377 A Little Nestling’s Dilemma

    The Abyss was Isabella's home. Thus, after they arrived, Isabella who was familiar with the area led the way and they reached the Nephilim King's Palace very quickly.

    Naturally, as the little princess Isabella led the way, no one stopped them along the way. Jiang Fei had also activated the Nephilim's blood-red pupils according to Isabella's instructions. Although it was only a visual effect that did not improve his combat strength, after he activated it, Jiang Fei clearly felt that the surrounding NPCs became a lot friendlier toward him.

    "Hehe, although you're only an ordinary Nephilim now, your status is still much higher than those mixed-blood Nephilim!" Isabella explained.

    These so-called mixed-blood Nephilims were children born to a Nephilim paired with other Dark Races, such as the spy Sartre whom Jiang Fei had met previously.

    In a short time, Jiang Fei arrived at the Nephilim King's Palace. This time, Isabella did not directly bring Jiang Fei and Protagoras inside. Instead, she turned to them and said, "You two wait here for a moment. I'll go and see my father first!"

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei nodded. Although Isabella was his pet, they could still be separated from each other. This was as long as none of them moved to another map and the distance between them was not too big.

    Isabella walked into the Nephilim King's Palace alone while Jiang Fei and Protagoras waited outside the main hall. However, they were kept busy. A mixed-blood Nephilim attendant had arranged for the two of them to rest in the side hall. Everything was provided including refreshments. After all, they were guests whom the little princess brought back home. These attendants had to ensure that they were pleasantly attended to.

    After about half an hour or so, Isabella came to the side hall.

    "Your Royal Highness Protagoras, my father has invited you to go in." Isabella smiled at Protagoras.

    "Sure! Come to think of it, we brothers haven't seen each other for a long time now!" Protagoras smiled and walked into the main hall.

    "I'm not in trouble with your father, right?" Jiang Fei was still anxious. Although his Instructor was probably really powerful, he was unsure whether the Nephilim King, which was also Celestial-ranked, would be persuaded.

    "Don't worry! But, when you meet my father later, be careful with the way you talk. Don't fool around!" Although Isabella had a smile on her face, she was also feeling very nervous. Even though she did not make it clear to him, Isabella's act of bringing Jiang Fei home this time basically meant that he was meeting her parents as her boyfriend.

    "Are you seriously still worried about me? I'm well-known for my sweet-talking skills!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    About ten minutes later, a female NPC walked into the side hall. She looked demure and was dressed in an extremely reserved manner, but she gave off a lot of charm.

    Akatziris (Succubus, Lower Overlord)

    Level: 90

    Health Points: 100%

    Remarks: The Nephilim King's third daughter.

    "Little sister, father has asked for you two to go in!" Akatziris smiled and said to Isabella and Jiang Fei.

    "Yes, third sister!" Isabella smiled at Akatziris, then clung to Jiang Fei's arm and whispered to Jiang Fei, "This is my third sister. She's a mixed-blood Nephilim born to my father and a concubine, so her status is lower among us siblings. However, Succubuses are born smart and are great sweet-talkers, so she's one of my father's favorites."

    It seemed like Isabella clung to Jiang Fei's arm so that it would be easier to whisper in Jiang Fei's ear, but it was actually a show of power to her third sister. Since young, the two sisters had always fought for toys. However, since Isabella was a legitimate child and she was the youngest, everyone doted on her very much and she always won.

    Even so, Isabella was quite jealous of her third sister's charm. She had been winning toys her whole life. She did not want to end up losing Jiang Fei. So, she immediately clung to Jiang Fei's arm in order to declare ownership.

    "Hehe!" Akatziris smiled at Jiang Fei meaningfully. It seemed like her charm emanated from within her bones. No matter how reserved her attire and demeanor were, it could not conceal her effortless charm.

    After she laughed, Akatziris turned around and led the way. She did not look at Jiang Fei again. However, as she walked in front of Jiang Fei and Isabella, the Succubus princess swayed gracefully with each step, as if she was walking gently in the winds. The view of her back was enough to hook one's soul!

    "Hmph!" Isabella immediately pinched Jiang Fei's waist forcefully. Even though Jiang Fei had only set for himself to feel 10% of pain, he cringed.

    "What are you doing?" Jiang Fei muttered to Isabella.

    "You're not allowed to look at my third sister!" Isabella sulked.

    "I'll look at you, then!" Jiang Fei said, annoyed.

    "Mmm! You can only look at me!" Isabella nodded.

    "..." Jiang Fei rolled his eyes when he saw Isabella's smug face.

    Honestly, Jiang Fei was also in a dilemma. As he was too much of a shut-in previously, he was definitely a little nestling without the slightest love experience. However, as he had known Isabella for a long time, he could tell that this virtual girl liked him no matter how stupid or ignorant he was.

    There was a problem with this. First of all, to Jiang Fei, it was wrong to be in a relationship with a programmed virtual girl. However, as a little nestling, he really cherished the feeling of being this intimate with girls. So, Jiang Fei was entangled. He did not know what kind of relationship he should have with Isabella. Hence, he always acted dumb. He had never admitted that he accepted Isabella, but he never rejected her as well. In his mind, it seemed like dragging things in this way was the best choice.

    Following Akatziris, Jiang Fei and Isabella quickly entered the main hall of the Nephilim King's Palace. At this time, the Nephilim King was not in the main hall. This made Jiang Fei very confused.

    "Why is there no one here?" Jiang Fei looked at the empty main hall and wondered.

    "The main hall is a place to deal with official matters. Obviously, my father will meet you in the rear hall!" Isabella whispered in Jiang Fei's ear, embarrassed.

    "Oh!" Jiang Fei nodded, then followed Akatziris through the main hall and arrived at the rear hall.

    The rear hall was not as formal as the main hall. It was more like a lounge to cater to friends and relatives. At this time, a mighty-looking middle-aged man was drinking tea with Protagoras. Obviously, this person was the Nephilim King.

    Nephilim King Augustus (Nephilim King, Lower Celestial)

    Level: 105

    Health Points: 100%

    Remarks: The ruler of the Nephilims, the supreme head of the Dark Faction.

    Similarly, the Nephilim King's name was not displayed. Jiang Fei could only see the Nephilim King's attributes through the mysterious ring. This was similar to when Jiang Fei saw Ou Yezi in the beginning. However, the mysterious ring had leveled up several times since the last time Jiang Fei saw Ou Yezi. Maybe, if Jiang Fei met Ou Yezi again now, he would be able to obtain more information.
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