358 Unacceptable Ques

    Once Jiang Fei was out of Greenpeak Mountain, Jiang Fei quickly equipped the Crimson Reaper cape. The cape was huge and extravagant when compared to the previous puny cape. The new one was red as the name implied. The cloth was glowing with red lines as if there was blood flowing from inside the fabric itself. On the borders of the cape were gold engravings that looked like runes. When Jiang Fei clasped it onto his chest piece, the cape fluttered in the wind; like a blade that was dyed red.

    It would be a 100% chance for someone to turn their head to admire the cape from behind. If Jiang Fei decided to walk outside of the city, he would definitely be hunted; both as an intruder from Dawnlight City and also to collect his wealth.

    "Let us continue our joy ride," said Jiang Fei to Isabella. However, the mood was already ruined and no matter how far Jiang Fei flew, he could not find the mood to enjoy the scene.

    "Perhaps, we shall take a stroll instead. Isabella did not reject or express anything in regards to that. She too had not been able to enjoy much of anything after the incident with the Aurum Brothers.

    "That's probably a good idea," said Isabella.

    Jiang Fei descended and summoned the dragon once he and Isabella were on the ground. The two then walked side by side aimlessly. The place where they landed was a Level 50 map with plenty of monsters at around Level 40 and higher. However, because of the Black Dragon Scale Jiang Fei had on him, most of the monsters did would not attack but hide from him.

    "Verdure Glider, would you tell me about your world?" asked Isabella after some time of silence. The place that Isabella was referring to was the real world, the only thing about the world that Jiang Fei had told Isabella was the name and it was simply just "The Adventurer's World". When the time comes, Jiang Fei and everyone else would log out, leaving the game world in a complete suspended animation. That was why Isabella did not feel anything strange going. However, there were times when Jiang Fei logged into the game later than usual, as well as times when Jiang Fei did not log in at all, Isabella was trapped inside the dark room called the Pet Slot. By then, she had realized that Jiang Fei as well as the other adventurers came from a different world.

    "It is hard to explain..." said Jiang Fei. It was an awkward question to ask and an even more awkward question to answer to a character that was born inside the game. How would you explain to a game character that was somewhat conscious about their lives, asking about their origins? Would you just tell them that they were nothing but programs that humans like Jiang Fei had programmed? Would you tell them that their lives were nothing but digital data that had the only purpose of entertaining humans?

    Even though it was the truth, it would be too cruel to let Isabella know. Even though there were many NPCs with high intelligence inside the game, Isabella was one of a kind that had emotions programmed. Jiang Fei could never find the heart to hurt her feelings.

    Just as Jiang Fei was thinking about it, there was the sound of combat coming not far from where they were.

    "Let's go and see what's going on," said Jiang Fei immediately. It was a chance to avoid answering Isabella's question.

    When Jiang Fei and Isabella arrived at the battlefield, the fight was over as there were many dead bodies lying on the ground. Not far from where Jiang Fei stood were two groups of people fighting. Even though it was a fight, it would be more fitting to say that it was a case of bullying. On one side, was a group of seven to eight people with swords while the other group, or rather just one man, was holding a broken sword with his knees on the ground, bleeding all over his body.

    "Who is there?!" cried the group of people.

    "Kill him!" said one of the mean from the larger group. Without even needing to explain themselves, Jiang Fei decided to let the man die from his recklessness.

    In that instant, the name tags of all the men from the larger group turned red.

    Count's Evil Slave (Humanoid, Advance Elite)

    Level: 50

    Health Points: 100,000

    Attack Power: 12,000

    Note: Thugs of Count Wilson from Twilight City.

    "Hmm." Jiang Fei scoffed. He had nothing to do with the fight and he was not from Twilight City. Hence, anything he do could not trigger the quest that was so obviously laying right there.

    However, since they preemptively tried to attack before asking questions, Jiang Fei would not hesitate to fight back as well. With a quick hand gesture, Jiang Fei signaled Isabella to attack as he leaped forward and intercepted the five enemies.

    Instant Ice Burst!




    All five of the Evil Slaves were frozen in place. Due to the fact that the enemies were Level 50 and Jiang Fei was Level 43, the level suppression system would not activate. His attack would not be lowered nor would their attacks be higher.

    Flame Burst!




    Black Dragon Breath!




    Jiang Fei and Isabella had been in sync for so long that when Jiang Fei's Instant Ice Burst had frozen the enemy, Isabella's flame would come up in just the next second. Before the Evil Slaves could even get close to Jiang Fei, they had already lost 30% of their health. If they were Level 30 monsters, they would have been killed instantly.

    "Isabella, let's finish the job," said Jiang Fei as he dashed toward the group and began to attack.

    Demon Flame Infusion!

    Jiang Fei headed right and Isabella headed left.

    When Jiang Fei cast Instant Ice Burst, he automatically started losing 100 health points per second. It was a surprise since Jiang Fei had only just put on the Crimson Reaper. 100 damage per second might be harmful for some, but to Jiang Fei, it meant nothing since he could recover his health just as fast with the Lifesteal effect.

    After Smash and Qilin's Fist, Jiang Fei's chain combo pushed Ruthless Barrage to ten stacks, increasing his attack closer to 9,000. At that instant, Qilin's Fist could deal more than 10,000 damage. Paired with his new found attack speed, Jiang Fei's total DPS was higher than Isabella's.




    Pity that the monsters were only dealing less than 10% of what Jiang Fei could deal. Even so, the fact that they could deal damage to Jiang Fei meant that their original damage was high enough to break the Lightbringer's Armament equipment set defences. Still, low damage meant nothing for Jiang Fei's Lifesteal effect was so potent that he was healing himself at over 3,000 health points per strike. That did not stop Jiang Fei since the healing effect was also affecting the other allies. There was no need for a healer when Jiang Fei could be a powerful healer himself.

    In less than thirty seconds, all five men who attacked Jiang Fei were dead. However, since these enemies were Count Wilson from Twilight City, they were not considered monsters in the field. Hence, Jiang Fei could not gain any experience points from them. That was the reason why Jiang Fei did not want to interfere.

    "Happy now?" said Jiang Fei to the last man standing who looked like the leader of these guys. Even though he was a mini boss, at Level 50, Jiang Fei did not have any reason to be scared of him.

    "Damn it! I've dug my own grave this time!" said the man to himself. The man whom he was facing against could be of a Dragon Race. He was only a slave that belonged to a Count Wilson from Twilight City. Since the Dragon Race had signed a peace treaty with all major cities, they would never attack them without a good reason. The problem was, Jiang Fei did not attack first since he was the one who ordered his men to attack Jiang Fei.
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