393 Empyreal Dragon, the Soaring Victory


    With a powerful roar, Jiang Fei rode the dragon and plunged toward the enemy's left wing and attacked.

    "Hold him down, ranged attackers!"

    The leading commander of the enemy began to respond as Jiang Fei started to descend. However, Jiang Fei was still not in range. No matter how eager they wanted to bring Jiang Fei down, they would have to wait until Jiang Fei entered their attacking range.

    "Bella! I'm depending on you now!" cried Jiang Fei.

    "Very well!"

    Even without transforming, Isabella's skill was still powerful. Rain of Fire was so wide and strong that those hit by the initial attacks would never be able to escape its range.

    In no time at all, the wide area that Isabella had cast Rain of Fire was emptied out. Jiang Fei immediately dropped down and landed on the landing zone and unsummoned the dragon.

    Even though the dragon was cool and all, it was too weak to handle multiple player's attacks. Alas, Jiang Fei had to tank it all!


    When Jiang Fei was alone with Isabella, the surrounding players came in like tsunami and attacked. Jiang Fei retaliated swiftly with Instant Ice Burst which was followed by Isabella's berserking attacking. One by one, she sliced down player after player like they were weed. At that moment, Isabella had decided to give up her ranged attack. When she touched the ground, Isabella immediately used Demon Flame Infusion and attacked.

    Even though the enemies had managed to land a few hits on both Jiang Fei and Isabella, they could not deal much damage since they both had uber strong defense! Additionally, Jiang Fei's powerful Lifesteal effect was enough for him to regenerate and reverse all the damage taken in a bat of an eye.

    There were close to several tens of thousands of players that were in the left wing. However, those that were able to land hits on Jiang Fei were only about a few hundred. The rest were either blocked in sight or have too short an attack range.

    "Brothers! Do you want to let your guild masters fight alone?! FOLLOW ME!" cried Billy Boy when he noticed Jiang Fei had managed to cause chaos in the enemy's left wing formation.

    "Support the guild master!"

    Moved by the words of Billy Boy, members of Empyreal Dragon followed him. Empowered and organized, 100,000 players of Empyreal Dragon charged into the mass of enemies fearlessly.

    Once Empyreal Dragon made their move, members of The Aristocrats followed closely behind. In total, 200,000 players of Dawnlight City moved in densely against the tide of the enemies.

    "Shit! Ignore that Verdure Glider! Retreat! Get into defensive formation!" cried the left wing commanding officer.

    The tens of thousands of player that were in his command behind the front line were still standing neatly in formation but the ones that Jiang Fei had attacked were in a mess. With Jiang Fei having single-handedly taken out a few hundreds of players, the entire formation of tens of thousands of player had turned chaotic. Everyone was focusing on Verdure Glider and not on the oncoming 200,000 players of Dawnlight City!

    "Reform! Dammit! I SAID REFORM! The enemy is coming, you idiots!" cried the left-wing commander. No matter how much he yelled, the players that were surrounding Jiang Fei heed not to his calls as they were too focused on Jiang Fei.

    Most of them were thinking the same thing; "So what if you're strong? You're just one man against a sea of players! If we don't kill you today, we will be a walking shame!"

    As such, players could not help but lunge themselves at Jiang Fei in order to prove themselves right that even the orders of their commanding officer were ignored!

    To thinking that Jiang Fei was just one man against a sea of enemy would be the wrong way of thinking. Was Jiang Fei that easy to kill? All Debuff and Crowd Control skills could be easily dispelled with Ant Milk. Melee attackers would be instantly killed by Jiang Fei. Even if they came in a swarm, Jiang Fei could easily eliminate them all with God's Wrath! No one was able fight the same level as Jiang Fei!

    In no time at all, Billy Boy had arrived to support Jiang Fei with 200,000 players.

    When the organized army of 200,000 entered the sea of chaotic players, the outcome was predictable.

    The first wave of attack had magic that tore through the formations of the already chaotic players. The second wave of attack was simple, which was to let all melee fighters take the front lines and attack. After a short time frame, all melee fighters would retreat to allow the healers to restore their health while the magicians would land another wave of magic attack.

    "Formation change!" cried Billy Boy. At that moment, Lady Casanova, Seven Star Warrior, and other top players brought their own team of players and started to attack the enemies' healer and magicians. In an instant, the tight formation changed. The Dawnlight City formation had split into two. The assassination team and the supporting team. The assassination team had just headed off to kill the enemies' healer and magician, while the supporting team remained with Billy Boy to act as a contingency plan.


    The left-wing commanding officer started to panic. Not even in his dreams had he imagined that he would lead an army that would refuse to listen his orders, resulting in a mass of hysterical players that did whatever they pleased!

    That was the difference between an organized army and a chaotic one. Even though the enemy had the advantage in terms of number, what could a capable officer do when his soldiers would not listen to his commands? Even if his own guild members were obedient, the rest of the ally guilds were not! No one besides his own guild of ten thousands players would listen to him! How could he fight efficiently against an organized army of 200,000?

    The left-wing was as goner. Close to 80,000 players were unable to stand against Empyreal Dragon and The Aristocrats for even just five minutes! In no time at all, Jiang Fei and a few other players behind him were able to break through the formation and reach the center!

    "Rear team! Front team! Change your position! Everyone else, retreat! It is time for us to attack harder!"

    Once the army had broke through the left-wing formation, Billy Boy gave out an order.

    When Empyreal Dragon and The Aristocrats were surrounded by the enemy, Billy Boy attacked rhythmically. However, now that he had broken pass the left wing, he would not let the enemy escape! Especially since he had two "weapons of mass destructions" in his hands!

    In an instant, the army heard Billy Boy's command and moved in accordance. There was no mess or complications. Empyreal Dragon and The Aristocrats were considered as allies in war. Han Tianyu was good to Jiang Fei. Concurrently, Happy Drunk respected Billy Boy. That was why even though Dawnlight City army consisted of only two guilds, the cooperation between them was flawless.

    "Brothers! We cannot allow the guild master to take the spotlight! It is time for us to shine as well! Fishhead formation! All hands! Frontal assault!" cried Billy Boy.


    "FOR GLORY!"


    "For Empyreal Dragon! The Soaring Victory!"

    No one knew who started cheering but like wildfire, the cheering spread quickly and the entire field was shouting, "Empyreal Dragon, the soaring victory!" repeatedly.

    "Oh yeah!"

    With such raging fervor, Jiang Fei could not help but cheer along. At the same time, he summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and soared above the army.

    The dragon was like a compass needle and drove all the players with Jiang Fei to attack. At the same time, it gave unparalleled motivation to all players of Empyreal Dragon.

    Han Tianyu was unfazed when his members chanted along, but Happy Drunk was feeling a little complicated. They were not part of Empyreal Dragon yet they were cheering for the glory of another guild! However, Happy Drunk knew that that was not the time to pour cold water on their heads. Right then, all players had their morale boosted. Even though Happy Drunk was not too happy about it, he would let it slide this one time.

    Twilight City players started to panic as they could feel the overwhelming morale of their enemies. Even though they still had more players on their side, they could not stop the oncoming attacks despite having their enemies surrounded! Now that the enemies were attacking purposefully, with Jiang Fei amongst them and not knowing when he would summon his magical dragon, the entire Twilight City army was devastated knowing that their loss was sealed.
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