356 Crimson Reaper

    Crimson Reaper (Cape, Ancient)

    Skill 1: Bloodthirst (Passive): Upon entering battle mode, burns 100 health points per second, increase 10% attack speed!

    Skill 2: Bloodthirsty Echo (Passive): Increase Lifesteal effect by 100%. Allies within thirty meters will received the same healing effect.

    Skill 3: Bloodmark: Inflicts Poison on a target, dealing 1% of the target's maximum health points as damage per second. All allies that attacks the marked target will receive 20% health point recovery. Mark lasts for thirty seconds. Five minutes cooldown time.

    Skill 4: Bloodlust Demon (Morph): Turns into a blood sucking demon. Increase 50% attack speed and obtained additional 200% Lifesteal effect. (Effect cannot stack with other Lifesteal effect) Lasts for one minute. Ten minutes cooldown time.

    Level Requirement: 40

    Note: Putting on this cape will make you an enemy for all in the Light Faction.

    Jiang Fei was stunned by the effects of the cape. Strong would be an understatement at this point. Even though he would be branded as an enemy by the Light Faction, Jiang Fei had no qualms about it since he was of a Demon race. That downside effect of the cape could be completely ignored.

    "My lord, are you pleased with this humble one's offering?" asked Aurum Goose politely.

    "Hmph, this is fine," said Jiang Fei whilst maintaining a stoic appearance. Jiang Fei was not pleased, he was greatly gratified by the cape. With the cape, his Lifesteal effect would be boosted. The best effect of the cape was to grant healing to his allies too. This cape alone had negated the need for Jiang Fei to build a self-healing gear. As long as he focused on increasing his damage, all his teammates would be greatly healed in the fight. In fact, being alone in a dungeon with Isabella, he would never have to worry about his health.

    "Thank you for your grace my lord!" said Aurum Goose as he retreated. Since Jiang Fei had received the gift, the almighty Dragon Knight would surely spare the three brothers. Even though it was painful for him to lose his precious treasure, it was worth the sacrifice for their lives were spared.

    "Alright, I have received your compensation for your lives. I would like to see what the other two brothers would offer," said Jiang Fei as he sat down.


    The two elder brothers who had relaxed got tensed immediately. They had all thought that the youngest brother's gift would be enough for the lives of the three brothers.

    "Oh no... My lord! We..." Aurum Lion stuttered as he tried to speak but could never form a proper sentence.

    "My lord! I've suddenly remember that I have two more treasures in the vault! Please allow me to retrieve them for the sake of my brothers!" said Aurum Goose, thinking quickly. It was obvious then that Jiang Fei's greed knew no bounds. However, what could he do then? The man was a Dragon Knight. There would only be bloodshed if his greed was not sated..

    When Aurum Goose disappeared from the hall, Jiang Fei relaxed. Aurum Lion and Aurum Elephant quickly retreated further whilst clenching their fists. The more Jiang Fei demanded, the more hatred they bore. However, it was not toward Jiang Fei, but toward the Twilight City that had "sent" him!

    No matter how much damage he brought to them, the man was in invincible Dragon Knight. As much as they wanted to have their revenge, they could not afford to challenge a Dragon Knight. Thus, their hatred was directed toward the people who had "hired" him in the first place. At that point, whatever damage Jiang Fei had caused them, they would reply them by several folds. It did not matter for them since they were in the banditry business. Whatever Jiang Fei had robbed from them, they would rob it from Twilight City.

    Aurum Goose returned to the hall with two more small boxes. Each of them were small; the size of a tea cup at best. It must contain some kind of accessory.

    "My lord, I'm sure that you would be pleased with these," said Aurum Goose as he brought the boxes to Jiang Fei himself.

    A bright golden light shone and Jiang Fei had received the second gift.

    Warrior's Heart (Jewel, Legendary)

    Use: Fix into a Chestpiece, increases 20% strength! Grants immunity to Fear effect and Mind Controlling magic.

    "This is good," said Jiang Fei with a simple nod. This sort of Jewel was far stronger than any attribute enhancement Jewel. Typically, when a player had obtained a Jewel at this point of the game, no one would use them yet unless they had an Evolving Chromatic equipment. Once a Jewel was socketed in an equipment, they cannot be removed.

    Jiang Fei proceeded to open the last box. This time, a violet light shined and inside the box was a small vial that was filled with red liquid.

    Berserker's Blood (Potion, Epic)

    Use: Instantly raises your level by ten and resets all your skills cooldown. Effect lasts for three hours. After three hours, player's level is reduced by twelve.

    "Oh my... This is a double edged sword..."

    The effect of the potion was extraordinary since gaining ten Levels with just one use of the potion was like skipping time and into the future. It would be great to use against enemies with higher level advantage. However, the downside of the potion was too severe since after the effect expired, one would lose two levels.

    Two levels was no laughing matter. Lately in the game, or perhaps even now, players would take several days to gain a single level. Dropping even a single level was so severe that no one would be willing to use the potion unless it was worth the while.

    "Hmm... This potion is not good at all!" said Jiang Fei as he sulked. Even though Jiang Fei could not deny that the three gifts were considered to be treasures, it was not good enough for him.

    The reason why Jiang Fei had said that aloud was because there was one more treasure that was on Aurum Goose that he had not offered. When Aurum Goose went away to retrieve the treasure, Jiang Fei's ring glowed. Even when he had received three gifts from the three brothers, the ring was still glowing, indicating that there was still something that was kept from Jiang Fei.

    "My lord! Forgive this useless one. This useless one still have one more treasure that this useless one had hesitated to offer. It was useless and priceless. For this useless one fear that it would spell disaster for my lord," said Aurum Goose immediately.

    It was as predicted. Aurum Goose had originally thought that he might satisfy the great Dragon Knight with the Crimson Reaper cape and if that one was not enough, the Warrior's Heart was the second item that he would offer. The Berserker's Blood was supposed to be the cherry on the ice cream but since Jiang Fei had expressed his displeasure with the potion, Aurum Goose was forced to give up the last treasure.
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