378 The Abyss Crystal

    "Father!" Isabella called out to the Nephilim King lovingly. Then, she ran to the Nephilim King's side and leaned on his shoulders playfully.

    On the contrary, Akatziris was standing at one side in a very restrained manner. It was obvious that the little princess Isabella was extremely spoiled.

    "Your Majesty, the Nephilim King." Jiang Fei also did a formal greeting.

    "Mmm!" The Nephilim King Augustus nodded slightly and did not speak. He just looked at Jiang Fei from head to toe, sizing him up.

    "I heard that you're senior Ou Yezi's disciple?" After a long silence, the Nephilim King finally spoke.

    "Yes." Jiang Fei nodded and took his Blazing Hammer out as proof.

    "Hoho, a Divine Blacksmith..." The Nephilim King smiled and nodded.

    Although Jiang Fei was a disciple, there were many different types of disciples. Jiang Fei who was an Intermediate Divine Blacksmith had obviously received Ou Yezi's true teachings.

    "But even if you're a disciple of senior Ou Yezi, you took my precious daughter away without a word. Isn't that a little unreasonable of you?" The Nephilim King's tone suddenly changed and his face fell.

    "Father..." As the Nephilim King seemed a little angry, Isabella quickly clung onto her father's arm and started acting all cute.

    "Your Majesty, I had to do that in order to save Bella's life. And even though I've signed a contract with Bella, I've never used the contract to force Bella to do anything against her wishes. If you don't believe me, you can ask Bella!" Jiang Fei spoke in a humble but confident way.

    As his Instructor was powerful enough, this gave him the courage to speak. Moreover, Protagoras had been giving him looks, so Jiang Fei understood that the Nephilim King was not really going to punish him. The Nephilim King was probably just testing him.

    "Bella, has this kid ever bullied you?" The Nephilim King turned his head and looked at Bella.

    "N-no..." Her father's question made Isabella panic. After all, the meaning of the word "bully" was too broad, so she could not help but blush slightly.

    "Hahahahaha... indeed, it's hard to make a grown daughter stay at home obediently!" The Nephilim King suddenly burst into laughter.

    As he was a king, familial love had become unimportant to the Nephilim King Augustus since long ago. Although he was very fond of some of his children, this fondness did not affect the fate of his daughters. As Nephilim princesses, their marriage had to bring benefits to the Nephilims.

    They could marry the sons of Nephilim nobles so that the Nephilim King could gain the loyalty of his men. Or, they could marry the Princes of other Races and form new allies for the Nephilims. The ultimate fate of these Nephilim princesses could only be so. They would not be given the chance to pursue their own happiness at all. This included the most favored Isabella.

    In the eyes of the Nephilim King, giving Isabella to Jiang Fei was very in line with the interests of the Nephilims. If he could get close to Ou Yezi, it would be extremely advantageous. It would even be enough to allow the Nephilims to break the balance between the Light and Dark Factions and completely win the war.

    In order to achieve this goal, the Nephilim King would not even hesitate to give all his remaining eight daughters to Jiang Fei, let alone one.

    It would bring amazing benefits to the Nephilims and would make his little daughter happy. So, after learning that this adventurer was a true disciple of Ou Yezi, the Nephilim King had agreed to this matter long ago. He did not care whether Isabella married Jiang Fei or became his mistress, or even his pet. In short, as long as this relationship could help the Nephilims get such a strong ally, he would allow it.

    The Nephilim King acted a little angry earlier in order to test Jiang Fei. This was for a very simple reason. He wanted to see if Isabella held a special place in Jiang Fei's heart. Then, he could estimate how much he could benefit from Jiang Fei or Ou Yezi.

    Now that the test was over, the Nephilim King knew the score, so he burst out in laughter. Once they become allies with Ou Yezi, the Nephilims would become invincible. There was no guarantee that Ou Yezi would declare war on the Protoss for the Nephilims. However, if the Nephilims encountered any danger, as long as the Nephilim King dragged Jiang Fei into it, Ou Yezi would not exclude himself. With an ally like Ou Yezi, the Nephilims would be able to do anything. The future war between the Light and Dark Factions would become a lot easier.

    "Father, you've met him now, so where's the welcome gift?" As soon as she saw that the Nephilim King was not angry and was not going to punish Jiang Fei, Isabella immediately understood that her father had accepted Jiang Fei. So, she immediately began to ask her father to give Jiang Fei a gift in an endearing tone.

    "Haha, as expected, girls obey their husbands after they get married." The Nephilim King laughed. Isabella's request was in line with his plans anyway. Originally, he was looking for an excuse to reward Jiang Fei something in order to get closer to Jiang Fei. This way, if he needed Jiang Fei in the future, Jiang Fei would not be able to refuse.

    "Hoho, I don't know what adventurers like, but this thing should be useful for adventurers like you!" The Nephilim King said as he ordered Akatziris to take a small box out of the treasure chest.

    "Hehe, thank you, father!" Isabella grabbed the small box and ran to Jiang Fei's side.

    "Your Majesty, thank you for the gift!" Jiang Fei bowed to the Nephilim King.

    "Quick! Open it!" Isabella urged Jiang Fei. She was also curious as to what her father had given Jiang Fei.

    Swoosh! A purple light flashed and Isabella's little face fell. After all, her father was the mighty Nephilim King. If he only gave an Epic item as a gift, he would seem way too stingy.

    Abyss Crystal (Potion, Epic)

    Use: Immediately level up 10 times.

    Remarks: Can only be used by players below Level 50.

    "Damn! An Experience Potion!" Jiang Fei was delighted. Although this Potion was only of Epic Quality, it had powerful effects. If Jiang Fei used it at Level 49, he would instantly become Level 59.

    What would it be like to instantly level up ten times? Now, players who were Level 30 and above took two or three days to level up once. At Level 49, taking a week to level up once would probably be considered fast. If Jiang Fei used this Potion, it meant that he would save about three months of leveling time. Moreover, it would create a significant level gap between Jiang Fei and the other players.

    "Although this Potion is only of Epic Quality, it's quite rare. I only have one!" When the Nephilim King saw Isabella's face, he naturally knew that his precious daughter thought that he was stingy. So, he explained.

    In actuality, the Nephilim King could only give Jiang Fei this Experience Potion. He was a Lower Celestial that was more than Level 100. There was no way he would have Level 40 or Level 50 equipment with him. Even if the Nephilim King really gave Jiang Fei a Level 90 godly equipment, Jiang Fei would have to wait for a long time before he could use it. So, this kind of Experience Potion was more realistic. Anyway, the Nephilim King could still give Jiang Fei some equipment in the future, when Jiang Fei's level was higher.
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