397 A Surprising Hidden Reward

    By the time the main players of Dawnlight City and Twilight Cities were all mixed up, Little Rain's Forbidden Spell casting was done.

    "Aim for the obstacles and traps!" said Billy Boy to Little Rain. Even though killing more players would earn more Honor Points, Forbidden Spell attack type was Indiscriminate. Friend or foe, both would take damage from the spell. If Little Rain had tried to land a hit on the enemies, many of the Dawnlight City players would perish. That sort of friendly-fire would not be tolerated, especially by the pug players.

    Hence, to play things safe, Billy Boy decided to destroy the enemies' obstacles. Killing was not his main objective as it was to defeat and destroy the enemies' Outpost.


    A small fireball sped past the battlefield and landed in the middle of the mass of obstacles.


    Flames burst out of the ground and destroyed most of the traps and obstacles of the enemies' Outpost. What was left was the Outpost itself.

    "Dammit!" Iron-Bloodhardt roared. He knew that once the outer obstacles were destroyed, the enemies would be able to attack the Outpost easily.

    "Boss, it's time to leave now. There's no defense here. There's no need for our allies to lose 10% of their experience points!" said another officer by Iron-Bloodhardt's side.


    Even though he was greatly disgruntled by this event, there was nothing he could do.


    One word was uttered under his breath. The war was concluded then. Like the officer said, there was no need to stay there and die and let Dawnlight City earn more Honor Points.

    Once the Iron Blood Alliance guild started to retreat, the rest of the army followed instantly. When they were fighting, things were chaotic. Twilight City's army consisted of more than ten guilds. When the leading guild retreated, the rest followed like ducklings. The problem was, when the entire army retreated, it turned into a stampede.

    Dawnlight City players were good in chasing. The pug players, especially since they had already learned the art of chasing by watching Empyreal Dragon and The Aristocrats previously.

    Waves after waves, Twilight City players were being chased and killed. The entire progress was so fast and smooth since Little Rain had already destroyed a large area of obstacles and traps earlier.

    As the chasing continued, more players came out from the Outpost, not to fight, but to run. The apocalypse known as Dawnlight City had arrived. What else could they do but to run? Defending the Outpost would be a pipe dream.

    When the dust settled as the sea of players had left the Outpost, only players of Empyreal Dragon and The Aristocrats remained at the Outpost. The rest of Dawnlight City chased the enemies past the Outpost.

    "Surround the Outpost and do not allow anyone to approach. Guild master, come down. It is time for us to fight the boss!" said Billy Boy.

    Dawnlight City army was not just Empyreal Dragon and The Aristocrats. Pug players would never be interested in boss fights but other guilds clearly wanted a piece of that mega-sized pie. The problem was, their rivals were Empyreal Dragon and The Aristocrats. Who would dare to fight with them? On top of that, when Happy Drunk called for help when the war had just started, no guild had answered his call. Right now, who had the face to show up at the boss fight?

    The social structure of Dawnlight City and Twilight City were so different. When Iron Blood Alliance called for help, other guilds would be more than willing to answer. In Dawnlight City, no one would dare to stand on the same level as Empyreal Dragon and The Aristocrats as they were too strong. No one dared to work together with them, as they feared being engulfed by the prowess of the guilds. When Billy Boy ordered the two guilds to stop chasing and stay at the Outpost, other Dawnlight City guilds dared not stay to steal some pie crumbs and so they joined the rest of the pug player to chase after the enemies.

    Killing an Outpost boss would reward better than killing players for Honor Points. Since Happy Drunk's earlier request for help was ignored, if they dared to show up, who knew what would happen to them?


    Jiang Fei descended. At the same time, the NPC soldiers who were protecting the boss was almost cleared by Seven Star Warrior and his team of elite players.

    "Huhuhu! This time, we can finally fight the boss as brother-in-arms!" said Han Tianyu as he approached Jiang Fei.

    "Yeah. Get your team of elite players. This boss fight should be just as hard as fighting an open-world boss. Having more players around should be better!" said Jiang Fei. The Outpost general was a human NPC. Approximately 400 to 500 ranged attackers should be able to attack simultaneously. On the other hand, only four to five melee attackers could surround him. At this point, it would be unwise to send in more melee fighters. The height of the boss was only a normal man's height. Ranged attackers might find it hard to even see him. Hence, this boss fight might be hard for a mass attack, unlike the boss fight during the Mana Node quest.

    Twilight Full Frontal Gabriel (Human, Lord)

    Level: 60

    Health Points: 8,500,000

    Attack Power: 18,500

    Skills: Tri-Slash, Shockwave, Brilliant Pierce, Continuous Victory, Berserk.

    Tri-Slash: Gabriel's most used skill. Attacks three times in a row.

    Shockwave: Sends out a powerful energy wave fifty meters forward. Deals heavy damage to all target within fifty meters.

    Brilliant Pierce: Charges at a random target and deals a powerful strike.

    Continuous Victory: Every enemy killed will increase attack by 5% and recover 5% total health points.

    Berserk: Berserk will activate if Gabriel is not killed within five minutes from the start of the battle. Increases 100% attack power and attack speed. Gains Lifesteal and Cleaving effect. Cooldown time on Brilliant Pierce is removed.

    Note: The General of the front lines of Twilight City. Killing Gabriel will reward Dawnlight City players with permanent buff. Permanently increase experience gained from monsters by 5%. Permanently increase item drop rate from monsters by 10%.

    Note 2: Letting your own front line general be killed will result in a permanent penalty of 2% experience reduction gain from monsters. (Penalty inflicted would not be announced).

    "Oh my..."

    When Jiang Fei gained the boss' information, he drew in a deep breath. Besides being a freakishly strong boss, the reward for killing him was grand.

    Permanent 5% experience gain and a 10% increase in item drop rate was a reward much better than a Celestial tier weapon. The penalty for letting one's own city general being kill was rather sad. Especially since the system would not announce it. When players were grinding, the loss of experience was so minimal to notice and even if they did, they would never have suspected that it was due to the loss of their city's front line general.

    If Jiang Fei was able to kill Gabriel, the experience gained by two cities would be 7% difference. In a short time, the effect could not be felt but in the long run, the gap would be visible.

    "Crap! I should have paid more attention to what happens on the battlefield! Someone might sneak in and kill my own Outpost general!" Jiang Fei muttered to himself.

    It was obvious that Twilight City had no clue about the penalty of losing their Outpost general. If they did, they would have fought until the last player in Twilight City fell. It was lucky that Jiang Fei had the ring's ability to read hidden information or else he too would not have known about the importance of the Outpost general.
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