389 The Lost Samples

    After 0541 had modified the fidelity command of these Bio-Experimental Hounds, Jiang Fei immediately ordered for the opening of the Experimental Laboratory's main door. Jiang Fei then commanded the Bio-Experimental Hounds to get rid of the Japanese guards and researchers in the compound!

    There were two reasons why Jiang Fei wanted to annihilate these Japanese people. Firstly, he could not risk having the Bio-Technology in the laboratory being leaked externally. Although the Japanese had already transferred some parts of the lower-ranked Bio-Technology to the outside, this was still their core Experimental Laboratory. The highest level of Bio-Technology was stored here and, hence, it was necessary to kill every one of the researchers.

    Secondly, Jiang Fei had to make sure no one else survived in the compound. As he had already occupied the Bio-Experimental Laboratory, Jiang Fei planned to shift the entire compound into his spatial ring after 0541 had thoroughly synced with the laboratory.

    For such a huge Experimental Laboratory to disappear into thin air, someone was bound to discover the linkage between this incident and the time when Jiang Fei stole the Research and Development Lab. Therefore, Jiang Fei had to kill all the Japanese people in the compound to ensure nobody would spread the news and thus lower the chance of him being a suspect of theft!

    After the Bio-Experimental Hounds, whose fidelity command had been modified, received Jiang Fei's orders, they immediately charged out of the Experimental Laboratory to assassinate the Japanese fellows. The humans did not stand a chance as these Bio-Experimental Hounds were adept at sniffing out their locations. Within half an hour, the entire population of Japanese people had been annihilated!

    The Japanese people had become a fulfilling feast for the Bio-Experimental Hounds. After the hounds were done with the feasting, they returned to the inner section of the Experimental Laboratory and went into Hibernation Mode as per Jiang Fei's order.

    "How is it going? Did you manage to take over the Experimental Laboratory?" While the hounds were assassinating the Japanese fellows, Jiang Fei and 0541 wasted no time as they tried to establish a connection with Braveheart's Fragment.

    "I have successfully connected to it and taken over the Bio-Experimental Laboratory," 0541 replied.

    "Without this Experimental Laboratory, the Japanese would not be able to obtain any higher-level Bio-Technology." Jiang Fei sighed in relief.

    "According to the Experimental Laboratory's records, some parts of the alien life samples have gone missing," 0541 said all of a sudden.

    "What does that mean?" Jiang Fei was dumbfounded.

    "The lost samples include two alien viruses and three alien beasts. I am uncertain as to whether they were accidentally tossed out of the vessel when Braveheart crashed or if someone else retrieved them afterward," 0541 explained.

    "D*mn it! How dangerous are these life samples?" Jiang Fei asked as he frowned.

    "Among the lost samples, the two viruses and one of the alien beasts are supposedly incapable of surviving in Earth's environment. If the containers break, they would perish in three hours. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that the viruses may have adapted to Earth's environment through some transformations," 0541 explained further.

    "What about the two remaining alien beasts?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "The two alien beasts are capable of adapting to Earth's environment. If the containers were to break, they would be defrosted within forty-eight hours. Their capabilities are equivalent to a peak Level 4 Metahuman and a middle-grade Level 5 Metahuman respectively," 0541 explained.

    "How long ago did Braveheart crash?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "According to Earth's history, Braveheart's crash occurred over 7,000 years ago," 0541 answered.

    "Since Braveheart crashed during the ancient times, these alien beasts and viruses should have already been released a long time ago when the vessel crashed. Therefore, I would not need to worry about them." Jiang Fei let out a sigh of relief. The thing he was most concerned with was that Japanese may have taken away these alien life samples!

    "Let's put aside the thoughts on the lost samples for now! We should keep this Bio-Experimental Laboratory away first." Jiang Fei shook his head. Regardless of how long ago those samples were lost, or if the Japanese had taken them, Jiang Fei had no clue how to find them. Therefore, he figured it was better to not think about it for now.

    After Jiang Fei walked out from the inner section of the Experimental Laboratory, he stepped into the living compounds that the Japanese had built on their own. It was eerily quiet. All life forms had been annihilated or eaten by the Bio-Experimental Hounds that not a single sound could be heard in the area.

    Jiang Fei placed the ring on Braveheart's golden exterior wall. A silver light flashed as 0541 transferred the Experimental Laboratory into the spatial ring through a Spatial Manipulation technique.

    "Where do we go next?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Captain, the act of transferring Braveheart used up a lot of my energy. I am severely in need of energy," 0541 said.

    "D*rn! How did you manage to use up so much of the radioactive energy?" Jiang Fei was stunned.

    "There is less than 5% of energy left. I am only able to maintain the basic functions. Even if we find a bigger Braveheart Fragment, I would not be able to store it," 0541 said.

    "Cr*p!" Jiang Fei cursed under his breath. He could not believe that blocking Phoenix's attack twice had used up so much of 0541's energy. He only had two options left now.

    Firstly, Jiang Fei could opt to look for Braveheart's missing engine room. If Jiang Fei were able to locate it, he would acquire a stable source of energy and would never need to worry about a lack of energy anymore.

    Secondly, Jiang Fei could return home and look for another source of energy. Although it would not solve the root problem, it would at least temporarily relieve Jiang Fei's concerns.

    There were pros and cons to both options. Although the first option could solve the problem completely, Jiang Fei had no idea where the engine room was located. Moreover, if he were to get into trouble, 0541 would not have enough energy to protect Jiang Fei!

    Although Jiang Fei could now summon Phoenix to help, he did not know how long it would take for her to reach him. If she were to show up two days late, Jiang Fei would already be dead by then.

    In the past, Jiang Fei who had never experienced true danger would opt for the first plan. He would continue to look for Braveheart's Fragments across the great oceans. However, after today's episode and encounter with Phoenix, Jiang Fei became much more cautious. He had many opportunities to look for the Fragments, but he only had one life to do it.

    "Let's go home!" Jiang Fei finally made up his mind.

    When Jiang Fei returned to the waters, the sky already started turning bright. Although Jiang Fei had only been away from home for a single day, the experiences he encountered in the past twenty odd hours made him feel as if an entire lifetime had passed.

    Jiang Fei summoned the Gigantic Saber and flew in the direction that led him home.

    "What good do I get out of acquiring this Experimental Laboratory?" After collecting his thoughts, Jiang Fei focused his attention on the newly acquired Bio-Experimental Laboratory.

    "Hehe, captain, with this Experimental Laboratory, you have gained significant opportunities to increase your capabilities!" 0541 said excitedly.
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