395 When Morale was Gone


    "All hands! Attack!"

    When Little Rain's Forbidden Spell had left a completely empty spot in the middle of the enemy's army, Billy Boy gave the order for the entire army to attack.

    "Brother! Don't rush into the battle. Your duty now is to recover your Mana as soon as possible. Drink potions. When you're ready to use the Forbidden Spell again, it will be time for you to shine once more!" said Billy Boy to Little Rain before he rushed to the front.


    Little Rain had never felt more satisfied in his life until now. Even though he was a core member of the Empyreal Dragon, he had never felt important. Lady Casanova and Rosette Rose were important to the guild as their skills in leading and managing were crucial. Billy Boy was important as no one could replace his spot as the PvP battle captain!

    Even though Little Rain had gotten to know Jiang Fei the same time as Seven Star Warrior, Seven Star Warrior stood out more prominently since he had a Hidden Class. If Little Rain and Seven Star Warrior were put in a cage fight, the latter would definitely walk out unscathed. Little Rain was nowhere close to Seven Star Warrior in terms of power. Even in a small party, Little Rain was pretty much useless when compared to him. However, in a large scale fight like this war, his Forbidden Spell made him the MVP of the fight!

    To tear up the enemy's formation with brute force was something not even Seven Star Warrior could do! Perhaps, not even Jiang Fei.

    That was the power of a Forbidden Spell. Even though it came with a heavy price, the destruction it brought was devastating!

    All the tanks that were in charge of blocking oncoming enemies were wiped out. Even the magicians that were tasked to deal with large scale AoE spells were eliminated. The enemies were practically sitting ducks then. The weak ranged attackers as well as the healers could do nothing but run at the sight of the oncoming enemies.

    At this time, Lady Casanova and Seven Star Warrior led the front whilst being protected by their own team's healer. Since Billy Boy had already given out the order, they did not have to hold back anymore! It was time for bloodshed!

    A person's first instinct when seeing an angry mob coming their way was to run like hell. Hence, when one started to drop their swords and run, the rest started to follow suit. All of the ranged attackers as well as the healers left their posts immediately and ran away. In less than five minutes, chaos ensued.

    Being part of an allied army, one would not wish to be killed. Iron-Blood Alliance included. Most of the higher commanding officers could only wish for the survival of their own guild members. At this point, cooperation was gone. No one would be willing to throw away their own guild for the sake of others.

    When they knew that death was coming for them, no one was left standing to fight. Everyone was running away with Empyreal Dragon right on their back.

    "Don't let them escape!"

    "Kill them! Those are nothing but Honor Points!"

    "Hey! Don't be taking my prey!"

    "Who wants your prey! There are so many out there!"


    Even though they were squabbling, they were still cooperating really well with each other. Anyone under Billy Boy was either pro or good at PvP. He led the army to chase after the Twilight City players. Now that the tide of war had changed completely, Dawnlight City had the upper hand!

    Those that were left behind summoned their mounts to rush to the front. When they were close to the enemy, they dismounted and attacked. At the same time, those that were behind the formation did the same to increase their killing efficiency. It was akin to waves of attack. Naturally, it was all planned and organized by Billy Boy.

    The chasers had time to mount and dismount, but those being chased did not have such leisure to stop and attack. If they tried, the chasers would have caught up to them. All they could do was run, not only hoping that they could outrun the enemies, but also hoping that their allies would run slower!

    The chase continued on for several kilometers. There was nothing but dead bodies lying everywhere as the chase continued. At that point, out of 500,000 Twilight City players that had participated in the war, 300,000 had been killed.

    "Enough! Stop chasing!" Billy Boy commanded since they had already approached the Outpost of Twilight City.

    When Dawnlight City was chasing and killing, the rest of the surviving enemies were affected, morale wise. Compared to the enemies, Dawnlight City was on fire! Their powerful fervor was so contagious that other players that were not affiliated with Empyreal Dragon or The Aristocrats were affected!

    It was the bandwagon effect. When one side gained an overwhelming victory, other allies would naturally join the cause. On the other side of the war, Twilight City was greatly affected. Unlike Dawnlight City, Twilight City was seen retreating all the way. Some were so oblivious to the situation that they had only run along with the rest of the retreating army.

    With that war, Empyreal Dragon and The Aristocrats had become the sword and shield of Dawnlight City. Other players that were in the war joined in, hoping to take advantage of the situation.

    Once there was free lunch to grab, everyone would be satisfied. Over a million players had joined in the fray, ignoring the concept of formation and leadership. All they did was follow the army of 200,000 from the back. Even though they could not elect a leader in the brink of time, following the army was a simple task that even an absolute greenhorn could do.

    Players that had perished in the war would be revived at the main camp. If they wanted to run back to the Outpost to defend, it would take them more than an hour to do so. Many of the Pub players did not know the importance of that concept. All they cared about was killing as many as they could to earn Honor Points.

    The good thing was that players of Dawnlight City were fighting as if they were on crack; they were several times more violent than yesterday. As such, when the enemies were killed, they left the map and returned to the original world to train.

    Dying on the battlefield had one drawback. One would lose a few Honor Points upon death. Losing 10% experience points upon death would eventually lead to a decrease in level after several deaths. That was why while the odds were not great, many had chosen to leave instead of continuing to fight. (1)

    When the news about Twilight City suffering an irredeemable lost started spreading, players started to retreat and quit. On the other hand, Dawnlight City was winning. The news spread out to the outside world, leading to more players coming in to join the war.

    Pub players were that simple to predict. When there was something to take advantage of, they came in like a swarm of locusts. When there was nothing to take, they left like the wind. Hence, in no time at all, the numbers on both sides started to change. Defending the city's honor and pride meant nothing to these Pub players. Hence, even when Iron-Blood Alliance and other guilds had used broadcast channels to plead for the players to stay and fight, none heeded their calls and quit the map.

    "Back into formation! It is time to attack! Mr. Rain, are you ready? It's high time for you to shine once more!"

    Little Rain's Forbidden Spell was pretty much useless against monsters or bosses. Its main usage was during PvP, especially during a large-scale war. Hence, at this scene, Little Rain was Billy Boy's number one friend!

    "Soon! Give me two more minutes!" said Little Rain. 60,000 Mana points were hard to recover even with potions. The speed of recovery was just too slow!

    "I'm done! Time to shoot the firecrackers!" said Little Rain in less than two minutes.

    "All hands! Charge!" cried Billy Boy.

    With a single cry, 200,000 players marched onward. Millions more of players followed closely from behind, eagerly waiting for the chance to kill enemies that had slipped past!

    Translator Note:

    The author had clearly stated in the previous chapter that a player would not lose anything when dying on the battlefield. All of a sudden, this penalty exists.
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