374 Ode to Gallantry

    Whoosh whoosh whoosh...

    Disabling skills were cast at Jiang Fei one after another. Jiang Fei resisted some of them because his level was higher. However, he was only Level 43. Even though his level was higher than these players surrounding him, the difference was not really big. And so, because he was being hit by a large number of disabling skills, Jiang Fei quickly became stuck.

    "Attack him!" The leader in charge of commanding the huge army in the north was immediately happy when he saw that Jiang Fei was stuck. Although Verdure Glider was tanky, they had numerical advantage. As long as Jiang Fei could not restore his Health Points through Lifesteal, they would be able to kill him in less than half a minute.

    "Hmph!" Jiang Fei snorted. He had already expected that he would be caught in such a dangerous situation. He immediately swallowed the Ant Milk that was in his mouth.

    After Jiang Fei swallowed the Ant Milk, all abnormal statuses were completely removed. Jiang Fei took the opportunity to put another Ant Milk in his mouth so that he would be ready if his movements were restricted again.

    Originally, these Twilight City players were about to encircle Jiang Fei happily after they saw that he was stuck. However, in a matter of seconds, Jiang Fei was already back to normal.

    "Bandits! Stun him!" The commander made a prompt decision. When he realized that the disabling skills were not working, he immediately ordered the Bandits to go forward and restrict Jiang Fei.

    "This is bad!" Jiang Fei's brows furrowed. He was not afraid of the disabling spells of Magicians because he could use Potions to remove the effects of such Spells. However, if he got stunned, Potions would not help.

    God's Wrath!





    Seeing that dozens of Bandits were approaching him, Jiang Fei directly used his most powerful Area of Effect skill. The damage of God's Wrath was equal to his total Health Points plus Attack Power. The skill dealt nearly 50,000 damage. Even tanky Warriors would be killed instantly, let alone Bandits.

    After a big move, the area within a twenty-meter radius from Jiang Fei was completely emptied.

    "Kid! Your turn!" Jiang Fei had been wanting to kill the leader who was hiding in the crowd and giving orders. After he got rid the melee attackers around him, Jiang Fei immediately used Wild Charge on that leader.


    As he had stacked Ruthless Barrage ten times, Jiang Fei's Attack Power was nearly 9,000. When this was paired with the effects of Wild Charge, which quadrupled his damage, Jiang Fei instantly killed the leader.

    The players from Twilight City who had lost their commander could no longer encircle Jiang Fei in an organized manner. Jiang Fei had also learned a lesson from just now. He no longer stayed in a certain position. Instead, he led Isabella and charged around the area, wreaking havoc among the Twilight City players.

    Although Jiang Fei's Blazing Hammer was only around a foot long, the buff from the Lightbringer's Armaments had doubled his attack range. Moreover, his attacks had Cleave effect. He was like a meat grinder among the crowd. Dead bodies were everywhere.


    Following a whistle, the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon descended once again.

    "Bella! Let's go!" Jiang Fei jumped onto the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon, then quickly ascended into the sky with Isabella behind him. They easily got out of the attack range of the Twilight City players.

    "Charge!" After taking flight, Jiang Fei did not run away. Since this medium-sized guild wanted to kill him, he planned to teach this guild a profound lesson and pave the way for Empyreal Dragon to intervene in the matters of Twilight City in the future.

    After the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon flew around for awhile, it dove downward under Jiang Fei's control, directly toward the group of players in the east.

    Originally, the Twilight City players had surrounded Jiang Fei on all four sides in order to prevent Jiang Fei from escaping. Now, however, their positions had turned into opportunities for Jiang Fei to destroy them.

    Jiang Fei clearly knew that he could not kill all 20,000 players. These players could revive faster than he could kill. It was impossible to kill all of them. All he had to do was leave them with a deep impression-Verdure Glider was invincible! He could kill as many as he wanted to. If he wanted to leave, nobody could stop him.

    Puff! The Juvenile Skygliding Dragon began to spit fire as it charged toward the enemies. Isabella's Flame Rain came right after.

    After they cleared the landing area, Jiang Fei dismissed the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon once again. Then, he and Isabella began to kill the players mercilessly.

    As Jiang Fei's level was relatively higher, his Resistance toward Magic Spells was pretty high. Even if he was stuck, he could use the Ant Milk to remove the abnormal status. Moreover, after being hit by disabling skills several times in a row, Jiang Fei would obtain the system's default Disabling Resistance effect. Then, it would be harder for the enemies' disabling spells to take effect.

    Bandits posed a greater threat to Jiang Fei. However, as Jiang Fei had the mysterious ring, these invisible Bandits were extremely obvious to him. Jiang Fei would find them and kill them even before they could stun him.

    As Jiang Fei had two Area of Effect skills-Rapid Frostburst and God's Wrath-it would not be a problem even if the Bandits charged at him in a big group. Therefore, these Bandits who were trying to stun him could not even get close to him.

    After a round of torturing, Jiang Fei cleared the area with God's Wrath. Then, he summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and flew up once again.

    He continued to attack the Twilight City army repeatedly. In actuality, Jiang Fei had only killed one or two thousand players in total. However, by then, the Twilight City players were already frightened to death.

    Verdure Glider was just like an unbeatable god of war. It was impossible for them to beat him. Every time he charged toward a specific area, he would kill hundreds of people. Then, he would easily summon his Mount and fly back into the sky. Even though they had a numerical advantage, it was impossible for tens of thousands of people to attack a single player at the same time. Only around a hundred and ten people could really fight with Jiang Fei simultaneously. This would not pose a threat to Verdure Glider at all.

    "Haha! This feels awesome!" After Jiang Fei ascended into the sky with his Juvenile Skygliding Dragon once again, he laughed happily.

    At this time, he was extremely high-spirited. He could not help but think of the poem "Ode to Gallantry" by the great poet Li Bai.

    A tightly secured headband, a gleaming sword hanging at his waist.

    On a white horse with a silver saddle, galloping through the streets like a meteor.

    Killing one man with every ten steps, a thousand miles without a trace.

    Straightens his clothes and leaves, deeds and fame deeply buried within.

    "Hmph! Today, I'll just teach you guys a lesson. If you still dare to mess with me in the future, I'll curse every single one of you. None of you will be able to survive!" Jiang Fei who had vented all of his anger made a regional broadcast.

    "F*ck!" At this time, the guild master looked extremely unhappy. Originally, he did not believe that Jiang Fei was that powerful. He was determined to kill Verdure Glider. Now, however, not only did he fail to kill Verdure Glider, but thousands of his people had also been killed. Moreover, at this time, Verdure Glider was taunting them triumphantly above their heads, but he did not dare to speak out and retort.

    This guild master clearly knew that if he stepped out and said something, he would either have to admit defeat or be killed on the spot. There was absolutely no third option. Looking at the current situation, it was impossible to kill Verdure Glider. It was unrealistic for one person to kill tens of thousands of people. However, Jiang Fei's repeated acts of flying back up into the sky after rounds of killing seriously affected the guild's morale.

    At this time, many guild members were already complaining. These players felt that the guild master had made a big fuss over a trifle, which led to the guild's losses. Yesterday, even the Iron-Blood Alliance did not dare to start a fight with Verdure Glider. Their second-rate guild actually took the initiative to approach Verdure Glider and ended up being destroyed. Ultimately, all of this only happened because their guild master asked for trouble.

    Jiang Fei who was in the sky had absolutely no idea. Although his act of venting his anger did not fundamentally affect the guild's strength, it had seriously hampered the guild's morale. Now, most of the players were doubting their guild master's leadership skills.
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