383 Bio-Experimental Laboratory

    "Can you determine the location?" Jiang Fei asked 0541. 0541's "medium-sized fragment" was actually not as described. It was more than a hundred meters long and tens of meters wide. It was about the size of a small aircraft carrier!

    "Determining position!" 0541's rapid scan analyzed the signal from the Braveheart's fragment.


    "Position determined!" After about five minutes, 0541 finally determined the coordinates of the fragment.

    "Which part of Braveheart is this?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Bio-Experimental Laboratory! It's the place where Braveheart explores, records, and studies unknown planets and life forms," 0541 replied.

    "Why does it sound a little scary?" When Jiang Fei heard the word "Bio-Experimental", he immediately thought of Resident Evil. He thought of zombies, mutants, and the such. So, it gave him goosebumps.

    "Indeed, some creatures look really ferocious and are really powerful. However, as long as one has mastered how to deal with them, there won't be a problem!" 0541 replied confidently.

    "Do you know how to deal with these things?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "No," 0541 replied straightforwardly.

    "F*ck you! If you don't, then why talk nonsense?" 0541 made Jiang Fei roll his eyes in annoyance.

    "Captain, if you can gain entry into the Bio-Experimental Laboratory, I can get control of the it. After data sharing, I will know how to deal with these dangerous creatures," 0541 replied.

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei nodded. Since he had discovered a Braveheart's fragment, he had to go and have a look no matter what. If he ran into danger, he could still escape.

    According to the coordinates that 0541 provided, Jiang Fei began to descend and move closer to the Bio-Experimental Laboratory!

    "Beep beep beep beep beep... a strong radar signal has been discovered in front!" As Jiang Fei approached the Bio-Experimental Laboratory, 0541's warning rang loudly!

    "What's wrong?" Jiang Fei quickly stopped in his tracks. If he was locked by the radar, a missile from the enemy could instantly kill him!

    "There are signs of human activity near the Bio-Experimental Laboratory. It has been occupied by humans!" 0541 replied.

    "F*ck! So many people are trying to get their hands on these fragments! F*cking hell! They're all my private property!" Jiang Fei ranted. Although 0541 acknowledged him as the Captain of Braveheart, nobody else would care about that. Naturally, when it came to an extraterrestrial spacecraft that had crashed into Earth, finders keepers!

    "Where's this?" As he was surrounded by the endless sea, Jiang Fei had long lost his sense of direction. So, he had no idea where he was.

    "Near an islet located not far from Japan's Inland Sea." Through the mysterious ring, 0541 immediately projected a map before Jiang Fei.

    "Damn! The Japanese had actually seized my property!" Jiang Fei was annoyed.

    "Is there any way we can steal this Lab like how we did the last time?" Jiang Fei asked 0541.

    "I'm afraid this is not possible. Although the last fragment had been discovered by humans, no one had entered the fragment. This time, it's different. There are signs of human activity throughout the entire fragment! The human beings inside have to be cleared out before the Lab can be moved into the space in my main body," 0541 replied.

    According to 0541, the Japanese had discovered this fragment long ago and had even entered the wreckage. However, nobody knew how much of the Bio-Experimental Laboratory's technology they have deciphered.

    "Ehh? I got an idea!" After Jiang Fei carefully observed the map, he noticed that the location of the Bio-Experimental Laboratory was not far from a tourist attraction in Japan. It seemed like this tourist attraction had already existed when the fragment was discovered. In order to prevent the North American leaders from finding out about this fragment, the Japanese have only developed this extraterrestrial fragment quietly. They did not close off the area or transfer the fragment to another place.

    There were a lot of radars here, so it was impossible to get closer using the Anti-gravity Hoverboard. Hence, Jiang Fei planned to act as a tourist and start approaching the fragment from the tourist spot!

    "Let's go!" Flying the Great Destroyer carefully, Jiang Fei avoided the radars and managed to get close to the small island full of tourists quietly.

    After he landed on a different small island with no one around, Jiang Fei ate something. He waited until it was dark before he rode his Great Destroyer to the island full of tourists.

    After he kept the Great Destroyer in the Spatial Ring, the empty-handed Jiang Fei looked like an ordinary tourist. The Chinese and Japanese looked extremely alike anyway. As long as Jiang Fei did not speak, no one would discover his identity. Moreover, there were many Chinese tourists here. Even if they found out that his race, it would not be suspicious. They would just think that he was a tourist from China.

    It seemed like Jiang Fei was strolling aimlessly. In actuality, however, he was deliberately moving closer to the fragment. Jiang Fei noticed that the area near the sea had been fenced with a fine net. A shark warning sign in multiple languages was attached to the net.

    Obviously, the Japanese had thought things through. As long as they said that there were sharks here, the tourists would definitely not get into the water. So, nobody would discover the fragment. Had they fenced the area with barbed wire and hired guards to guard the area, it would drawn way too much attention.

    "0541, do you still have the equipment that we used to steal the previous fragment?" Jiang Fei asked. The last time, he could steal the R&D Lab because 0541 produced an invisibility device with mirror refraction technology. So he wondered if he could do the same thing again.

    "You can use it at any time!" 0541 replied. Even though this device consumed quite a lot of energy, it still had to be used when required.

    "Let's go!" Jiang Fei nodded. Then, a light film quickly covered his whole body. In a blink of an eye, the light film flashed and Jiang Fei disappeared into thin air!

    Bloop bloop... Ripples appeared on the surface of the empty sea and Jiang Fei quietly got into the water.

    As he had an underwater breathing device, Jiang Fei could breathe freely like a fish in the sea. After he took some time to get used to it, Jiang Fei swam toward the coordinates provided by 0541.

    The security underwater was different from that above the sea surface. Under the sea, the Japanese guarded every spot. Cameras and divers were everywhere and there were many pieces of equipment to detect ripples. Fortunately, 0541 had warned Jiang Fei in advance. Jiang Fei swam all the way forward with a school of fish. Otherwise, he would have been discovered even before he got close to the fragment!

    After about three or four hours, Jiang Fei finally managed to get near the Bio-Experimental Laboratory. Then, while the patrolling divers changed shifts, Jiang Fei followed a diver into the Lab!

    After passing through two sluices, Jiang Fei arrived at the dry part of the Lab. After he got out of the water, he did not dare to move around. Previously, on the boat, Han Tianyu had almost discovered him. Although he was invisible, he left a water trail all the way. If he carelessly moved around now, he would definitely be discovered!
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