372 A Large Army’s Crusade


    Jiang Fei, who had been stunned, could only watch himself being frantically attacked by the monster. He could not fight back at all!

    Fortunately, the monster attacked at a very slow pace. After two continuous attacks, Jiang Fei was able to break free from the stun effect. However, he was left with very little Health Points!

    Sacred Light!


    As Jiang Fei's attacks were halted, his Ruthless Barrage had stopped stacking up. Therefore, the amount of Health Points he recovered from his Lifesteal effect decreased significantly. Jiang Fei had no choice but to activate an equipment set skill from his Lightbringer's Armaments to recover 50% of his Health Points to prevent himself from being instantly killed by the next attack.

    Although the recovery effect of this skill was slightly worse than the previous one from Bloodpool, the cooldown period was much shorter and even had five seconds of Blinding effect!

    It was a shame that the Frost Ridge Giant was a Leader and most Disabling skills did not work on it. Therefore, the Sacred Light only recovered Jiang Fei's Health Points but could not cause a Blinding effect on the monster.

    As long as Jiang Fei could withstand the next attack, he would be safe. All he needed to do next was to stack up his Ruthless Barrage once again. With that, he would be able to swiftly recover his Health Points through the extraordinary Lifesteal ability!

    Within a few short rounds, Jiang Fei's disrupted Ruthless Barrage was stacked to its peak once again. His Attack and Lifesteal abilities were performing at the highest level once again!

    Although the monster used the Earthquake skill when its Health Points reached 20%, the skill did not cause any concern for Jiang Fei and Isabella. As neither of them needed to cast any magic spells, the monster's AoE skill which disrupted channeling spells was basically useless!

    "I will... never forgive you..." Within one and a half minute, the Frost Ridge Giant was defeated by Jiang Fei and Isabella!

    Ding! You have eliminated Frost Ridge Giant. Obtained 3,370,000 Experience Points. Obtained 600 gold coins!

    Ding! As you have killed a monster that belongs to a foreign city, you have obtained an additional 1,000 Honor Points!

    "Hehe! I can't believe there is an additional reward for killing monsters from other cities!" Jiang Fei smiled as he spoke. Although the Honor Points did not mean much to him, the Superior and Epic Honorary equipment were very attractive to common players. However, these equipment were trash to Jiang Fei who had a full body of Legendary equipment!

    "D*mn... He actually killed such a difficult monster!" While Jiang Fei was happily picking up equipment, the other players from Twilight City who observed from the side could not remain calm. They were unable to take the monster down despite having more than twenty people in their team, and yet Jiang Fei could single-handedly defeat it within two minutes. It did not even seem like much of a challenge to Jiang Fei. If they were all normal players, how could there be such a big gap between their capabilities?

    "What should we do? Our team leader had asked us to stand guard here!" One of the players mumbled softly.

    "What should we do? Bullsh*t!" Another player rolled his eyes as he reported the news about Jiang Fei to the team leader through their guild channel.

    "D*mn! A solo battle against a Level 50 Leader?"

    "Are you kidding me?"

    "D*mn you all. Did you sneak off to somewhere else and discover the monster was gone after you returned? Is that why you came up with such a nonsensical excuse?"


    As the player had communicated the news through the guild channel, the entire guild channel was flooded in an instant. Many other players joined in on the conversation despite many of them not believing in the nonsense he spewed!

    "Are you being honest?" Right then, the team leader was not the only one who could not sit still. Even the guild master felt his blood boiling. Although they were a second-rate guild in Twilight City, they could not swallow the bitter pill of having their monster nabbed by someone else publicly!

    "Keep an eye on him, you bunch of trash. Don't let him get away! As for the others, gather around. I don't believe he is as strong as rumors say he is!" The guild master waved his hand as he spoke. Although the news of a player named Verdure Glider from Dawnlight City, who stood up to the Iron-Blood Alliance with a few ten thousand players, had spread across the city, this guild master was clearly not buying the story. He did not believe a person could single-handedly fight against ten thousand people!


    Jiang Fei was unaware that his act of stealing the monster kill had caused a guild to gather their ten thousand members to crusade against him. Jiang Fei was still excitedly picking up his victory loot!

    Frost Battle Armor (Plate Armor, Legendary)

    Physical Defense +1,258

    Magic Defense +952

    Strength: +65

    Vitality: +70

    Equip: Allows you to ignore the next physical attack with a 5% chance!

    Equip: Allows your attacks to have an additional 30% Frost damage!

    Equip: You will obtain a skill - Frost Meteorite. It instantly releases a frost energy to engulf enemies within an eight-meter radius, dealing 1,000 Frost damage to the enemies and freezing them for one second. After the freezing effect, the enemies' movement speed is slowed by 50% for 10 seconds. Cooldown time is two minutes!

    Level Requirement: 50

    The first equipment Jiang Fei obtained was a Legendary grade plate armor. It had both offensive and defensive elements! The only thing that troubled Jiang Fei was that he already had a full set of equipment on his body. Once he reached Level 50, he predicted that he would not give up a full set of equipment to equip the Frost Battle Armor unless he acquired other even stronger scattered equipment!

    "Forget it! I'll just keep it for now!" Jiang Fei shook his head. There was no point in thinking too much about it for now. After all, reaching Level 50 would still take him a considerable amount of time!

    After storing the Frost Battle Armor in his spatial ring, Jiang Fei picked up the second piece of equipment from the monster's body!

    Gaia Power Protective Amulet (Necklace, Epic)

    Physical Attack +452

    Strength: +30

    Vitality: +30

    Equip: Decreases the damage you receive by 20%!

    Equip: You obtain a new skill - Gaia Shield. Summons a layer of protective shield to absorb damage on your behalf. The effect lasts for 30 seconds. Cooldown time is three minutes!

    Level Requirement: 50

    Remark: The Gaia Shield can only absorb up to 2x your Health Points of damage!

    This is a pretty good equipment. I could consider wearing this after I reach Level 50! Jiang Fei nodded as he thought to himself. As his capabilities had increased significantly, and he was able to regain his position as the main tanker, this kind of defensive equipment would be useful to him once again!

    "Roar!" As a dragon's roar was heard, Jiang Fei appeared to have summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon yet again. He had finished picking up the equipment and did not want to stay where he was any longer.

    "D*mn! Verdure Glider is planning to leave!" The twenty odd players who stood guard in the area started panicking when they saw Jiang Fei had gotten onto his dragon and was preparing to leave.

    "What? Stop him! We are almost there!" The guild master immediately ordered his twenty guild members to stop Jiang Fei from leaving.

    "D*rn... That's easier said than done. How are we supposed to stop him? Even a Level 50 Leader could not stop him. How could we possibly succeed?" After receiving the order from their guild master, the twenty players grit their teeth and attempted to stop Jiang Fei despite knowing how futile the effort would be!
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