371 Shattered Weak Spot!

    Jiang Fei took a glance at the group of players before steering the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon toward the monster directly. He did not seem to care about what the group thought.

    Frost Ridge Giant (Giant Race, Empowered Leader)

    Level: 50

    Health Points: 1,100,000

    Attack Power: 8,800

    Skills: Stomp, Smash, Giant Boulder Hurl, Earthquake.

    Stomp: Stampede on the current target to deal a large amount of damage and lower the target's Defense by 30%!

    Smash: Instantly attacks the current target to deal a significant amount of damage.

    Giant Boulder Hurl: The Frost Ridge Giant picks up the nearest boulder and throws it at the enemy furthest away. The boulder deals 30,000 damage that can be split among the enemies while also causing a 4-second stunning effect.

    Earthquake: The Frost Ridge Giant shakes the ground, dealing continuous damage to enemies within a forty-meter radius while also disrupting all spells being cast!

    While approaching the monster, Jiang Fei was able to check out all its Attributes!

    "Hehe, these players from Twilight City sure are lucky!" After checking out the Attributes, Jiang Fei chuckled. As these players were too slow, the Leader had yet to activate its two ultimate skills. If it had, the group of players would have all died!

    However, this monster was not too difficult for Jiang Fei and Isabella. Although it was stronger than the Fourth Saint Beast Jiang Fei had encountered in a secret dungeon, Jiang Fei had already become much stronger since then!

    "Zoom!" Before Jiang Fei had even gotten close, the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon spat out a big ball of flame which landed directly on the monster!

    "Roar! Invader! You are seeking death!" Once the monster was attacked, it began charging toward Jiang Fei!



    As Jiang Fei was sitting on the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon, the hit was taken by the dragon instead. However, as the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon had zero Defense as a ride, the damage taken by it was rather overwhelming!

    "D*mn it!" Jiang Fei immediately canceled the riding status. As a battle ride, the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon had Health Points which matched Jiang Fei's Level. Since Jiang Fei was Level 43, the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon only had 43,000 Health Points. If it took three more hits, it would die. Jiang Fei would have to wait two hours for the cooldown to reset before he could summon it again. He did not want to run around with his feet for the next two hours!

    As the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon suddenly disappeared, the monster was obviously stunned. Right then, Jiang Fei's attack had also arrived!

    Rapid Frostburst!






    As Jiang Fei had already reached Level 43, there was no dominance of Level from the monster despite it being at a higher Level than him. Therefore, Jiang Fei's attack effects were quite a sight to see!

    Abyssal Flame!





    Right then, Isabella also started attacking!

    "Eh?" After Jiang Fei entered the battle, he immediately noticed that there was a red dot moving about on the monster's body. It would mostly move between the monster's eyes, throat, and its heart which were all vital body parts. However, the red dot did not stay in a fixed position. It skipped about between these different body parts!

    "Could this be the Passive effect of the Royal Demon's Eyes?" A thought suddenly appeared in Jiang Fei's mind. Previously, he had never seen anything like this within his line of vision. He believed that this must be his newfound ability of seeing through his opponent's weaknesses!

    Awakening Pill!

    Jiang Fei had started carrying around the unique potion which Six Fans created. The item greatly enhanced Jiang Fei's observational and sensing abilities. In the past, Jiang Fei used it to improve his crafting. Now, it seemed like he could also use it to capture his opponent's weak points!

    "Slam!" Jiang Fei aimed at the monster's heart and struck at it with his hammer!

    -17,284! (Critical Hit!)

    Indeed, Jiang Fei's strike landed as a critical hit!

    "D*rn! The damage from this is even greater than using the Qilin's Fist!" Jiang Fei was overjoyed. After the brief period of battling, his Ruthless Barrage had already stacked ten times. His Attack Power was now close to 9,000. Whenever he landed a critical hit, the damage output would be significantly destructive!

    After all, the Qilin's Fist only gave a 1.5x damage increase, whereas a critical hit gave 2x damage and even ignored some of the opponent's Defense effects. Therefore, if Jiang Fei could deal a critical hit each time, he could afford to give up on other Attack Skills and focus on using normal attacks!

    "Roar!" After an angry cry, the monster began striking back. The Frost Ridge Giant was not a punching bag after all. How could it not fight back when it was being attacked?

    -11,287! (Smash!)

    The monster's Attack Skills were rather impressive. Although Jiang Fei had close to 6,000 Defense Points, he still received over 10,000 points of damage!

    "This explains why the group was struggling so much earlier. If the monster attacked one of their tankers twice in a row, he would definitely be killed instantly!" In all honesty, Jiang Fei felt a certain respect for the group's teamwork. The tankers timed their Taunt very accurately. If they were to make any mistake, someone was bound to die!

    Although the monster dealt a significant amount of damage, Jiang Fei was able to sustain his Health Points with his 40% normal Lifesteal effect. He could recover 6,000 Health Points with every critical hit. Coupled with his Life Link effect, Jiang Fei could recover over 7,000 Health Points after each turn!

    As Jiang Fei's attacks were much more frequent, he was able to stabilize his Health Points through his extremely high Lifesteal and critical hit rate!

    "D*mn... He can single-handedly take on a Level 50 Leader without any healer. Is he even a human...?" Some of the players from Twilight City were dumbfounded by what they were seeing. Although they could not see the exact situation of Jiang Fei's damage input and output, they were still very much impressed by his ability to sustain himself for over half a minute without any healer. On the other hand, their own tankers were nearly annihilated by the monster at each turn!

    "D*mn it! It is so depressing to compare ourselves to him!" Even the tankers were thoroughly impressed by Jiang Fei's capabilities.

    As Jiang Fei had been practicing Old Man Hai's fist techniques for a long period, his attacks were very consistent. Therefore, he was able to land accurate hits at a very high rate and successfully hit the monster's weak points two out of three attacks. Consequently, his critical hit success rate was over 67.77%. Overall, his damage per second was more than 15,000 while Isabella dealt over 10,000 damage per second after summoning the Abyssal Flame.

    By then, the two of them had surrounded the monster. The Frost Ridge Giant was beginning to lose its temper!

    "Roar!" After half a minute, when its Health Points had reached below 50%, the Frost Ridge Giant started using its ultimate skills!

    It suddenly bent over and started gathering soil in its hands. Soon enough, a huge boulder was formed from the soil. The monster then flung the giant boulder at them!

    Boom! The giant boulder landed on Jiang Fei and Isabella, dealing a total of 30,000 damage!

    Although this kind of damage would have instantly killed the other players, Jiang Fei and Isabella were not threatened by it. Jiang Fei had almost 43,000 Health Points while Isabella had over 80,000 Health Points. When split between two of them, each would only receive 15,000 damage which did not affect them too much!

    Despite the bearable damage from the giant boulder flung at them, they were still troubled by the four-second stun which accompanied the attack. Not being able to attack meant that Jiang Fei could not use his Lifesteal effect. With less than 30,000 Health Points, he could not withstand a few more attacks. Therefore, after Jiang Fei was struck by the huge boulder, he faced a real crisis!
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