384 Bio-Experimental Hound

    Jiang Fei stood at the entrance of the Lab for a long time. Only after he was completely dry did he quietly walk inside.

    The place right after the entrance was a facility that the Japanese people had built themselves, outside of the actual Bio-Experimental Laboratory. Basically, it was a place for the patrolling divers to rest and also acted as the living area of the real researchers.

    It was also the most heavily guarded place. However, because Jiang Fei's invisibility effect was top-notch and 0541 could also give him warnings in advance, he easily bypassed these guards. Then, he slowly approached the real Bio-Experimental Laboratory.

    "Mmm?" Just when Jiang Fei was very close to the Lab, he discovered someone else trying to get in!

    Indeed! In front of Jiang Fei, there was actually someone who had sneaked into the Japanese's Lab. It seemed like Jiang Fei was not the only one who was aiming for this extraterrestrial fragment!

    Jiang Fei who was hiding in the dark noticed that it was a young blonde man. The man was quietly hiding in the corner to watch the movements of the surrounding guards. He had a lot of patience. It looked like he had been hiding for a long time.

    F*cking hell, who is this guy? How many people are actually fighting with me for this thing? Jiang Fei complained in his mind as he observed the man.

    At that moment, a researcher in a lab coat walked out from inside the Lab. When the researcher was near the young man, the young man looked left and right and suddenly attacked the researcher violently. Then, he dragged the stunned researcher into the corner!


    After dragging the researcher into the corner, Jiang Fei watched the young blonde man's body change swiftly. In a blink of an eye, he became exactly the same as the little Japanese researcher!

    "Holy sh*t! A Mutant?!" Jiang Fei was shocked after he discovered the young blonde man's identity.

    The Mutant that shapeshifted into the Japanese researcher quickly changed into the researcher's clothes then walked out of the corner and toward the door to the Lab!

    I'll follow him inside! Jiang Fei suddenly had an idea. Although he was invisible, he could not go through walls. So, if he wanted to enter the Lab, he still had to follow someone else in!

    That fake researcher scanned the magnetic card on his body and the door to the Lab opened. As he walked in, Jiang Fei took the opportunity to slip inside before the door closed!

    Upon entering the Lab, Jiang Fei did not dare to get too close to the fake researcher. After all, that guy was a Mutant. It was difficult to guarantee that the Mutant would not discover him, so Jiang Fei stayed far away.

    "Captain! Retreat! Move further away from that guy! He has been discovered!" Almost right after Jiang Fei entered the Lab, 0541's warning came!

    "Mmm!" Jiang Fei did not hesitate in the slightest. He quickly moved backward and only stopped when he reached the side of the door.

    "Woof! Woof! Roar!"

    Just as Jiang Fei moved away from the Mutant, he heard a series of dog barks. Following that, a shocking scene unfolded before him!

    Four hounds rushed out of a corridor. These four hounds were the size of a calf. They had green fur and red eyes. Their blue fangs glimmered with cool light. From their ferocious looks, Jiang Fei could tell that they were not a species from Earth!

    "Captain, I have prepared an odor eliminator, spray it on your body now!" 0541 said hurriedly.

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei knew that there was no time to hesitate. He quickly communicated with the Spatial Ring and sprayed the odor eliminator that 0541 had prepared onto his body!

    By then, the four hounds were already near the Mutant!

    "Damn!" When the Mutant saw these hounds, he realized that he had been discovered. Although his looks had changed, he could not make himself smell the same as the Japanese.

    However, it was too late for him to run out of the Lab. A human with two legs definitely could not outrun four-legged hounds like these ones!

    Bang! Bang bang bang... Sounds of gunshots were heard. The exposed Mutant had taken a pistol out and fired shots at the four hounds!

    Ding ding ding ding... The bullets bounced off the body of the hounds, not even breaking a strand of fur!

    F*ck! What is this sh*t! Jiang Fei's eyes widened. What he was seeing was beyond his apprehension!

    "Stop! Stop this now! Damned Japanese people, do you know who I am? I'm a special agent of the USA's CIA. If you kill me, the USA will definitely not let you off the hook!" Once the Mutant realized that he was no match for these hounds, he could only try to scare the Japanese with his identity!

    "Pfft..." Even though Jiang Fei was inexperienced, he laughed at the Mutant when he saw this. Things were already at such a stage. The Japanese would kill him even if he were the son of the USA's President, let alone a special agent from the USA!

    In fact, there was nothing this Mutant could do to save himself. He was just a Level 1 Mutant. His ability was changing his appearance. Of course, this ability was great when it came to sneaking into places and stealing information. However, in combat, his combat power was about the same as a trained special force soldier. He probably would not be able to defeat a group of guards, let alone these four unknown creatures!



    Crunch... munch... slurp...


    What happened next was the same as what Jiang Fei imagined. As things had gotten to this point, the Japanese would kill him for sure. So, no one came forward to stop the hounds at all. The four hounds charged at the Mutant. After a scream, the Mutant was eaten by the four hounds, Even the blood on the ground was licked clean, leaving absolutely nothing!

    F*ck... I can't even be sure whether or not I'm able to beat these things! Looking at the four fierce unknown creatures in front of him, Jiang Fei's heart skipped a beat.

    "This kind of thing is probably not a natural product. It's artificially created by genetic technology." 0541's voice rang in Jiang Fei's heart.

    "What? Do you mean that the Japanese people have deciphered a part of the genetic technology in the Lab?" Jiang Fei was shocked.

    "Yes, the technology is still very basic, but they have already caught onto it," 0541 confirmed.

    "Damn! Even if I can't take this Lab away today, I have to destroy it!" Jiang Fei made up his mind!

    The Japanese were all mad people. Once they mastered some kind of destructive technology, they would definitely use it in a war. If this kind of agile, bulletproof hound was mass-produced, there would probably be no army that could defeat an army made up of millions of these hounds. They would destroy everything they see, and all living things would become their food!
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