396 Worthless Struggle

    Dawnlight City was dominating, Twilight was fading. Morales were gone. All they could do was to retreat and run. In the end, all they could hope for was for the defense of the Outpost to hold up.

    In City versus City war, both sides would have three camps; the Outpost and two other base camps. The middle ground and the main camp had strong walls to protect the camp. The main camp itself was almost like an impregnable fortress. At this point of the game, it was impossible for anyone to break the walls and completely destroy the walls. Even with Forbidden Spells, it would take days before the walls cracked.

    On the other hand, the Outpost was far weaker. There were a few obstacles and barb wires surrounding the Outpost. Even though it was somewhat useful, it was only as useful as a player. At this point, Twilight City could not even properly utilize the terrain advantage to attack Dawnlight City.

    When it came to taking advantage, pug players were the first to react. In this case, it was a disadvantage for those in Twilight City. Many had already left the scene, making it far easier for Dawnlight City players to attack.

    "Useless piece of crap! They have no honor!" Iron-Bloodhardt spat as he clenched his fists in anger. He was utterly disappointed at the pug players of his own city.

    "It is as foreseen. Guild activities like this would only benefit the members. All their losses and penalties would be paid back in full. Pug players have no one to support them," said another guild master who was beside Iron-Bloodhardt, calmly.

    "Losses? Penalties? Call them back and I'll be more than happy to reimburse all their loses!" Iron-Bloodhardt roared.

    "Guild master. Do not speak such nonsense. This is not something we could accomplish," said the Vice-guild master of Iron Blood Alliance. Although they were a large guild and was even the number one guild in Twilight City with over tens of thousands of members under their insignia, reimbursing millions of players would not be enough even if Iron-Bloodhardt sold the entire guild.


    Dawnlight was approaching and Twilight was pushed back so far that there was nowhere else to run. The Outpost General would always be in the center of the Outpost. If he was killed, the Outpost would fall.

    "Time for your light show, Mr. Rain!" said Billy Boy with a satisfied smile. At that moment on, Billy Boy really loved the Forbidden Spell user. With his ultimate killing spell in hand, attacking cities would be like child's play!


    Little Rain with full mana points walked forward to get closer to the enemies' Outpost. The maximum range of attack was 1000 meters. Little Rain wanted to position himself 800 meters away so that the AoE range would cover the Outpost while keeping Little Rain safe.

    "All hands! Protect Mr. Rain with your life! Brace for attacks from Twilight!" Billy Boy commanded when Little Rain started his casting. This time around, he must be protected at all cost.

    After having attacked once by the Forbidden Spell, the enemies immediately picked up the changes of the surrounding and knew what was coming. They would have started their defensive maneuvers. One Forbidden Spell user would be powerless as he was casting his spell. A simple stealthy bandit or assassin could easily kill him.

    "Guardians! Surround Mr. Rain tightly! Magicians and Priest, take turns and use your skills to scout for incoming stealth enemies. I don't care whether its an enemy or an ally, kill anyone who is in stealth!" said Billy Boy. He could not afford to spare a single mistake at this point. He had thought that the enemies might have planted a spy in their ranks. Hence, Billy Boy had warned his troops to kill any stupid players who dared to approach Little Rain in stealth.

    "That magician cannot be allowed to continue his casting! Everyone must charge in now! Kill that magician!"

    Iron-Bloodhardt heart was racing madly. He knew the power of the Forbidden Spell and he would die trying to stop it from being cast. When reports came in that the surroundings had begun to dry up, Iron-Bloodhardt spared no time at all to plan a counterattack.

    If he dared to ignore it, any form of fortification, including players, would be decimated. Losing players were accounted for but losing fortification on the Outpost would only fully expose the Outpost to the enemy.

    A few other guild masters of Twilight City had answered Iron-Bloodhardt's call and taken the liberty to charge into Dawnlight City army. At this point, there were more than a million players rushing out from the Outpost and toward Little Rain.

    Billy Boy smirked. If he could, he would applaud their efforts but he had already planned something in advance against that counterattack. Guardians with shield were already in place and he had even arranged a large army consisting only of magicians, ready to unleash volleys of AoE spells.

    When enemies came, the Guardians held their shields up high while the magician unleashed hell from above. Waves and waves of enemies were instantly killed by the AoE spells yet they did not seem to stop. The players had recognized that if they did not stop Little Rain from casting the Forbidden Spell, the war would end as them being the winner.

    "Hmph. You think you can bully us with numbers?" Billy Boy smirked. Despite being the sword and shield of Dawnlight City, Empyreal Dragon and The Aristocrats had only 200,000 players. It was not easy to fend off an army five times the number. However, behind the two guilds were millions of pug players eagerly waiting to take advantage of the situation.

    "Brothers! Here comes some Honor Points! What are you waiting for? It's a free for all buffet!" said Billy Boy in a broadcast message. In that instant, the pug players behind the two guilds went into a frenzy and rushed forward.

    So what if a million of Twilight City players came out to defend? Dawnlight City had millions! There was no way Dawnlight City would lose this round.

    "Hurry up and kill!"

    "Kill as fast as you can before the great Verdure Glider summons his dragon! There won't be any more players left for us to kill then!"


    Billy Boy had specially arranged a few of his own men to be within the crowd of pug players. There, their task was to rattle the players to kill faster. It worked like a charm as the pug players, fearing that they might be fast enough to grab as many Honor Points as they could, rushed in like mad cows.

    "F*cking hell..."

    Iron-Bloodhardt could not believe his eyes. He would never think that the players of Dawnlight City were so lustful for war. When his army came out, the enemies reacted much fiercely instead of being intimidated. For Pete's sake, he thought he had five times the number of players to begin with. Where did the pug players of Dawnlight City come from and how? How would his own army that was still shaking with fear fend off the incoming sea of enemies?

    "Screw this. How did the enemies pug players become so cooperative when my own army of allied guilds won't even listen to my command?" cried Iron-Bloodhardt disgruntledly.

    Even so, players from inside the Outpost had all came out to fight. One million players was a large number. Telling them to turn around and retreat would not have an instant effect. By the time the message was relayed, they would all have been surrounded like dumplings.

    "It'll be useless if we retreat now. Might as well attack!"

    Iron-Bloodhardt laid down the attack command as he knew that the Outpost would fall. All they could do was to fight until the end. Killing a few might be better than none. As long as they could reduce their numbers, the war could still be won.

    Two armies clashed into each other like tides against the rocks. Even though Dawnlight City was dominated by pug players, the number alone was enough to secure victory. Once swords start clashing with each other, the efficiency of commanding would decrease. At this point, the number of players was what mattered most.
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