367 Preparing Materials

    "Captain, the main ingredient required for restoration would be pure diamonds as well as a metal called Caesium. If pure diamonds are hard to come by, you can replace it with high quantities of lower quality diamonds," said 0541 telepathically.

    "Diamonds again!? What the hell is Caesium?" Jiang Fei replied mentally and started to have a headache. Diamonds could be bought easily. The only problem was the ring could swallow up diamonds worth more than 100 million RMB easily. Luckily, Jiang Fei was not short on cash. Hence, it all boiled down to one problem-Caesium.

    Jiang Fei scrolled down the list and found diamonds among them. Unfortunately, the amount that the alliance had was not much since martial artists rarely used them in their daily lives. It was probably listed in just as a means to add quantity to the list.

    Sadly, no matter how hard Jiang Fei searched, there was no such thing as Caesium in the list of trade. Jiang Fei had no clue about Caesium in the first place.

    To be honest, Jiang Fei was very disappointed at the alliance for not having enough of the materials he wanted. He had always thought that with the reputation China Martial Artist Alliance had, their inventory to be ginormous. Sadly, it was filled with useless stuff that could never beat that things that 0541 could produce. What would he be doing with some herbs and nunchucks?

    "If there's nothing else going on, I'll be taking my leave. If I need something from you guys, I'll be sure to call you up," said Jiang Fei as he shook his head disappointingly. He turned around and went with Han Tianyu to head back home.


    Old man Hai and the other elders were not regular humans. They knew with one glance that Jiang Fei was incredibly disappointed. It was obvious to them that they had nothing that Jiang Fei wanted.

    "Let it go. There's nothing we could do with the disciple of a Level 5 martial artist. He had perhaps seen the world. It would be natural for him to look down on us," said Old Luo, feeling defeated.

    "It's inevitable. Ever since the ancestors left us, the alliance had not seen the light of day for several years. As the years go by, we just get worse and worse. At this point, we might really be losing our touch," said Old Yang.

    "No need to say more. It is good that the boy is still young. The boy cares more about people rather than materials. We were lucky to have young Han with us or else Jiang Fei wouldn't have even lent us a hand," said Old Yang. Even as a last resort, the eldest did not want to have to borrow Han Tianyu's relationship just to reel Jiang Fei in.

    "Brother Yu! I need some diamonds!" said Jiang Fei when they were on the road back home. The alliance was not much help in that sense and he could only ask Han Tianyu or perhaps even Zhang Yangxu to solve his problem. Naturally, he would rather ask for Han Tianyu's favor than be indebted to Zhang Yangxu.

    "Give me a number though. I still haven't settled the South African weapons deal. Lucky for them, there's a diamond mine there," said Han Tianyu nonchalantly.

    "0541, how much do you need?" Jiang Fei communicated telepathically.

    "Captain, it would be around 200 kilograms."

    "My god..."

    200 kilograms of diamond would be one million carats of diamonds! Jiang Fei nearly flinched when he heard what 0541 had demanded.

    "Urhm... Brace yourself. I need 200 kilograms..." said Jiang Fei slowly to not startle Han Tianyu.


    Contrary to what Jiang Fei had hoped for, Han Tianyu's response was surprising. He accidentally moved the steering wheel by a centimeter and made the car swerve a little since he was driving at an insane speed. He immediately controlled the car back on track and came to a stop at the side of the road before questioning Jiang Fei.

    "What are you going to do with those diamonds?"

    Even the great Han Tianyu that had as much money as Scrooge Mcduck was startled by what Jiang Fei had asked for.

    "It's for... My master. He needs them..." Jiang Fei lied immediately and put the blame on his non-existent master.

    "This...Brother Fei, you are asking for the impossible..." said Han Tianyu bitterly. He sounded desperate and defeated. As if Han Tianyu really wanted to help but it was an amount that would end him. Jiang Fei had come up to him and asked for help. Naturally, Han Tianyu would go all out to do so. However, diamonds were extremely hard to come by and Jiang Fei wanted a million carats? Not even the entire Africa continent could produce that amount overnight.

    "Crushed diamonds would do fine as well!" said Jiang Fei abruptly. What 0541 needed was not the diamonds to be in pristine condition, hence, it would not matter if the diamonds were crushed or cracked!

    "Oh! Now that solves all my problems," said Han Tianyu in a blink of an eye. The defeated expression on his face was gone like the wind. Discarded diamonds had a large price difference compared to pristine diamonds.

    "What else do you need? Sapphire?" said Han Tianyu as he laughed whilst shaking.

    "Nothing of that sort. I need something to call Caesium. Do you know what it is?" said Jiang Fei. Besides encountering it in one of the Chemistry books in school, he had never heard of it elsewhere.

    "Yeah. I know what it is. How much do you need?"

    "Around 50 kilograms," said Jiang Fei after confirming with 0541.

    "Caesium is used in Manda Group's latest Ion Engine as a catalyst. It is also used in aerial battle. During supersonic flights, Caesium is used in the supersonic missile targeting system to instantly lock onto a target. It is an extremely rare metal that is hard to find naturally and is expensive to process. However, 50 kilograms of it is no biggie for me. I can get it for you," said Han Tianyu as he scratched his chin. He did not ask for the reason why Jiang Fei wanted the rare metal.

    "That's good news! How much for all of those?" said Jiang Fei happily. He had never thought that Han Tianyu could help him with the two materials.

    "Tsk! How much? You dare ask a brother for a price?!" said Han Tianyu as he pretended to be angry. No matter the reason, Han Tianyu would never accept money from Jiang Fei. Even though the things that Jiang Fei asked for were so expensive that no normal human on earth could easily acquire, it was a matter of deed. Accepting Jiang Fei's money would immediately turn it from a favor to a transaction. Han Tianyu had always viewed money as merely numbers. Nothing more than paper and digits to acquire something from someone. However, what he wanted was a favor and positive relationship from a strong Level 4 martial artist.

    Jiang Fei nodded obediently after having seen Han Tianyu's scary expression and quietly thanked Han Tianyu.

    After sending Jiang Fei home, Han Tianyu immediately went off to collect Jiang Fei's requests. Diamonds were not a problem since crushed diamonds could be found in diamond processing factories with ease. 200 kilograms might be a large number but it was nothing in the face of Han Tianyu.

    The metal Caesium was harder to acquire since there were only a few tens of thousands of tonnes on the entire Earth, spread all around the world and not clumped together. Moreover, they were not naturally occurring and would require further process to extract its purest form. The production of Caesium each year was so scarce that every large cooperation would gather as much as they could. There was not much in the Manda Group inventory and Jiang Fei had asked for pure Caesium, not compounded or other permutations.

    To gather enough Caesium for Jiang Fei, Han Tianyu had ordered the new military base that had the Caesium installed in the fighter jets to remove and process them before sending them to Manda Square.

    When the owner of Manda Group had placed the order, every staff, every officer worked relentlessly to finish the task as fast as humanly possible. As such, by the time Jiang Fei had just finished dinner and was about to bathe, Han Tianyu gave Jiang Fei a call and had him go to the top floor helipad to receive his order.

    When Jiang Fei arrived at the helipad, Han Tianyu was seen standing behind one large cargo box and a smaller one. The larger one obviously had the diamonds while the smaller one contained the 50 kilograms of Caesium.

    "I'm speechless, Brother Yu. Your work efficiency is definitely off the charts! If there's even one to begin with!" said Jiang Fei happily. Just like that, the almighty ring would gain another level soon!
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