363 Dying at the Hands of a Woman

    "Die!" cried the woman as she tried to plunge the sword deep into the Fourth Prince's heart. The Fourth Prince was completely oblivious to it as he was completely enthralled by her sweet scent.




    The woman panicked whilst the Fourth Prince cracked a sinister smile. The short sword that was supposed to sink into his chest bounced off his chest.

    The Fourth Prince then tore his own shirt off and revealed another layer of black armor.

    "Hahaha! Surprised? I see that you intended to kill me with the Luminous Needle! If I had not worn the Shadow Armor, you would have killed me!" said the Fourth Prince playfully. It was all within his plans.

    The Fourth Prince grabbed her wrist and twisted it so hard that she dropped the Luminous Needle to the ground. Even though the female was an Overlord tier character, she was merely a low-level Overlord tier. There was too much gap between the Fourth Prince and her. Besides killing him when he was not expecting it, she had no other means to defeat Curtis without having the preemptive strike.

    "Oh my poor beautiful mortal, there's no need to resist the irresistible! Relax and accept my loving embrace! You would only be drowning in the sea of pleasure! There would not be pain! Trust me! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" the Fourth Prince laughed as he wrestled with the female effortlessly and pulled her into his embrace.

    "What a bastard! Never would I thought that when I was revived, father had blessed him to that extent!" said Isabella angrily.

    "What's wrong?"

    "It would seem that the plans of the Luminous Church had come to an end. Their final attempt to kill Curtis was to kill him with the Luminous Needle. That dagger was supposed to be able to pierce through any kind of armor and shell! No normal defense could withstand the sharpness of the dagger. In fact, that dagger has the power to immediately kill a person simply just by striking the target's heart!" said Isabella.

    "That's definitely strong! Defense Ignore as well as instant death effect? That's a Celestial tier weapon right there!"

    "It's currently the strongest Holy weapon that the Luminous Church has!" said Isabella.

    "Wait. Something's not right. If the dagger is able to pierce through armor. That means the Shadow Armor that Curtis is wearing is not an ordinary one?"

    "That's my father's Holy armor. Once activated, it can block three instances of attacks coming from a Celestial weapon or lower. I'd never thought that father would be willing to bless him with such a powerful relic!"

    "Hmmm..." Jiang Fei furrowed his eyebrows. To be fair, the Shadow Armor was not as strong as the Luminous Needle since the two Holy tier equipment was only about the same tier. In this instance, the Luminous Needle should have the upper hand in the fight. All she had to do was to attack three times and the armor effect would be nullified. The problem was the weapon's wielder. That beautiful woman was no match to Curtis. She only had one chance to strike and since the armor had nullified the attack, there were no more chances for her to land a second strike.

    "Let's go..." said Isabella disappointedly. She had thought that she could see the death of her wretched brother. It was sad to see that the Luminous Church was only filled with trash! So many people had died and it was all for nothing.

    If Jiang Fei and Isabella continued to watch how it was going to turn out, they would only be witnessing how Curtis ravaged the woman.

    "Wait. Huh?! What's going on?" asked Jiang Fei. He wanted to continue watching how it was going to end. However, he knew that if Isabella wanted to leave, she would close the rift and Jiang Fei would not be able to watch. At that moment, he caught a last glimpse of the rift and saw something happening to Curtis.

    At this point, the Fourth Prince was pinning down the beautiful woman. Her beautiful gown was torn to shreds and all that was left was a piece of cloth that was covering her most important parts.

    "Do not fear me, my lady! You would not feel pain! I will be gentle!" the Fourth Prince forcefully planted a kiss on the poor woman as she tried her best to get away.

    "Ooomm..." There was nothing that she could do but try her best to wrestle her way out. Sadly, her strength was nothing against a powerful perverted royal Nephilim prince!

    "Haha! Wrestle as much as you want then! I like that in a woman as well!" the Fourth Prince laughed as he continued to mock the woman.


    At this point, Jiang Fei and Isabella's eyes were locked on Curtis. Something was happening! The Fourth Prince was struggling to breathe!

    "What's going on?" the Fourth Prince growled.

    "Hmph..." the woman managed to push Curtis away.

    His face was red and his hands were clutching at his chest. The man was coughing out an overwhelming amount of blood.


    The woman got to her feet and tossed Curtis to the side.

    "You bitch! What did you-- When did you poisoned me?!"

    Curtis's face was starting to turn violet at this point. Purplish veins were popping out from his neck and were extending toward his cheeks.

    "Contrary to what you said, I did not poison you. I just love to use a particular kind of lipstick," said the woman. Even though she was basically nude at this point, she gracefully paced toward the Luminous Needle and retrieved it.

    "This isn't happening!"

    Curtis started to panic. The poison that was flowing in his body was extremely potent. His strength was fading as well as his magic power. There was nothing he could do to fight back at this point. Even though the Shadow Armor could withstand two more strikes, he was opened to hundreds of strikes.

    "Let it be known that karma will always find its way. Let this wretched pig who defiles woman die in the hand of a woman!" said Isabella.

    "Haha! Well said," said Jiang Fei. It was a wholesome retribution for someone like Curtis to die like that. A worthy death to witness. Even his own little sister had acknowledged his death to be justified.

    "You-- YOU!" Curtis struggled to even speak at this point! Even if he could, what would he do? Beg for his life?

    As the world was set, the Light and the Dark could never coexist. It might be contradicting since the man had killed over thirty people and was about to rape the poor woman. Right now, all he could do was struggle to survive while being a target to a woman.

    "GAH! Ahh..."

    That was the last breath that Curtis took.

    "Hmm. Die in my hand you wretched scum!" said the woman as she thrust the dagger into Curtis' heart!



    "I'm doomed."

    That was the last thought Curtis had when all three of the Shadow Armor deflection was used. The last one would surely kill him.

    "ARGH!" cried the woman as she thrust the dagger for the last time, knowing that it would kill the Fourth Prince.

    "HMPH! If I die, I'll drag you to the Netherworld with me!" cried the Fourth Prince as his eyes suddenly opened. He had burned all the magic in his body and blasted a powerful beam that hit the woman at the same time the dagger was plunged into his heart.


    The woman was thrown to the wall a few meters from where Curtis was.

    Silence returned to the ballroom as bodies lay everywhere, lifeless. The Fourth Prince was killed as the dagger struck his heart.
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