370 Nephilim Kings Eyes

    After the Extraction process was complete, a new Skill Tree appeared in Jiang Fei's Attribute column.

    Nephilim King's Eyes (Banish): Banishes the target, causing the target to neither receive nor deal any damage for the duration of the effect. The target is also prevented from using magic spells or move until the end of the Banish effect.

    Remark: You may only use the skill on non-player targets that are not more than 20 Levels above you. There is a fixed success rate of 30%!

    Nephilim King's Eyes (Imprison): Instantly imprisons the target, causing it to be unable to cast spells or move. The effect lasts for five seconds!

    Remark: There is a 100% success rate when used on targets below your Level. For targets above your Level, every Level difference reduces the success rate by 10%!

    Nephilim King's Eyes (Passive): Your enemy's weak spots will be revealed. You will deal Critical Hits to your enemy's weak spots with certainty!

    There were three branches of skills of the Nephilim King's Eyes. Two were Active Skills while one was Passive. Banish was obviously useful against Bosses and had extraordinary effects. For Jiang Fei who had very good luck, the rate of success was not an issue at all. Imprison was also clearly very effective, and this would be doubly apparent during a PvP battle.

    Finally, there was the Passive effect of the Nephilim King's Eyes. Although most skills had designated attack modes and attack positions, normal players would still be able to control where their attacks landed. Therefore, if Jiang Fei could discover his opponent's weak spots, and be able to deal Critical Hits each time, he would not need skills to boost his damage. For someone like Jiang Fei who lacked attack skills, the Passive effect greatly enhanced his capabilities in both PvP battles and Boss battles!

    "This is amazing!" As Jiang Fei did not realize that he actually had the opportunity to evolve into the Nephilim race, he was overjoyed when he acquired the Nephilim King's Eyes.

    "Alright! Let's go! Let's find a place to experiment with your new abilities!" Isabella was feeling guilty as she had just taken away Jiang Fei's opportunity to further enhance his capabilities due to her own personal agenda. Therefore, she wanted to get rid of the annoying head as soon as possible.

    "What should we do to this thing?" Jiang Fei pointed at Curtis' head which laid on the ground.

    "Let's bury it," Isabella said nonchalantly. Curtis' eyes had already been transplanted into Jiang Fei. Even if his head were discovered by the Nephilim race, he would still be blind after he was revived. Therefore, he could no longer prey on other girls.

    "Sure!" Jiang Fei nodded as he summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon. Once Jiang Fei sat on the dragon's back, the Blazing Hammer in his hands transformed into a three-meter-long Dragon Rifle.


    After the Dragon Rifle created a strong impact against the ground, a huge crater appeared on the surface of the earth.

    Isabella kicked the head into the crater with one of her legs. Thereafter, Jiang Fei steered the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon to swipe at the ground with its large tail. The huge crater was instantly covered by the soil. The Juvenile Skygliding Dragon's huge claws stepped onto the ground to completely flatten the ground. No one would suspect that the famed Nephilim race's Fourth Prince had his head buried there!

    The Juvenile Skygliding Dragon leaped into the air with Jiang Fei and Isabella on its back as they circled the skies surrounding Twilight City. Jiang Fei was eager to try out his new abilities!

    Ding, Dong! Ding, Dong! Shuffles...

    After flying in the sky for a while, Jiang Fei suddenly heard a battle going on below. As he looked downward, he saw a group of twenty fighting against an Empowered Leader!

    The Leader had reached Level 50 and therefore posed a significant threat against the group of players who were only around Level 38. Although the group had an advantage in terms of numbers, they still struggled quite a fair bit. As their attack effects were very poor, most of them were unable to break through the Leader's Defense. The four tankers took turn to use Taunt on the Leader to prevent any one of them from being killed!

    "Tsk tsk! This must be a guild grouping. Their teamwork is rather impressive!" Jiang Fei commented as he nodded his head in the sky.

    Although Jiang Fei had his eyes on the Leader, he did not have the intention to steal it from the group. This was because he could see through his mysterious ring that the Leader still had over 80% of Health Points while the healers in the group were nearly using up all their Mana Points!

    When a normal group of players fought against a Level 50 wild monster, the tankers were not the only ones who faced a significant amount of pressure. The healers were even under more pressure as they had to continuously heal others and did not have the luxury of controlling their Mana usage. If they slacked even a little bit, their team would be wiped out instantly!

    "Big boss! We can't do this anymore! Let's scramble!" One of the players voiced out his advice to the team leader.

    "Sigh! Alright! Let's retreat!" Although the leading player was dissatisfied with the ultimatum, he knew that their group would be annihilated if they did not leave while their healers still had Mana to sustain them. Once the healers ran out of Mana, and the tankers were killed, they would all die!

    As the team master gave out his command, the group of players started retreating orderly. There was something good about fighting wild monsters, which was that they all had their own spots. If players retreated away from these monsters' spots, they would not continue pursuing the players. This was different from dungeons where monsters would pursue players for as long as they remained in the dungeon!

    Therefore, once the order of retreat was given out, the Attackers were the first to depart. The tankers followed swiftly after in an orderly manner while the healers continued to support them.

    Slowly, the entire group made their way out of the vicinity. The monster let out a loud growl as its Health Points returned to 100%!

    "D*mn it! Look after it, the few of you. Don't let anyone else snatch it! I will gather a group of a hundred from our guild!" The team leader said to the junior members around him.

    "Don't worry, big boss. Although we are only a second-rate guild in Twilight City, nobody will challenge us for a mere Leader monster!" The young fellow next to the team leader said and laughed.

    "Alright! Stay alert. I'm leaving now!" The team leader finally tore open the Return Scroll after saying his final words.


    Although Jiang Fei could not eavesdrop on the group as he was high up in the air, he could see that the group had stopped attacking the monster. Someone had even returned to the city. Jiang Fei pressed on the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon's neck which caused it to slowly descend to the ground.


    The dragon's roar immediately drew the attention of the players standing guard nearby.

    "D*rn! Another one?" The players were stunned. As they had never heard of another player who could fly, they mistakenly thought that Jiang Fei was another monster!

    "That can't be right! If it were a monster, its name would appear!" Another player came to his senses more quickly.

    "D*rn! What level could he possibly be? He can already fly, and is even riding a dragon!" Another player exclaimed surprisingly with a tone which was one octave higher!

    "It appears that no such person exists in Twilight City. However, I saw from the discussion forum that there was a player in Dawnlight City who did in fact ride on a dragon!" A fat player nearby said.

    "Dawnlight City? F*ck me. Could this fellow be the godly player who single-handedly fought against the Iron-Blood Alliance with a few ten thousand members and even tore down their storage?" Although no one knew who blurted these words out, the entire group of more than ten players now looked at Jiang Fei with deep respect. The news of Jiang Fei and Isabella fighting against the Iron-Blood Alliance had already spread across Twilight City!

    The group of players now felt extremely conflicted. They were more concerned about their own lives than about safeguarding the Leader monster until their team leader returned!
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