381 Intercity Battlefield

    After going online, Jiang Fei discovered something interesting. That was, almost all of his guild members were not training. Instead, they were busy chatting away in the city.

    "Have you heard? The two-way Teleportation Point of Dusklight City and Saintlight City has opened!"

    "Pfft! You only know how to bring up history as if it's news. I've already seen this news on the forum during the day!"

    "I didn't expect that an intercity battlefield would also open after the two-way Teleportation Point opens!"

    "Yeah! Yeah! I heard that the players from Saintlight City and Dusklight City are now busy beating each other up!"

    "Have you watched the video? Yesterday, Saintlight City and Dusklight City had a huge battle that involved around a million people. Compared to that, our Mana Node war is nothing!"

    "Hoho, just wait for the bunch of idiots in Twilight City to complete their Teleportation Point Quest, then it's our turn!"

    "Forget it. Even if they finished the Quest, we have our invincible Brother Fei and his f*cking awesome pet. Those Twilight City players wouldn't dare to fight us!"

    "True... god knows when those Twilight City idiots will be able to finish the Quest. Could it be that they've given up on the Quest because they're too scared?"

    "That's impossible. Even if they don't do the Quest, the system will open the Teleportation Point sooner or later. Then, they won't be able to get the Quest Rewards anymore!"

    "Then, I hope that they'll hurry up and finish the Quest. Once they're done, we can all go have fun on the battlefield!"


    After listening to them for a while, Jiang Fei pretty much understood what was going on. In short, unlike the Twilight City players, Saintlight City and Dusklight City have both opened their Teleportation Points. After the Teleportation Point opened, an intercity battlefield also appeared. The actual role of this intercity battlefield was to simulate the future war between the Light and Dark Factions, allowing players to adapt to the fast-paced battle life in advance.

    Of course, the current intercity battle was voluntary. However, after all the Level 70 and 80 players joined a Faction, participation in the battle between the Light and Dark Factions was compulsory.

    As the intercity battlefield had just opened, players from both the cities were excited. So, it was a heated battle. As it was a simulated battlefield, players would only lose Honor and 10% Experience Points upon death. They would not drop their equipment and their levels would not decrease. These losses were completely acceptable to the players. When they had free time, they would go to the battlefield for fun. This was why the battle between Saintlight City and Dusklight City was so heated on the first day the intercity battlefield opened.

    As the battlefield had just opened, many players just wanted to try it out. Even if the major guilds tried their best to organize the players, they could not control the whole situation on the battlefield which was beyond chaotic. As there was no centralized command at all, the battle was a total mess. Even though it was a heated battle, both sides achieved nothing.

    However, the opening of the intercity battlefield also brought with it benefits. It was now a lot easier for players to earn Honor. Players could exchange Battle Equipment with Honor Points. This was faster than getting equipment from Dungeons. So, many players had started going to the battlefield specifically to earn Honor Points in order to get equipment.

    As for the Dawnlight City players, there was no point in looking forward to the intercity battlefield. The players in Twilight City were still taking their time with the Quest. As long as the two-way Teleportation Point was not open, the intercity battlefield could not open!

    Dawnlight City players could not accept Twilight City's Teleportation Point Quest even if they traveled there. If they could, a large number of Dawnlight City players would have gone directly to Twilight City and help them complete the Teleportation Point Quest.

    After understanding the situation, Jiang Fei called Lady Casanova, Rosette Rose, and the others to gather. The few of them had a small meeting. The progress of Twilight City's Quest was slow, but it was almost done. They would definitely be able to complete the Quest within two or three days from now. So, Empyreal Dragon had to prepare in advance.

    Jiang Fei was not really worried about matters in relation to the battlefield. He had Billy Boy on his side, so Jiang Fei was not worried that his guild would suffer any losses when it came to PvP. In Dungeons, Billy Boy's skills were average, but his leadership skills during battles were absolutely top-notch.

    After arranging everything, Jiang Fei began collecting some supplies for his upcoming trip.

    This time, Jiang Fei intended to go and look for Braveheart fragments alone. He was not sure what he would encounter, so he decided to make more preparations. It was better to be safe than sorry.

    Starting off his preparations, Jiang Fei looked for the Profession class player in Empyreal Dragon who enjoyed the best special treatment-Six Fans! In the eyes of Rosette Rose and the others, Six Fans was someone who wasted a lot of money but crafted nothing useful. However, to Jiang Fei, Six Fans was more important than all the other Profession class players in Empyreal Dragon combined.

    "How're things? Any new stuff?" This time, as he was preparing for his trip in the real world, Jiang Fei only needed samples. 0541 had made data backups of all the Pills that Six Fans had given to him previously, so he was not interested in them anymore.

    "Hoho, guild master, you came at the right time. I accidentally learned a new formula yesterday. See if it's useful!" Obviously, the Pill Alchemist Six Fans felt like Jiang Fei was the only one who recognized his talents because no one other than Jiang Fei believed in him.

    Jiang Fei took the small bottle that Six Fans handed to him and his eyes instantly sparkled.

    Flaming Pill (Potion, Excellent)

    Use: Increases Fire Damage attacks by 30%. The effect lasts for five minutes.

    "Awesome!" Jiang Fei smiled. He could bring this into the real world and it was also helpful in the game. A 30% increase in damage was enough to help a party that was stuck in a Dungeon due to insufficient damage output.

    "It's good... but the cost is a little high... a bottle of this Flaming Pill costs 400 gold coins..." Six Fans sounded a little embarrassed.

    "Err... okay!" Jiang Fei nodded. He finally understood why Rosette Rose looked down on Six Fans. The Potions that this guy crafted were not bad, they were just too expensive. A small bottle like this cost 400 gold coins. This was pretty much daylight robbery.

    Fortunately, however, Jiang Fei only needed this one bottle. After 0541 copied the data, he would be able to produce as many as he wanted to.

    "Okay, continue making new Potions. I believe in you!" After Jiang Fei encouraged Six Fans, he left in satisfaction.

    After that, Jiang Fei went to the guild storage. He was planning to look for some random stuff that had no actual combat use. Currently, 0541 could not create any combat equipment or anything that was needed for combat. The mysterious ring could only produce non-combat items.

    After he picked a few things that could be useful and placed them in the Spatial Ring, Jiang Fei went to the gate of the city to look at the stalls. After he bought another two small gadgets, it marked the completion of his preparations.

    'Alright, the real adventure begins!' Jiang Fei thought to himself.
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