375 Protagoras

    Jiang Fei laughed loudly as he looked at the Twilight City players below him who were trembling with fear. Then, he flew away triumphantly!

    The morale of this medium-sized guild had been seriously hampered. As for what was going to happen to this guild, it was none of Jiang Fei's business. However, after this battle, Jiang Fei had officially become famous.

    Originally, Jiang Fei was only famous in Dawnlight City. In the last Mana Node battle, the one who became famous was Isabella. Jiang Fei was only playing a supporting role. This time, however, it was different. Although he was against an army of 20,000 people, the invincible Jiang Fei still managed to kill as many people as he liked and walked away. Tens of thousands of people could not stop him.

    When this video was posted on the forum, Verdure Glider immediately became famous. At this time, Jiang Fei was busy talking and laughing with Isabella. He had no idea that he had suddenly became an overnight celebrity. In such a short time, his dream had came true! Moreover, he was gaining more and more fans. Some professional players had even gotten to know about him!

    To worship the strong was an inherent human instinct, especially in the gaming community. Everyone would definitely be eager to worship a top player like Jiang Fei who was so powerful that nobody could stop him.

    However, while Jiang Fei gained fame, he had also inadvertently gained more enemies. Those professional players were contemptuous of Jiang Fei. In the eyes of these professional players, Verdure Glider had good equipment and was just using this as an advantage to bully some beginners.

    If they challenged him one-on-one, they were absolutely confident that they would win him. Verdure Glider did not deserve all the fame!

    Jiang Fei had no idea that these professional players thought of him that way. Even if he knew, he would just ignore them. Although he was happy about being famous and having a lot of fans, he was not that serious about games. To Jiang Fei, it did not really matter who was strong or weak. However, if these professional players really wanted to challenge him, Jiang Fei would not mind teaching them a lesson.

    "That was really fun!" Although Jiang Fei and Isabella were already far away, Jiang Fei was still feeling somewhat gleeful.

    "Hoho, you'll get tired of the battle days sooner or later!" Isabella shook her head. It seemed like she was reminded of her past.

    "Maybe..." Jiang Fei knew that Isabella did not want him to get involved in the war between the Light and Dark Factions. After all, everyone fighting in the war was powerful. If a small fry like Jiang Fei joined the war, he would only end up serving as cannon fodder.

    Jiang Fei sent a message to Rosette Rose and inquired about the development of the guild. Jiang Fei learned about everything that was going on in Dawnlight City. Unfortunately, Twilight City's Teleportation Point Quest had not been completed yet. Jiang Fei could not go back even if he wanted to.

    As they flew around aimlessly, Jiang Fei suddenly noticed that there was an NPC with a Green name, which caught his interest!

    As they were in Twilight City, most of the NPCs were neutral and had Yellow names. A friendly NPC with a Green name like this one was really rare.

    Once he made the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon descend onto land, Jiang Fei saw an old male NPC fishing at the riverside.

    Protagoras (Human, Overlord)

    Level: 98

    Health Points: 100%

    Remarks: The leader of the School of the Wise.

    As it was a friendly NPC, the mysterious ring gave very little information. Most of the information about combat strength was omitted.

    "Ehh? Who's this old man?" Jiang Fei looked at Isabella, confused. After all, this NPC was a Level 98 Overlord. Isabella, the little Nephilim princess, had probably heard of him before.

    "Hoho, little Isa, we haven't met for a few years. Have you forgotten who I am already? What are you waiting for? Bring your little adventurer friend over here!" Before Isabella could speak, the old man turned and smiled at them.

    "You guys know each other?" Jiang Fei asked Isabella, confused.

    "Yeah!" Isabella nodded and jumped down from the back of the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon. Jiang Fei quickly dismissed the mount and followed Isabella toward the NPC old man.

    "Hello, Your Royal Highness Protagoras!" Isabella formally curtsied to the old man.

    "Come on! Little Isa, you don't have to be so polite with me. Is this young adventurer your little boyfriend?" Protagoras asked with a smile.

    Swoosh! Isabella was so shy that her little face immediately turned red. She wanted to hide in a hole. However, even though she was embarrassed, her eyes darted towards Jiang Fei and she looked at him sheepishly.

    "Err..." Jiang Fei was also feeling a little embarrassed, but he did not immediately deny.

    "Phew..." Isabella breathed a sigh of relief when Jiang Fei did not deny it. At the same time, her face turned even redder and the corners of her mouth lifted up into a smile.

    "Little Isa, how is your father doing?" At this time, Protagoras eased the awkward atmosphere.

    "I haven't seen my father for a long time!" Isabella shook her head. She had been following Jiang Fei around ever since she was resurrected. Naturally, she did not have the chance to visit the Nephilim King. Moreover, Isabella was a little afraid to see the Nephilim King. After all, no matter what, she was currently Jiang Fei's pet. If she really went to visit the Nephilim King, the Nephilim King might get angry and hurt Jiang Fei.

    "Oh! I see... I heard about the Fourth Prince..." Once again, Protagoras brought up Curtis who had just been killed.

    "F*ck! How the hell are you wise?" Jiang Fei thought to himself angrily. This old man was absolutely touching a sore spot. Jiang Fei genuinely could not see even a little wisdom in this old man.

    "I just heard about the news of the assassination of my brother today too. We Nephilims will definitely not let it rest!" Isabella's acting was pretty good. She and Jiang Fei could be considered as half accomplices of Curtis's assassination. However, at this time, Isabella's words made it seem like she was filled with indignation!

    Sigh! "Your father should take most of the blame. All his pampering led to your brother's downfall!" Protagoras sighed. Then, he turned to Jiang Fei and asked. "How is senior Ou Yezi?"

    "Ah?" Jiang Fei was puzzled when he first heard this name. Then, he remembered that this Ou Yezi was his super irresponsible Class Instructor.

    "He's probably doing okay..." Jiang Fei sounded very unsure because he had only met his Instructor three times so far. Ou Yezi was nominally his Instructor, but Jiang Fei was not really that close to him.

    Sigh! "Forget it, that old man appears and disappears whenever he likes to. There's no point in asking you!" Protagoras shook his head in regret.

    "Actually, this old man is not too bad!" After Protagoras asked about Jiang Fei's Class Instructor, Jiang Fei could not help but nod to himself. At the same time, he gained some respect for this old man.

    This old man was an Overlord, so it was normal if he was not surprised when he saw Jiang Fei's Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and Black Dragonscale. This old man also recognized that Jiang Fei was an adventurer as soon as he saw Jiang Fei, but this was nothing new. However, it was definitely not easy for someone to tell that Jiang Fei's Instructor was Ou Yezi at one glance.

    Previously, Jiang Fei had asked Isabella and the Black Dragon Prince Aeneidstrasza about Ou Yezi. However, both of them had never heard of the name of Ou Yezi. Today, Jiang Fei met this old man. Whenever the old man spoke, Jiang Fei could clearly feel from his tone that this old man did not have much respect for the Nephilim King but he had a lot of respect for Jiang Fei's Instructor.

    One had to know that the Nephilim King was a real Celestial-ranked NPC. However, Protagoras's tone seemed to suggest that the Nephilim King was just his peer. So, Jiang Fei was extremely curious about his mysterious Instructor. What was so great about Ou Yezi that made him worthy of Protagoras's respect?
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