361 The Crazy Fourth Prince

    Riding the Skygliding Dragon, Jiang Fei and Isabella flew high in the sky toward Twilight City. This time, it was not to attack, but only to watch an Overlord tier boss fight. To avoid being detected by anyone, Jiang Fei flew so high that it was impossible for anyone from Twilight City to spot him. On the other hand, he was unable to see them properly as well.

    When Jiang Fei reached the ball, the Fourth Prince had not arrived yet. As such, Jiang Fei dared not descend closer. The assassin might be ready in there. If he tried to approach the ball, it might be him who get himself killed.

    Even so, without getting close enough, there was no telling what was happening. At that moment, Isabella used some sort of magic to open up a rift that displayed the image of what was going on below. This magic was not originally learned by Isabella. She was only able to do it after she had fused with the essence of the Black Dragon Prince.

    When Jiang Fei was waiting for the show, there was already a show happening at some parts of the Twilight City. Count Wilson, the man who hired the thugs to attack the Satyr was furiously yelling at the top of his lung.

    "Bastards! Fool! Idiots! There are so many of you yet you could not even kill a single man?!" cried Count Wilson. It was a failed attempt to kill the escaped prisoner and if the Luminous Church found out, Count Wilson would not be walking away without any repercussion.

    "My lord, there's someone there! It's the Draconians. They suddenly interfered!" said the thugs. He had purposely hid the fact that he was the one who had moved against Jiang Fei first.

    "Bull**! Why would the Draconian interfere with matters of Light and Dark? They have been maintaining a neutral position for thousands of years! It is obvious that you were the one who forced their hands!" said Count Wilson as he immediately knew what had happened. There were thousands of hidden spies under his employment. It was only natural that he had knowledge about almost everything.

    "My lord, have mercy please..." said the thug as he knelt down and cried.

    "Useless waste of human feces! If killing you would pardon me of your fault, I would have skinned you alive!" Count Wilson barked angrily. It was not the time to enact punishment but figure out ways to solve the problem.

    "Thank you! Thank you very much!" the thug cried as he knew that he was spared.

    "Those two Draconian would never house that spy for long. They had only beaten you to teach you a lesson. Go to the guards and have them lock the city down. After that, I want you to take as many men as you can and search for that spy! I will go to the Grand Church!"

    "Yes, my lord! I will go now!"

    The thug who had just received a scolding from the Count Wilson hurriedly ran toward the guards and left the city with a bunch of thugs. Count Wilson, on the other hand, went toward a large church. That seemed to be the Grand Church that he was talking about. Even though the chances of the spy reporting back to his people were low, he had to inform his superiors in the Luminous Church. If things had really gone out of hand, he might be the sole reason of the trouble that came after.


    Jiang Fei had a good laugh about the thug and quickly moved the rift back to the ball. In less than two seconds, he saw the silhouette of a man appearing a few thousand meters below where they were hovering. It seemed that the Fourth Prince had only just arrived.

    When Jiang Fei saw the Fourth Prince, he could not help but draw a deep breath.

    Even though he was still in his human form, his face had several indents and protrusions. His forehead was protruding outward. The eye brows caved in. His nose was flat with large nostrils. He had somewhat larger lower lips and a protruding lower jaw. To be fair, he did look like an Oxford shoe.

    Jiang Fei looked closer at the face and noticed that the Fourth Prince had a rather dark yellowish skin tone that. On the right side of his face, where the right eyebrow was, was a large mole growing. Inside the large mole was a smaller mole. Inside the smaller mole was a tiny little mole. Inside the tiny little mole was a single strand of hair growing. Even when the Fourth Prince had wild eyebrows, it did not manage to mask the thickness of the hair that was growing out of the teensy teeny mole.

    He turned and observed the beautiful flower, Isabella, and turned back to the Fourth Prince. No matter how hard Jiang Fei tried, he could not find any resemblance between Isabella and that horrendous looking... prince.

    'What the hell is that hideous looking man... Could it be that Isabella's mother who an itch that another man had scratched?' Jiang Fei wondered to himself.

    "Ohhh my beauty, where art thou?" asked the Fourth Prince with a voice that made Jiang Fei's skin crawl. Either way, he had to give it to Isabella for being able to transmit audio with images.

    'Oh my god. This bugger really believes that anyone would be willing to dance with him. Either this guy is an ultra-Casanova or he just has an itchy crotch!' Jiang Fei thought to himself again.

    "Oh my prince! I'm right here waiting for you!" said a rather attractive human girl.

    "Oh my lovely little dove. How I have missed you!" said the Fourth Prince again with that high pitched tone as he lunged toward the pretty human lady.

    "My prince. The moon is most stunning tonight. Do you not enjoy the view?" asked the women as she winked at the man, obviously sending a message of courtship.

    "Oh my, that lady is good," said Jiang Fei. To be able to stomach that hideous look and even daring enough to flirt with him was something that no ordinary woman could do.

    "Hoho. Lucky for you I don't need to enjoy the view to enjoy you! Onward! To bed!" said the Fourth Prince proudly. Jiang Fei almost slipped down from the Skygliding Dragon.

    "What the hell is that reply?! No one would just... Oh my god. Could the developer censor what is going to happen next?" Jiang Fei muttered to himself.

    "Oh my prince..."

    Obviously, that pretty girl had never thought that the lustful prince would even dare to even skip the most important part of a date. Even she had no idea what to do when the Fourth Prince had said such a thing.

    "Oh my, speechless are you! Well, don't worry! For what I'm giving you, all you need to do is moan!" said the Fourth Prince as he grabbed the girl and ripped his own clothes and headed straight toward the woman.

    "PERVERTED PIECE OF CRAP!" cried Isabella.

    "I concur!" said Jiang Fei as well.

    By then, the poor beautiful damsel was already in the Fourth Prince's embrace. The sound of broken clasp could be heard and the next thing Jiang Fei saw was that the dress the girl wore was torn away.

    "KYAA!" the girl screamed from the top of her lung. Jiang Fei panicked. Even though she was meant to be the bait, that sort of thing could never have happened.

    At that moment, an arrow came whistling through the air at intense speed.


    The Fourth Prince cracked an evil smile and without even turning his head, he grabbed the arrow with his bare hand and swiftly threw it back to where it came from.


    A voice came from a tree close by and someone fell to the ground, lifeless.

    "My pretty little thing. I will be right with you in a moment! I shall shower you with love!" said the Fourth Prince to the poor lady with a pale face. She was clearly in shock.

    The Fourth Prince then turned to the tree and shouted from the top of his lung.

    "Come out! Come out! You lots! I know that you are planning to assassinate me! Hahaha! I shall eat away your pretty bait that you so graciously sent to me! If you think you can lure me with a girl, I shall show you how to make love to a girl until she dies in my embrace!"

    'F*cking hell. This guy is not stupid as he looks. He is just crazy!' Jiang Fei thought to himself. Just as Jiang Fei had honestly thought that the man was retarded, he had displayed such an act that made Jiang Fei's doubt about how a father would love such a son, gone.

    He had knew all along that there was a plan to assassinate him yet he had recklessly faced his enemies alone and even declared that he would bed the woman until she died? What the hell?
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