364 Moon God’s Beloved Apprentice

    Jiang Fei and Isabella were still viewing the rift at the end of the battle. After only waiting for around two minutes as they took their time to ensure that both sides had already perished, Jiang Fei descended.

    "Let's go down!" said Jiang Fei as he descended.

    "What for?! Is it because of the naked female assassin?! Is that the reason why you want to go down?!" asked Isabella as she blushed madly.

    "Oh my dear Isabella. I'm going down there to pick up anything that I can find!" said Jiang Fei. It was the truth. If Isabella had not mentioned it, the thought about looking at a naked woman's body would never have crossed his mind. The real reason was to find and acquire the two Holy tier equipment. The Shadow Armor and the Luminous Needle. Although NPCs killing an NPC was not a common thing. Upon death, the Holy tier equipment should drop before other NPCs come and pick them up.

    "Hmm. In that case, I shall help you pick them up!" said Isabella as she pouted. It was kinda cute from a certain perspective. Isabella had no qualms about Jiang Fei retrieving the Shadow Armor, it was an item that came from the Nephilim.

    Once Jiang Fei reached the ground, he un-summoned the Skygliding Dragon and quietly proceeded toward the dead. Jiang Fei first searched the Fourth Price and immediately found the Shadow Armor lying there by the dead body of the Fourth Prince.

    Shadow Armor (Armor Boost, Holy)

    Use: Use on any Chest piece and obtain a skill, Shadow barrier!

    Shadow Barrier: Activates to grant a barrier that will nullify three instances of attacks! Status skill. One second cooldown time. Recharge rate: One attack instant nullification per day. Maximum charge: 3

    Requirement: Shadow or Dark related class or race.

    Note: Armor Boost is not the same as Equipment Enhancement. Armor Boost can be removed from an equipment and can be reused on other Chestpiece.

    "Good stuff!"

    Jiang Fei smiled as he picked the item up. Contrary to what he thought it was, the Shadow Armor was not an equipment but an equipment upgrade item. Applying it to a Chest piece would grant a skill that he could activate and deactivate at any time. The best of all was that it was a status skill which would not consume mana. When on alert, Jiang Fei could activate the skill for a long time to prevent an ambushed attack. During a dungeon run, the skill could be turned off.

    All in all, it was an interesting piece of item since it did take a slot on his equipment slot. The best of all, it was not like a Gemstone or an Enhancement Scroll that would be considered gone from the world once used. The Armor Boost could be removed from the Chest piece and be reused on another Chest piece! It was like having an extra skill. The only downside to this item was the same as other equipment; at the time, this item would be dropped along with the equipment.

    "Bella, here's the Shadow Armor!"

    Jiang Fei passed the Shadow Armor to Isabella. Even though he wanted it, it was still an item that belonged to Isabella's father. Also, he was a little scared that if he was found having the Shadow Armor, he might be on the bounty list of the Nephilim or even the Celestial.

    "Keep it. I'll inform my father about this," said Isabella. She understood that Jiang Fei really wanted it. Since Jiang Fei was not an outsider, from Isabella's perspective, Isabella had no problem with Jiang Fei holding on to it.

    "Hehehehe!" Jiang Fei snickered happily. His play was immediately seen through and even though he knew that, he was still happy that he was able to have the Shadow Armor.

    Jiang Fei immediately used the Shadow Armor. It was a piece of chain plate on the outside but when Jiang Fei used it, the Shadow Armor dissolved into black mist and merged with Jiang Fei's Lightbringer's Armament. At the same time, Jiang Fei's skill bar was added with a new skill, Shadow Barrier. At the top right corner of the skill icon was a number zero. If the female assassin had not killed Curtis, the number would be three.

    After he was done with Shadow Armor, Jiang Fei proceeded to the naked assassin to retrieve the Luminous Needle.

    "Where do you think you're going?!" asked Isabella with her hands on her hips and her cheeks puffed.

    "Ehrm... I'm going there," said Jiang Fei as he pointed at the naked lady, "To retrieve the Luminous Needle?"

    "Hmph!" Isabella puffed out her... almost non-existent chest... and stomped angrily toward Jiang Fei.

    "I'll go! You stay! No peeking!" said Isabella.

    "Hurrr... Fine... You go, I stay, no peeking."

    Jiang Fei shrugged and turned his back toward the naked lady.

    "No peeking!" said Isabella after she had walked a few steps away.

    "Yeah... You have already said that once!" Jiang Fei raised his voice slightly higher and laughed a little.

    "Huh?" Isabella gasped.

    When she was picking up the Luminous Needle, Isabella was surprised that the dagger did not register as an equipment.

    "What's taking so long? You are admiring her body? Don't worry young princess, I'm sure you'll grow up someday to be like her! Teehee..."

    "NO! IT'S-- It's not that! She's not dead!" said Isabella.

    Jiang Fei quickly turned around and walked closer to her.

    "If she's not dead, why is she not waking up?" asked Jiang Fei as he tried to read her attribute.

    "I think she was sealed. It looks like an Eternal Petrification spell to me."

    "What is that?" Jiang Fei started to feel confused.

    "It's a kind of Mystic Arts that only a Nephilim could conjure. To cast the spell, one needs to burn all the Nephilim's blood. The cost of it is too much as the caster will suffer heavy damage and might even die!"

    "What's the effect? It sounds like the person would be sleeping for an eternity!" said Jiang Fei since the name was a little suggestive. From what Isabella had described about the skill, if a player used it, the player might die on activation and lose a level or even lose the character as a whole!

    "There's a way to survive this skill. The inflicted must be the same or higher level than the caster. The inflicted must use all his or her energy and life force to stop the spell from being fully activated. If all else fails, the inflicted target will be placed in an eternal frozen state. Like her current state, she cannot be damaged but she cannot move!" said Isabella as she poked the lady's cheek. It was like a mannequin.

    "I understand," Jiang Fei nodded his head and acknowledged what Isabella had said. Unconsciously, his "men's" eyes auto-focused on the lady redonkulous body!

    "Huh? Wait! WHY ARE YOU HERE?" Isabella was so entranced on answering Jiang Fei's question that she had forgotten that Jiang Fei was already there beside her, staring or rather ogling at the lady's body.

    Although Isabella forcefully pushed Jiang Fei away like a little girl pushing her father away, Jiang Fei managed to read the lady's properties.

    Holy Church's Assassin, Sylphy (Human, Overlord)

    Level: 90

    Health Points: 400,000,000

    Attack Power: 200,000

    Note: Moon God's personal apprentice. Loved and blessed with the Grace of the Moon God. A female of high ranks in the Luminous Church.

    "Holy... This lady is some big shot in the Luminous Church!" Jiang Fei exclaimed. Even though the lady was a lower level Overlord, she was still an apprentice of the Moon God him or herself. That alone was mighty and holy enough for her to be in the high ranks of the Luminous Church.

    The Moon God was the same as the Sun God. The position of the Moon God was almost the same as the Nephilim's Queen if compared in the Nephilim's race. Naturally, they were considered as natural born enemies with the Celestials.

    The problem with the lady right now was her invulnerable status. There was no way Jiang Fei could kill her and take the Luminous Needle away. Right then, Jiang Fei's eyes were swimming around in his sockets. No, he was not looking at "things" but he had an idea.
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