360 Worse than Beasts!

    "Princess, the situation is..." the Satyr revealed everything that he knew to Isabella.

    The Luminous Church had planned a scheme that would frame and farm the Fourth Princess of the Nephilim Royalty. The reason behind the scheme was because the power of the Fourth Prince had grown to disrupt the balance between the light and the dark. It was a threat to both the Celestial races as well as the Luminous Church.

    The Fourth Prince had one weakness that the Luminous Church had intended to exploit. The Fourth Prince was filled with lust. If he was not from the Nephilim Royalty and was of any other minor race that was part of the Dark Faction, the Luminous Church would not hesitate to sacrifice a Holy Virgin as a gift to lure him into the Light.

    However, since the Fourth Prince was part of the Nephilim Royalty, there was nothing that could be done. The Nephilim and the Celestials were always at war with each other. However, even as lustful as the Fourth Prince may be, he would never betray his own blood for the sake of a woman. Even if he did, the Luminous Church and the Celestial would not bet on the success of it. Fearing that it might be a counter scheme.

    The only way left to defeat such a powerful prodigy was to kill him. If they allowed the Fourth Prince to run free, he would grow stronger to be as strong as the King of the Nephilim. When one force was stronger than the other, the scale would tip to the stronger side. By then, the Luminous Church and the Celestials would be in trouble.

    Their scheme to kill the Fourth Prince was to lower his guard with a woman and have an assassin end his life. The first step was already taken as the Fourth Prince was charmed by a beautiful woman and would be attending a dance where the assassin would be hiding in the ball.

    The Satyr was tasked to send a message to the Nephilim Royalty, to inform them about this plan and have the Fourth Prince return back to the Nephilim realm. Be it a rescue mission or to prevent a catastrophe, the Satyr must return safely and save the Fourth Prince from being killed in the hands of the Luminous Church.

    Sadly, with him only being a Level 50 Advanced Elite, there was no way for him to enter the city since there would be undercover members of the Luminous Church waiting near the gates of the city.

    "So, you're saying that we are to escort him safely into Twilight City?!"

    Jiang Fei sulked. It had to be a joke. Jiang Fei, alone, entering Twilight City with the Skygliding Dragon would be easy, but escorting an NPC on the brink of death would be a failed mission at best. Unless Jiang Fei rallied all his guild members, they might actually stand a chance to escort the NPC using brute force.

    The problem was the cost of it all. Even if he managed to finish the quest, what about the tens of thousands of members of Empyreal Dragon? Once they crossed into Twilight City via the Teleportation Circle, they would not be able to go back unscathed. If the players from Twilight City suddenly retaliated, the entire guild would be reduced to dust. It was not a risk Jiang Fei was willing to take, just for the sake of the quest.

    "Alright. I have understood the situation. You are now relieved of this duty!" said Isabella as she ignored Jiang Fei.

    "Thank you my princess. Glory and Honor to the Nephilim Royalty!" said the Satyr spy. Without any hesitation, the minor demon plunged his hands into his chest and pulled out a beating heart before collapsing to the ground.

    "What in the world?" said Jiang Fei.

    The heart stopped beating after a few seconds and along with the body of the Satyr, it turned into dust and was scattered into the wind.

    "The shame of a Royal Nephilim must never reach outsiders. It is the norm," said Isabella without a trace of emotion.

    "Damn! Are you planning to silence me as well?" said Jiang Fei jokingly.

    "You... were never an outsider..." said Isabella bashfully.

    "So? What do we do now? Do we take the baton and deliver the news?" asked Jiang Fei. Since the Satyr was dead, there was no one to guard or escort. It would not be hard for him to infiltrate Twilight City.

    "Pfft! Never! Let that bastard die in the hands of the enemy for all I care!" said Isabella with anger in her eyes.

    "What's going on...?" Jiang Fei felt awkward. Something was not right. The Satyr had just died to deliver the information about the Fourth Prince and yet Isabella planned to let him die? They were brothers and sisters.

    "Nothing is going on. That bastard is better dead than alive!" said Isabella. This time, her voice was filled with hatred. It did not take much for Jiang Fei to convince Isabella to reveal the reason.

    After listening to the whole background of the Nephilim Royalty, Jiang Fei was impressed by the Nephilim King. The man had a total of fourteen sons and nine daughters. But then again, it was only normal to have that many offspring since they tend to live for thousands of years. To only have twenty-one children was a little underwhelming.

    Amongst the children, the King had only pampered three; the Elder Prince Otis, the Fourth Prince Curtis, and the little Princess Isabella. Besides these three, the King had little to no care toward the others.

    The Elder Prince was older and wiser than all of his siblings. He was so wise and strong that he was the Hand of the King. The Fourth Prince had displayed his remarkable knowledge and was indeed stronger than the Elder Prince himself. Isabella was talented and young. Apart from being the most talented amongst all her siblings, she was also the youngest in the family and she was loved by all.

    The relationship between Isabella and her sibling was good and even though she had been a little proud and arrogant, she was still loved by all since she was the youngest in the family.

    The Fourth Prince was the only problematic one in the family. As he was pampered and loved, he had gotten too pompous. That was still acceptable but the lust he had was the main problem. He was so lustful that he would not even stop at his own sisters. Since Isabella was beloved by the King, Curtis had never dared to lay his hands on Isabella. But the other nine princess were not as lucky as her.

    The prettiest of the sisters was the Elder Princess, Isabella's most beloved sister had fallen to the lustful hands of Curtis. Not only had he bedded her, he had forced the Elder Princess to be with him and only him. In the end, the Elder Princess chose to end her own life after being defiled multiple times by her own brother.

    Due to the affection of the King to Curtis, the Fourth Prince was let off with a stern scolding and a few days of being locked in his room. That sort of painless punishment had left all the other Princes and Princesses angry yet they could do nothing about it.

    Naturally, Isabella, who truly loved the Elder Princess bore a deep hatred toward her fourth brother.

    "What the hell is wrong with that bastard? That's too much even for your brother, Bella!" said Jiang Fei angrily after Isabella revealed her family problems.

    "Hmph. The world would be at peace without a man like him!" said Isabella as she gripped the side of her dress.

    "I couldn't agree more! However, I think we should go ahead and watch how it unfolds," said Jiang Fei as he decided to follow the quest. The battle between Celestial and Nephilim was never his thing. Isabella was no longer the peak of Overlord tier while the other guy must be at least a Level 90 Overlord tier boss. It would be a suicide mission to try to complete the mission.

    Jiang Fei's main purpose in following the quest line was only to see the bastard Fourth Prince dead. It was to let Isabella rid of the wrath in her bones. Most important of all, if there was something to loot, it might be a good chance!
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