jiang Fei.


    In an instant, when the two other brothers finally came up to Jiang Fei, their face turned pale. Blood drained from their faces as they started to sweat. Even their hair fell down to their forehead.


    Before the red faced man could even explain anything, he ran to Jiang Fei and kowtowed to Jiang Fei immediately, "Please find yourself to forgive these stupid brothers! They do not know that it was the great Dragon Knight who was coming to visit!"

    At that point, the red faced man heart was beating too fast that Jiang Fei could even hear it from his seat. The red faced man was so scared of the bad treatment that he would take it on the entire mountain bandits.


    The two man who had just arrived felt that something was odd when their youngest brother had suddenly bowed down to a stranger. However, they quickly understood the reason. When they came in a hurry, they could not feel the aura from Jiang Fei and when they had calmed down, the draconic power that the two individuals who were sitting on their seats blasted across the room.

    Thump! Thump!

    The violet faced man and the black faced came down to their knees and cupped their hands to salute Jiang Fei. All of them could feel the genuine power of a dragon coming from Jiang Fei, not to mention the overwhelming raw power the girl was emitting. Neither of them dared to stand against Jiang Fei for if they had even tried, they feared that they would lose everything. Not even the mountain would exist when the Dragon Knight decided to unleash his wrath.

    "On your feet," said Jiang Fei with a simple hand gesture. He then quickly returned to the thinker pose and act all benevolent in front of the three brothers. He had to be slightly lenient and not push them to a corner to force them to fight. If they had, Jiang Fei and Isabella would be destroyed almost instantly, especially since Isabella's dragon form was still on cooldown!

    "Thank you my lord!"

    "Thank you my lord!"

    "Thank you my lord!"

    All three brothers got up to their feet and bowed repeatedly. At the same time, the youngest one thought to himself.

    'The Dragon Knight might be in a good mood today. If he was even a little bit annoyed, one of our heads would already be rolling! Such a man could easily take out a few Level 60 Lord tier like ants!"

    "What are your names?" Jiang Fei asked politely. Even though he had the ring function and could see their names as well as their attributes, it was still important to be polite.

    "My lord, this useless one is called Aurum Goose, my brothers here are called Aurum Lion and Aurum Elephant. We took the liberty to rule these mountains and live together!"

    The youngest one, the man with the red face opened his mouth and spoke. The other two dared not speak since the oldest one, the one with the darkest face had accidentally spoke wrongly in front of Jiang Fei.

    "Hmph." Jiang Fei nodded.

    "My lord, to what reason would you grace us with your presence today?" asked Aurum Goose politely.

    "Hohoho! You didn't know? Or do you?" teased Jiang Fei with a smile.

    "This... Erhm..." All three brothers exchanged looks. After a while, they seemed to understand the reason behind. The Dragon Knight must be sent from the Twilight City to eliminate them.

    "Such a sad day indeed. I have no quarrels with you, nor you I. However, I am a man of honor. I was paid to be here and I must complete the task that I am paid for. That is why, I must apologize for what I have to do!" said Jiang Fei. When he was done talking, Jiang Fei grabbed the arm rests so tightly that cracks formed on the old wood. He was merely pretending that he was about to attack.

    "My lord! Please wait!" cried Aurum Goose as he quickly leaped to the front and kowtowed again. The other two behind was so scared that the spot they were kneeling had a pool of sweat! Jiang Fei did not need to explain much for the three brothers had already "understood" the reason of his presence then. The Twilight City had deemed the bandits of Greenpeak Mountain and the Aurum brothers, fit to hire a powerful Dragon Knight to be exterminated.

    Luckily, Aurum Goose had come up with a way to save themselves. He then quickly stepped up and begged the "Dragon Knight". However, it would seem that the Dragon had nothing to be impressed of! Power and authority, women and wealth. These sort of thing could never please the Dragon Knight! Yet, it was the only things that they could offer.

    Even though Aurum Goose had always thought that men will never be able to reject beautiful women, of which, he had plenty of them in the mountains. The problem was the Dragon Knight had a beautiful woman beside him. That girl might also be a Dragon Knight and if Aurum Goose had given Jiang Fei another girl, that female Dragon Knight might not be happy and would cause trouble!

    After squeezing his brain juice, the only thing left for him to buy his life was money. But the Dragon Knight had clearly accepted other party's money to exterminate them in the first place. In the end, Aurum Goose had resorted to the last option in order to save the lives of the mountain bandits.

    "Do the three brothers have any last wishes? If it's not too much, I will bring myself to grant your last wishes," said Jiang Fei as he stood up. The fact was that even though the three Level 60 Lord tier NPC were on their heads like ants, Jiang Fei could never defeat even one of them even with Demon Morph.

    "My lord! We are willing to buy our lives with treasures!" Aurum Goose stuttered.

    "Buy your lives? Hmph. What sort of treasures could equate to a man's life?" asked Jiang Fei as he smirked purposely to grant a chance to the three brothers. That was his main purpose. Jiang Fei got excited when the three had finally offered something.

    On the other side of things, the three Aurum brothers were happy as they could finally breathe. They did not fear Jiang Fei's greed and felt lucky that the great "Dragon Knight" could be moved by treasure. As such, their lives would be spared. If the Dragon Knight was a man of virtue and honor, they might have already lost their lives before they could talk.

    "Big brother! Second brother! Bring them here!" ordered the youngest brother as he bit down his pride and quickly commanded his brothers to take the treasures to Jiang Fei.

    It was their treasure. Treasure that had been obtained for so long. Even though they could not use it, it was extremely valuable to them. However, on the day of the apocalypse, they would have to offer it to him in order to keep their heads.

    "Yes! At once!" said the two even though they were greatly disgruntled by the decision. Even so, the great "Dragon Knight" was already there to deliver the death sentence. What use would a treasure be to a dead man?

    "My lord, please have the mercy to wait for the treasures to arrive!" said Aurum Goose as he bolted out of the hall.

    Before Jiang Fei could thought of ways to intimidate, the ring glowed. It was treasure indicator. Seemed like the three brothers were true to their words.

    After five minutes, Aurum Goose came back with a beautiful box and presented it to Jiang Fei.

    "My lord, this is my offer to you! Please accept it!" said Aurum Goose with the widest smile Jiang Fei had ever seen. Even though Jiang Fei did not noticed, Aurum Goose was twitching madly from having to give away his precious treasure.

    "Hmph, Bella if you don't mind," said Jiang Fei with a hand gesture. Isabella nodded and accepted the box and handing it to Jiang Fei.

    Pak chak!

    Jiang Fei unlatched the box and opened it. The next thing he knew, a bright crimson golden light filled the room!
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