365 Infatuated

    Heartfelt (Special Tool, Legendary)

    Use: Used on a target in a state of non-resistance. Makes the target gain a great relationship with you and be loyal to only you.

    Note: Heartfelt will ignore Level, Tier, Race, and Faction. This would be effective against a high tier, high ranking, and high-level boss that would not resist this effect.

    Note: This item will be destroyed upon use.

    This item had been in Jiang Fei's possession for some time now and its greatest advantage was it could be used even on a God, provided that he or she or it did not resist its effect. If no one were to disturb the entire process, Jiang Fei could even take in an actual God to be his disciple!

    The problem was the requirement of the item. Non-resistance meant the target would have to be unconscious or willing to let him, her, or itself to be cast on! That and the appearance of a high-level entity. A God, an Overlord tier character appearing and being unable to resist the use of Heartfelt would be akin to Jiang Fei winning the lottery!

    However so, there laid an unconscious Overlord tier lady. Jiang Fei immediately thought using Heartfelt!

    Jiang Fei was not worried about the so-called Eternal Petrification that was inflicted on Sylphy. She was, after all, the beloved apprentice of the Moon God as well as a high ranking member of the Luminous Church. They would surely do everything in their means to release her from the spell.

    If Jiang Fei used Heartfelt on her, he would gain a hidden eye inside the Luminous Church!

    At this point, Jiang Fei steeled himself before making his decision and took out the item from the ring's inventory.

    Heartfelt was a small golden arrow with a tiny golden lock and a small chain at the end of the arrow. The entire item was so small that it could fit in Jiang Fei's thumb. Jiang Fei held Heartfelt in his hand and walked closer to the beautiful lady.

    "Verdure Glider! What are you doing?!" said Isabella as she stood in front of him to block his way.

    "Let me explain. No matter the reason, we are in the Dark Faction. I may be an adventurer but as I grow stronger, I will be involved in this war between the Light and the Dark. Hence, I have decided to take this chance and help myself to an inside eye. It might be useful for us in the future," said Jiang Fei as he explained what he was about to do to the unconscious lady.

    At that point, even though Isabella was still sulking and pouting, she moved aside unwillingly to allow Jiang Fei to do his thing.

    Jiang Fei placed Heartfelt in the center of her chest and pressed it hard.

    Golden light shone brilliantly and the tiny arrow in his hands turned into light waves that came out bursting before it swirled around the lady and entered her body through her heart. The same light came to Jiang Fei and circled around him before entering his heart as well.


    The sound of the system notification could be heard when the light the entered both Jiang Fei and the lady formed a light chain that took about a minute before it changed into nothing.

    Ding! You have gained absolute loyalty from Sylphy!

    Ding! Sylphy's relationship with you has increased to Cold!

    The name tag of Sylphy had changed from the hostile red into pink.

    Ding! Sylphy's relationship with you has increased to Neutral!

    Not long after, the color pink slowly changed into yellow.

    Ding! Sylphy's relationship with you has increased to Friendly!

    In no time at all, the color yellow turned into green and as several more notifications came on, Sylphy's relationship had increased all the way from Friendly to Respect to Admire and finally Revered!

    Ding! An opposite gender NPC's relationship with you has reached Revered. Further increase in Reputation had made this opposite gender NPC be Infatuated with you!

    "Huh? Was there even such a setting in the first place?"

    Jiang Fei was genuinely surprised. He remembered reading in the public announcement and game guide that an NPC could have something called Relationship with a player. The highest Relationship reachable was only Revered at most! Jiang Fei had never thought that there was a hidden level called Infatuated! It seemed that it would only work on an NPC that had opposite genders as the players. In Jiang Fei's case, a female!

    All this while, the poor female that was spellbound by Curtis was frozen like a statue. However, her eyes were open. After using Heartfelt on her, Jiang Fei could see that there were signs of emotions. Something about the way she looked at Jiang Fei felt like if she could move, she would immediately jump on him.

    "Hmph!" Isabella scoffed, disgruntled. While Sylphy was gazing at Jiang Fei with romantic eyes, Isabella was glaring at her with hostility.

    "Urhm..." Jiang Fei shrugged and dared not say anything at this point. Even though he was sure that he had nothing going on with Isabella, she was rather pissed and annoyed at Jiang Fei.

    The awkward atmosphere did not last long as Isabella was the first to break the ice.

    "Verdure Glider, summon the dragon, we have to leave! Now!" said Isabella. She was panicky, and Jiang Fei knew why as he heard the sound of footsteps coming toward their direction.

    Jiang Fei nodded and quickly summoned the dragon. He understood that if he remained there, be it from the Dark or the Light faction, they would be hunted and killed no matter the reason!

    With haste, Jiang Fei and Isabella hopped on to the dragon as soon as it arrived and they ascended into the night sky as fast as possible.

    "Quickly! We will be in trouble if something happened to Sylphy!"

    The people that were coming to the scene was Count Wilson, followed by a higher member of the Luminous Church, as well as an Archbishop!

    "What is that?" someone cried out. When Isabella had heard the sound of footsteps, the group of people were already close by. Right before Jiang Fei could accelerate toward the sky, the group of people had managed to catch a glimpse of the dragon's silhouette before it disappeared.

    "A Draconian? A Dragon Knight perhaps?" said Count Wilson! As he said it, his heart sank. Having his men do too much during the chase of the escaped prisoner, they had involved the Draconian in the mess. If the assassination attempt had really involved the Draconian, Count Wilson would have many to answer to.

    "Faster!" cried Count Wilson to his men as they tried to identify the Dragon. However, not even the Overlord tier Archbishop was able to determine the dragon.

    "Hmm... I can feel only traces of the Draconian's power here. They merely came and left without doing anything!" said the Arch Bishop that was dressed in a red large ceremonial robe.

    "Thank god... Everyone! Look around and examine the place!"

    Count Wilson was incredibly relieved with the Archbishop's words. His punishment, if any, would be lighter!

    In no time at all, the dead corpse of Curtis, the Fourth Prince of the Royal Nephilim as well as the petrified body of Sylphy was discovered. Scattered around outside the ballroom were body parts resulted from many of the Luminous Church assassins and fighters' suicide bombing.

    "Curtis must have been so strong to have made such a scene here..." said the Archbishop. It was an extremely gruesome sight to see.

    Four lower leveled Overlords and the strongest weapon, the Holy tier Luminous Needle, was involved in this matriculated plan to assassinate the Fourth Prince. Even though the plan was a success, it had caused the death of three Overlords and heavy injuries on one. That was enough to judge the strength of the Fourth Prince.

    "My lord. We found nothing on Curtis' body. What shall we do with the rest of the dead?" said Count Wilson.

    "The Draconian had appeared and I'm sure those greedy races would have taken whatever that was here. Give the dead a decent burial and behead Curtis. The Nephilim could still revive him if the head is still attached. Prepare transport to sent Sylphy back. I'm sure the Moon God would have her treated personally."

    The Archbishop paced around the field after he had instructed Count Wilson. He was greatly disgruntled as Jiang Fei, the "Draconian" had taken advantage of the scene. It was true since Jiang Fei did try to take the Luminous Needle from Sylphy!

    "Yes, my lord!" said Count Wilson after the Archbishop sent him away.
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