385 Bio-Experimental Girl

    After the four Bio-Experimental Hounds ate the Mutant, they started sniffing around the area. It seemed like they were looking for other scents that did not belong.

    F*ck... Jiang Fei got goosebumps after he watched a living person get eaten alive and completely disappear in a few seconds. At the same time, he was secretly grateful that 0541's reaction had been timely. Had he not spray himself with an odor eliminator, he would probably be exposed by now!

    Although Jiang Fei was not as weak as that Level 1 Mutant, only God knew how many hounds there were in this place. Moreover, Jiang Fei did not know whether there were any other Bio-Experimental creatures besides the hounds. So, it was better if he remained undiscovered!

    "F*ck, it would be great if I really was a Level 4 martial artist. In that case, I'll directly rush in and destroy all these Japanese people!" Jiang Fei thought to himself.


    At this time, following sounds of footsteps, several Japanese warriors rushed out. Each of them had a Bio-Experimental Hound on a leash. Obviously, these hounds had been completely tamed!

    These Japanese warriors searched around with the dogs. They were obviously looking for potential accomplices of that Mutant. Jiang Fei watched quietly from the side. The Japanese were extremely vigilant. If he was careless, he would probably expose himself.

    About an hour later, the Japanese had thoroughly searched the entire Lab. After confirming that there were no other intruders, everything went back to normal.

    "Phew!" Fortunately, Jiang Fei followed this Mutant inside. Otherwise, the one that the hounds discovered might have been him!

    After quietly breathing a sigh of relief, Jiang Fei continued to walk toward the inside of the laboratory.

    Although it was a Braveheart's fragment, there was a lot of equipment from Earth inside the laboratory. After all, these extraterrestrial technology facilities did not carry with them the Earth version of instructions, so it was not easy to decipher these advanced technologies.

    As 0541 had a structural diagram of the laboratory, Jiang Fei would not get lost. His destination was clear and that was the laboratory's central control room. Once he got there, 0541 could gain control of the laboratory. Then, with the laboratory's self-defense system, he could easily get rid of the Japanese and the Bio-Experimental creatures in the laboratory!

    "Wait! Captain, there are people in front!" 0541's voice rang!

    "Mmm!" Jiang Fei nodded, then left the corridor and hid in the room that was right next to him. Although he was invisible, the corridor was pretty narrow. If he collided into someone else, Jiang Fei's invisibility effect would cease.

    After entering the room, Jiang Fei looked around. This was probably the lounge of the lower management team. Although the room was furnished in a simple manner, there were beds, tables and chairs, and a computer.

    After the sound of the footsteps outside the door faded, Jiang Fei did not rush out of the room. Instead, he allowed 0541 to connect to this personal computer to see if there were any valuable information.

    0541 was very efficient. In less than half a minute, he had sorted out all the information contained in this computer!

    "According to the information in this computer, Japan's Kashikoi household is responsible for developing Bio-Experimental projects here. They discovered this place twelve years ago and had started to research Bio-Experimental technology since then," 0541 said.

    "Kashikoi household..." Jiang Fei pondered for a moment.

    Han Tianyu had mentioned this Japanese family before. Compared to the Tokugawa family, the Kashikoi household was only a second-rate Japanese family. There were no ninja groups that were loyal to them. They were only supported by some lower-leveled warriors. The strength of these lower-leveled warriors only fell between ordinary people and Level 1 Metahumans. Their combat power was minimal. So, from Han Tianyu's description, this family was not even worth mentioning.

    "How many kinds of Bio-Experimental creatures are used here? What kind of Bio-Experimental creatures are there? And how much of Braveheart's Bio-Experimental technology has the Kashikoi household grasped?" Jiang Fei asked a series of questions.

    "This computer's level is not really high, so there's not much confidential information on it. But from the data on this computer, it can be analyzed that there are more than five hundred Bio-Experimental Hounds in the lab!" 0541 replied.

    "Holy sh*t! This Kashikoi household hid this secret really well!" Jiang Fei said in his heart. Even Han Tianyu's intelligence team did not manage to find out about this. With the support of these Bio-Experimental creatures, this strength of this inconspicuous family had long surpassed the Tokugawa family!

    As he could not obtain any more valuable information from this room, Jiang Fei quietly left the room and continued to walk in the direction of the central control room.

    "F*ck! Five hundred Bio-Experimental Hounds... what are the Japanese trying to do? Are they really planning to form a hound army?" Jiang Fei complained in his mind as he walked.

    Beep beep...




    Suddenly, Jiang Fei heard the sound of the alarm coming from in front of him. At the same time, he heard the Japanese people shouting. This made him think that he had been discovered, so he quickly hid in a room next to him!

    "Captain, they did not discover you!" 0541 explained.

    "Oh? What happened, then?" As Jiang Fei did not really understand Japanese, he had to ask 0541.

    "Judging from the shouting, something has probably gone wrong in a Bio-Experimental test. A Bio-Experimental creature has broken free from control and they are now mobilizing Bio-Experimental Hounds to control the situation," 0541 explained.

    "F*ck! As expected, the Japanese are really not satisfied with just the Bio-Experimental Hound," Jiang Fei secretly snorted, then quietly came out of the room. He then continued to move forward slowly.

    Soon, Jiang Fei arrived at the place where the accident happened. This place had already been surrounded by three layers of Bio-Experimental Hounds. In the middle of these hundreds of hounds was a naked blonde girl!

    Although the girl was stark naked, her private parts were covered with scales. She had sharp bone spurs that looked like spider legs on her back. Even though she looked beautiful, her eyes were totally white. She had no pupils.

    Swoosh! The moment Jiang Fei arrived, the girl suddenly turned around. Although they were far apart, Jiang Fei understood that he had been discovered!

    "Damn! This Bio-Experimental human actually has infrared vision and ultrasound positioning!" 0541 said. Obviously, he had been negligent this time. He did not expect that a creature that utilized thermal radiation and echolocation existed!

    However, although Jiang Fei had been discovered by the girl, she had no intentions of attacking him. After a glance at him, she focused her attention back onto those Bio-Experimental Hounds!


    Following a few words from a Japanese, the Bio-Experimental Hounds began to attack the girl who had been surrounded!
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